Into the Great Wide Open

The days are starting to stretch out a little now, and it’s staying brighter later. I know you should never wish time away but I can’t help my thoughts drifting to summertime. I am sure summer in other places is also amazing, but my home province of Nova Scotia really comes alive at that time of year. The beaches, festivals, and lazy afternoons with a cigar and a beverage poolside! Summer, get. at. me.

But summer is still about 3 seasons away, right now, we are in Mud season in The Canada. With 3 dogs, we are in a constant state of paw cleaning, floor mopping and wall washing. If Jackson Pollock worked with mud instead of paint, our entry way could pass for one of his splatter painting masterpieces. My son said it best, it looks like someone murdered a puddle of mudd in the entryway. To which I replied, no I think they are still playing. Dead stare from the teenager. Its no use explaining that Puddle of Mudd is a band, it would mean more deadeye staring and who needs that!

Time for a pairing!  I decide humidor first. I am in the mood for something with some meat to it, something that is gonna be like a two fisted slam on the hood of a taxi cab exclaiming “HEY! I’m Walking Here!” I know exactly were I am headed. I’m going right for the Black Label Trading Company section of my humidor. Can I get a ‘F$ck Yeah’?

It’s Good To Be King

I really enjoy BLTC and BWS products. Now I am not the type of person that knows every little detail about every one of their products – Im a fanboy, but low level, for the time being. Everything I have read about BLTC and owners James and Angela, I appreciate. I respect their story, their loyalty to their customers, and the welcoming nature they have with their online community.  As I write this, Boondock Saints came first in Cigar Federations March Madness Contest. Each round, the community voted on cigars, until a winner was chosen. Agree or Disagree with the results, but I think this does speak to the loyalty of their customer base. Okay fan boy moment over.

BLTC Salvation

Running Down A Dream

With my cigar selection made, it was time to find a dance partner. The Salvation lands right in medium to mid-full for me.  I want something that will compliment that flavour range. So I am most likely looking for something that has a hit of sweet and some spice. A smokey/peaty scotch, I’m sure would also be great, but I find sometime that those whiskies compete more then compliment.

I land on the Dalmore 12yr bottle that I have on hand. As you can see from the picture, I pair with this scotch quite a bit. I enjoy scotches that are finished in sherry casks. That additional flavour profile really works with a stronger, more flavourful cigar. So with cigar and bottle selected, its out to the cigar nook!

Cigar: BLTC Salvation

Brand: Black Label Trading Company

Pairing Category: Scotch Whiskey

Pairing: The Dalmore 12yr

 Free Fallin’

Sun is starting to set so no messing around! Get some Tom Petty playing in the background, and fire up the cigar. It lights like a dream. No issues with the burn line, or draw. I am always impressed by the construction of the BLTC lines, and this is no different. Immediately I am getting a great kick of spice. Cinnamon and cardamom come to mind. A little rip from the Dalmore and we are off to the races. There is such a great blend of the spice notes from each the cigar and the scotch, and the tail end of the scotch has a great lifting sweet note, that begs you to take another pull from both. Who am I to argue?

As I am making my way through the first third into the second, the spice from the cigar is still there but has settled down some. It has made way for some coffee flavours, like if you added cream to an Americano coffee, which is what I am getting off the Salvation. The Dalmore has started to warm up, so on the back end the sweetness now has a honey and vanilla vibe which is going great with flavours from the cigar.


From the second third to the third third, the cigar his definitely sliding into the medium/full category, producing some great earthy herbiness. The smoke is nice and thick and is drifting off into the dusk sky. Now I don’t know about Salvation, but this combo is the right fit for me tonight. It always strikes me how much better I feel after I have been able to have a cigar and a beverage after a particularly tough week at work or if life has been a bit of a bastard. March/April is probably one of the busiest times for me, so any chance I get to have a sit and stick is a blessing. So, yeah, I guess Salvation was the perfect choice for me tonight haha.

BLTC Salvation and Dalmore

Even the Losers

I start to finish up and look at my phone. 4 missed texts, a missed call and 6 new emails. It’s nice to be needed haha. I take my last pull from the cigar, and squeeze out the last drop from the scotch; the final flavours mingle together like the end scene in the Breakfast Club. So I walk from the cigar nook to the house with my fist in the air, singing some Simple Minds, as I hit the redial and find out what I missed for the last 70 minutes.


Sean Ryan

Contributor at CigarNoise
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