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For the last couple days we’ve been in Esteli, Nicaragua staying at Casa Fernandez.  We’ve burned lots of AJ blends this week, but we’ve fell in love with a cigar that’s supposed to be released next month.  It’s a 4 1/2 by 48 beauty with a closed foot called the Last Call.

We were first given this cigar by AJ Fernandez while browsing the pilons in his facility.  As incredible as it was both then and last night, we knew we would have to wait for a fresh palate to review this cigar.  When you’re staying at Casa Fernandez, it’s not uncommon to smoke 6-7 cigars throughout the day.

AJ Fernandez Last Call – First Thoughts

Cade – I don’t smoke a lot, but if I’m going to smoke a cigar that I don’t know anything about I’m going to look the length and ring gauge.  For me, this size is perfect.  I’m getting hay and dandelion notes from the wrapper.

David –  The wrapper is beautiful.   I really like the smell.  An earthiness that isn’t overpowering.

Dave – I’m not a fan of a closed foot, but both samples that I’ve smoked prior to this morning had flawless burns.  The wrapper smells of hay and soft vanilla.  The Last Call feels great in the hand.  Delicate even.

We’ve each smoked one or two of these before this morning and are currently spit-ballin from Casa Fernandez.

AJ Fernandez Last Call – First Third

Leather, Cedar, Hay, Bread, Cream, Buttered Rolls

Cade – For me, the worst thing is when you light a cigar and it’s like trying to suck a watermelon through a water hose.  Last Call has a great draw.  I really like how it’s not overpowering and is a really clean cigar.  You know how some cigars you can taste even after you’re done smoking it?  Not this one.  I’m getting fresh cut wood.  When everything mixes together at an inch in, this cigar tastes like nature in my mouth.  And then, there’s a hot buttered dinner roll that comes through.  Like how it sticks to the roof of your mouth.   A retrohale has minimal harshness that’s expected, but all the flavors come together nicely.

AJ Fernandez Last Call Cigar Review First Third

David – One of the things that I’ve noticed from each sample is how evenly the Last Call burns and holds the ash.  It pairs really well with coffee.  I think this is an excellent morning cigar.

Dave – One of the first things I noticed with the Last Call was how smooth it was.  Lots of flavor comes roaring out of the gate but this cigar doesn’t make you pay to play.  Leather, cedar, hay, and a bread-like sweetness is what I’m picking up for the first several minutes.  At roughy 1/2 inch in, a rich creaminess begins to develop in earnest.  In this case, the texture has been creamy from the start – and now we’re seeing a heavy whipping cream type flavor.   Just before the first third leaves us, a nice fresh bread comes to the front of the flavors and I can see exactly what Cade is talking about.  He’s spot on – an oiliness coats the palette and is very soothing.

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Again, I’m surprised that this closed foot burns so evenly.  Neither of us had to touch up the cigar after the initial lighting.

AJ Fernandez Last Call – Second Third

Wood, Rich Cream, Mild Coffee

Cade – Talking about the aroma of the smoke, the Last Call reminds me of so many organic experiences.

David –  I’m really liking the smell coming off the foot of this cigar – it’s very outdoorsy and refreshing.  The Last Call just gets smoother, creamier, and makes me curious what each draw will bring.  Not being a morning smoker, I can see myself smoking this again.  Even better, I can see this as the perfect nightcap and the last thing I taste before falling asleep.  This cigar really cleanses the palate, I need the Last Call to finish my day.

AJ Fernandez Last Call Cigar Review Second Third

Dave – After dropping the ash, the first thing I noticed was that horse radish kick through the nose.  And then, almost immediately, a rich wood and cream comes back with a mild coffee on the finish.  It’s much more pronounced now, and I’m really digging this cigar.  Everything about it is in my wheelhouse – smooth, flavorful, character in spades.  The creaminess of this cigar surpasses anything I’ve experienced to date.

AJ Fernandez Last Call – Last Third

Wood, Creamy Coffee, Pumpernickel

Dave – At close to an hour in, I’m picking up more wood and coffee notes.  More of a creamy, weak coffee experience rather than bitter strong coffee.  With about two inches in, a pumpernickel bread comes through and is consistent with the samples I’ve smoked previously.  As previously noted, the oiliness of this cigar is incredible.  It coats the mouth and clings to the tongue and roof.

AJ Fernandez Last Call Cigar Review Last Third

All in all, this is about as far as I’ve gotten into the last third of the Last Call across all the samples.  I haven’t firmly explored the last third because it gets bitter.  While the first two thirds made this a favorite for my Nicaragua trip, an entire third of a 4 1/2 cigar being less than enjoyable is noteworthy.

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Pre-Release Last Call Review

AJ Fernandez Last Call PreRelease Review
9.2 Reviewer
9.5 Cigar Noise Network (4 votes)

Killer Price Point

Easy on the palate

Wonderful Oily Smoke

Excellent Second Third

Favorite Cigar of the Trip


Lacks transition change

Didn't nub a single sample

At least one relight per sample

At the price point this cigar is projected, I foresee a LOT of these in my humidor. The creaminess and presence of the Last Call in the second third is nothing less than phenomenal. This cigar is totally different than anything else I've experienced from AJ. Being aware that my scoring may be compromised by being in Casa Fernandez while reviewing this cigar, I still can't deduct points without reason. The Last Call is a winner through and through.
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I just had the maduro version of this stick and wowwwww...great everyday stick..AJ never disappoints
February 26, 2017, 1:53 pm
The perfect budget smoke
AJ has released another great budget stick. Something about the Last Call though keeps me coming back to them frequently. Excellent wallet friendly go to stick.
August 19, 2016, 7:52 pm
The perfect smoke
This was the best cigar I have had in quite some time. Perfect burn, draw, and taste. Great as a morning smoke with coffee. And just as well a great last smoke of the day. Just gets smoother and creamier with every draw.
February 8, 2016, 3:17 am
Scribe's review
See above
February 7, 2016, 3:36 am
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