If you were to ask 100 random cigar enthusiasts the maximum they would spend for a single cigar purchase, most likely you’d get a wide array of responses.  A ceiling seems to exist that, even if unspoken, forces most folks to remain inside their comfort zone.

I’ve noticed that this is particularly true of American enthusiasts because let’s face it: we’re living the dream! Or were, until August 8, 2016.  The rest of the world is bogged down with exorbitant taxes and fees that further drive up retail prices because let’s face it: folks aren’t flocking to the Brick and Mortar when there’s already a 200% tax on cigars.

The following cigars are ones that I’ve personally enjoyed and have been thinking about off and on for months now.  This isn’t an exhaustive list of what I consider worthy of purchase, but what I’d recommend wanting to adventure above (or below? Someone out there is a big spender) their usual comfort zone.

Davidoff Chef’s Edition

Davidoff Chefs Edition - 3 Cigars Worth $30 Or More

When it comes to high-end cigars, most folks usually think of Davidoff pretty quickly in their mental rote of expensive brands.  I’m willing to bet that when you hear the word Davidoff you associate their brand with a few things: luxury, cost, and mild cigars.

I didn’t grow up smoking Davidoff, so I’m not sure where the mild generalization came from exactly, but it’s a term that would never be applied to the Chef’s Edition.  Ole Chef has an uncanny ability to shift gears several times throughout the experience, delivering just the right amount of body to fully appreciate the buffet of flavors.

And as if I didn’t just experience a 5 course meal, usually I’ll want to eat afterwards because the nicotine creeps up and sucker punches me in the gut.  In most cases I’d consider that a negative, but the Davidoff Chef’s Edition is like a wily uncle.

Review:  CigarNoise
Rating:  9.2
Price:  $30
Availability:  Limited (1,500 Boxes Total)
Where to Buy:  SmallBatchCigar.com

United Cigars’ Byron Siglo XX

Byron Siglo XX - Byron 20th Century - 3 Cigars Worth $30 or More

A year ago, I hadn’t heard of United Cigars nor the Byron Series.  As egregious as my error was, I’m hoping that this post ensures you won’t also wallow in ignorance of such an excellent brand.

In addition to being able to purchase them in innovative Humitubes that are pieces of functional art in their own rights, the cigar itself is exquisite.  Imagine just how great a cigar would be if you could use cuban tobacco and tobaccos from any other region.  Most blenders that I’ve talked to said that they can and have, but aren’t satisfied with the results yet.  Well, this cigar is the perfect result in my mind.  Allegedly.

Here’s the deal, the binder and filler in my beloved Byron Siglo XX (or 20th Century) is undisclosed.  In fact, Oliver could pipe in the comments here and tell me that I’m full of shit and this cigar only uses non-cuban tobacco.  But the cuban twang, or at least how I interpret it, is strong with this one and my taste buds compel me to believe what I must.  If you’re also tired of seeing the term cubanesque overused like I am, put some fire to this one and tell me if I’m wrong.

Review:  CigarNoise
Rating:  9.3
Price:  $30
Availability:  Regular but Limited Production
Where to Buy:  2GuysCigars.com

Warped Black Honey

Warped Black Honey - 3 Cigars I'd Pay $30 For

Of these three cigars, the Black Honey is the obvious black sheep of this post.  It appeared in 2015 with an MSRP of $15.50 and only 600 of these beautiful accidents made it to market.  Not only did this cigar retail for half of what this post is about, but it also isn’t available for sale any longer.

What gives, Dave?  Well, just like the title says, I’d gladly pay $30 for another Black Honey!  The going rate for these on the secondary market seems to be between $40-$50 presently, and I’d consider it both a steal and a win to acquire more on the cheap.

To me, this cigar is like smoking a Milky Way with an attitude and was the first Unicorn that survived the pressures of being placed atop such a high pedestal.  Considering just how high this cigar was on the soapbox, I half expected the experience to be dead on arrival from lack of oxygen.  And yet my two Black Honey moments were some of the most memorable to date.

For those that are pissed that I’d mention a cigar that isn’t available, Kyle Gellis seems to be hard at work cultivating a rumor that the Black Honey may ride again on his instagram even tho he specifically told us that it would never happen in our interview. But it just makes sense, especially in a post-FDA world, to use all of the brands available to you before August 8, 2016.

Not only that, but he’d likely experience the opposite of what happened when the Crowned Heads released La Imperiosa, a supposed reintroduction of the Las Calaveras 2014.  Fans of the Black Honey are as dedicated as fans of the FireFly tv show – we just want more!

Review:  CigarNoise
Rating:  Unrated
Price:  $15.50 – $50
Availability:  Not available at this Time
Where to Buy:  Secondary Markets

What about you?

Which cigars, if any, do you consider worthy of a $30 price tag? Drop a comment and add to the conversation!

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