Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Habano Maduro (Viso)
Binder:  Jalapa (Nicaragua)
Filler:  Nicaraguan (Two ligeros)
Brand:  Black Works Studio
Factory:  Oveja Negra
Price Range:  $8-$10
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Last year, Black Works Studio released the Killer Bee.  We had the pleasure of smoking one at Oveja Negra while in Esteli, and to date it remains what I’d consider an excellent entry level cigar into Black Label Trading Company. Whereas the Killer Bee uses Ecuadorian Habano accents in the cap, the Green Hornet variation uses candela accents as well as a candela closed foot.  The cigar also seems to be roughly half an inch longer than the original Killer Bee.

Black Works Studios Green Hornet next to a Killer Bee

Black Works Studios Green Hornet next to a Killer Bee showcasing the closed foot

Black Works Studios Green Hornet next to a Killer Bee showcasing the cap accents

Here’s a great video of James explaining the rolling method employed by Oveja Negra:

James handed me this cigar to review 4 days ago at an event with Governors Cigars in Monroe, LA.  He suggested Ron Zacapa 23 or Old Rasputin as a pairing.

Black Works Studio Green Hornet – First Third

Leather, Hay, Dark Chocolate, Spice, Peanuts, Peppercorn, Charred Meat, Coffee, Cream, Popcorn

From the first puff I’m sold!  Spicy sweetness with a savory finish.  There’s a leather, hay, dark chocolate, and lingering spice on the Green Hornet. A retro hale adds a horse radish burn in the sinuses along with peanuts and peppercorn.

The sweetness dulls fairly fast, presumably from the candela closed foot, and is replaced with a meaty, charred meat of sorts.  Oak, peppercorn (both the flavor and spice), subtle cocoa powder, and leather settle in after the first 1/2 inch.

Black Works Studios Green Hornet Review First Third | Cigar Noise

After talking with James last week, we discovered that spice isn’t something that either of us seek out on purpose.  Imagine my surprise when this Green Hornet, with candela accents, begins as a spice bomb!

The Ron Zacapa highlights subtle woodsy notes present in the Green Hornet while also imparting caramel and milk chocolate.  James nailed it with this pairing – it’s one of those “the whole is greater than the sum of all the parts” moments.

After the one inch mark, weak coffee notes also become apparent as the spice begins to relent.  Coffee, cream, and what I can only describe as homemade popcorn if you used pepper instead of salt.  I’ll be damned if this isn’t a flavor bomb.  Now I know why there are so many Black Label Trading Company fans out there.  This is legit greatness.  The retrohale is much smoother now as well.

It’s also outside of my comfort zone.  I usually tend to pick up less in-your-face cigars that are sweeter instead of savory.  This one may just change my mindset.  I wonder how it would pair with Rye?

Black Works Studios Green Hornet – Second Third

Cream, Caramel, Cocoa, Charred Meat, Leather, Peppercorn

Dropping the ash, I’m immediately blown away at how effin smooooooth this cigar has become!  Spice?  Nah.  Now we’re talking about cream with faint caramel notes.  I’m sure there’s a better explanation than caramel, but being that caramel mostly cream and sugar it’s too faint to be able to discern more at this time.

This cigar just flip flopped faster than Mitt Romney in 2008.

Black Works Studios Green Hornet Review Second Third | Cigar Noise

I’m pulling more of those cocoa notes that were present in the first third amidst a myriad of other flavors.  Now it’s in the spotlight and is bringing several nuances of both hot cocoa and bittersweet cocoa powder.  From puff to puff it’s slightly different yet it never becomes sweet per se.

At the midway point, several things begin to develop.  Charred meat, leather, and subdued peppercorn (flavor only) decided they weren’t quite done with this party.  Absent the spice in the first third, these flavors combine with cream and cocoa to form a kickass concoction of awesomeness.

Seriously.  This is a cigar I’d love to introduce my friends to.  There’s so much personality to this cigar that just needs to be shared.

Black Works Studio Green Hornet – Last Third

Cream, Cocoa Powder, Charred Meat, Cherries, Cedar

The last third, traditionally my least favorite, continues to deliver with the Green Hornet.  Cream, subtle cocoa powder, and a hint of charred meat are bringing us home.

Black Works Studios Green Hornet Review Last Third | Cigar Noise

The Green Hornet just surprised me again with very prominent cherry notes.

Another first for this cigar, cedar makes an entrance as we wind down. For a brief moment some spice seemed to want to reinvigorate it’s previous moments of glory before quickly succumbing to the tranquil rhythms of the second and last third.

Rather than become bitter in it’s final moments, the Green Hornet instead opted for cashew notes.  Winning!

Black Works Studio Green Hornet Review
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Depth of Flavor

Transition Complexity

Immaculate Construction


Draw was a little snug for my preference

Put aside everything you thought you knew about Black Label Trading Co and prepare to have your socks knocked off with the soon-to-be latest release from Black Works Studios. The Green Hornet is a fantastic showcase of skill, innovation, and is a must try for the veteran and new cigar enthusiasts.
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