Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Ometepe (Nicaraguan), Dominican Republic, and Olancho (Peruvian)
Brand:  AVO (Davidoff)
Factory:  O.K. Cigars
Price Range:  $8-$10
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Avo Syncro Nicaragua – First Thoughts

To begin with, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that Mo from the Sultans of Smoke included this in a recent bomb.  He said it sounds like it’d be something I enjoy, and from his description I can’t disagree!  Yet, after listing the tobacco composition of this cigar, I’m a little confused as to why they named it the Avo Syncro Nicaragua?

The foot smelled of raisins inside the house but outside it’s singing a different tune.  Reminds me very much of rum – which is good, because I’ll probably pour some rum during this review.  A cold draw has hints of raisin and dark chocolate.

On hand I’ve got coffee, rum, bourbon, and ginger ale (it’s that damn refreshing.)

Avo Syncro Nicaragua – First Third

Cedar, Nuts, Cream, Spice, Earth, Molasses, Floral, Oak, Trail Mix, Leather

My first moments with the Avo Syncro Nicaragua are somewhat muddled.  Cedar, nuttiness, cream, spice, and earth weave an interesting first impression.  The spice isn’t bold yet it lingers; creaminess isn’t overpowering yet present; earth isn’t a forward player but is in the background.  An underlying sweetness is also present that I just can’t identify yet.

Wow.  Molasses and floral notes begin to appear and erase any memories of earth.  This cigar is hitting the ground running with harmonious flavors.  Soon after, oak begins to overpower cedar in a battle of the woods.

AVO Syncro Nicaragua Review | CIgarNoise | First Third

Floral notes are gone.  Just a whim to begin with.  The balance on this cigar in the first third is impressive:  there’s a sweetness, richness, and depth of flavor that is somewhat counterintuitive.  It’s flavorful yet hard to discern what exactly is going on.  Am I in love?

Generic wood notes seem to be the overall impression with a bit of trail mix thrown in.  Nuts, chocolate, raisins, it’s all coming together at this moment.  A retro hale yields caramel and spice.  Hot diggity damn.

Leather comes stomping in and dukes it out with wood for the remainder of the first third.  While a mild spice has been present throughout, the overall texture of the smoke is very smooth and pleasant.

Avo Syncro Nicaragua – Second Third

Oak, Raisin, Cocoa Powder, Cedar, Stale Coffee

Dropping the ash, we’re down to oak and leather with a raisiny sweetness on the finish.  Sweeter tasting notes seem to be on the decline in the second third.  Just moments in and it’s fading pretty fast.  The cigar is also more spongy than I would’ve guessed.

At the midway point we experience the first shift in the second third.  Cocoa Powder and Cedar take leading roles with a stale coffee aftertaste.  Overall the second third is a rather average cigar experience whereas the first third was exceptional in my book.

AVO Syncro Nicaragua Review | CIgarNoise | Second Third

Moments later the cedar/cocoa extravaganza is almost over bearing.  Rum masks the sharp cedar effectively, yielding cream and cocoa butter notes.  Coffee isn’t doing me any f(l)avors.

Everything calms down a bit before the last third.  Nothing’s really changed otherwise.

Avo Syncro Nicaragua – Last Third

Cedar, Cream, Leather, Pine Nuts (?), Coffee, Mineral, Toasted Marshmallow, Graham Cracker

Remarkably, the current situation is much creamier than the last several minutes of the second third.  Cedar is still present, but it’s no longer sharp, biting, or offensive.  Cedar, cream, and leather seem to be more dominant experiences but I can’t quite shake the feeling of pine nuts trying to creep up on me.

Coffee nuances develop early on in the last third as well as a faint mineral presence.

AVO Syncro Nicaragua Review | CIgarNoise | Last Third

And just like that, when I’m thinking this review is over and uploading pics, another side to this cigar comes out of the woodwork.  Heavy whipping cream shoves everyone else out of the room and I’m picking up on wonderful toasted marshmallow notes.  Graham cracker also emerges for several minutes making this like a S’more sans chocolate.  Sign me up!

Soon after it’s Bitter City and I’m done.  Hell of a comeback though for the Avo Syncro Nicaragua.

AVO Syncro Nicaragua Robusto Review
8.9 Reviewer
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Excellent First Third

Maintenance Free


Diminishing Complexity

Somewhat Spongy

The first third of this cigar was every bit as captivating as I could imagine from a cigar. Probably the most interesting thing about this cigar is how I feel after enjoying it: I'm pretty sure I could go grab another right now and not miss a beat. My palate doesn't feel abused in the slightest after about two hours with the Avo Syncro Nicaragua. If you know why, please comment below. All in all, even though the second and last third didn't hold a candle to the first, I'd gladly smoke these again.
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