Can Food Be Paired with Cigars?

I walked out of my dentist’s office a bit perplexed. He had given me a new set of x-rays and had said that he didn’t see any problems with my teeth. Awesome. Then he said I had to schedule another appointment for my teeth to be cleaned because he couldn’t fit me in that day. Lame. Anyway, I decided to celebrate with some junk food.

I cook almost all of my meals and they generally consist of vegetables, beans, homemade salsa, and chicken (duh). Protein supplements are for pansies. Today, however, I had my mind set on In-N-Out Burger. While sitting in the drive-through behind 12 other cars, I wondered if I had made the wrong decision by choosing to celebrate with fast food instead of a cigar. Then it dawned on me. Por que no los dos? After scrunching up the fast-food bag to prevent the heat from escaping, I made a pit stop at home to pick up some drinks and chocolates and then made a beeline for the cigar lounge.

On Sundays, guys at my local cigar lounge usually bring bagels and other types of finger food. If I’m hungry, I put down my cigar, eat, then relight. But not today. Today I’m pairing a cigar with fast food.

I lit up a La Historia by Perez Carillo and undressed the 4 x 4 (be still my heart). For those of you who haven’t experienced In-N-Out, that’s four patties in one cheeseburger (edit: be still my heart, but please don’t stop completely). As glorious of a burger as it is, smoking and eating a cheeseburger does not work. The flavors compete and it’s difficult to enjoy a smoke when you’re busy trying to pull beef and cheese out from between your teeth. On to the fries.

Surprisingly, the saltiness of the fries was a nice complement to the flavors of the cigar.  But, like the burger, it failed to be enjoyable because of the bits of residual potato hanging out in Molar Town. A salty drink would be a better alternative. I’ve never paired a cigar with a Bloody Mary, but now I guess I have reason to try.

I don’t usually drink milk with my burgers, but when I do, it’s In-N-Out milk. Stay thirsty my friends. Holy cow.  I actually like the milk and cigar pairing. The cigar I’m smoking doesn’t have any cream notes to it so the milk really makes it taste more complex. That being said, you aren’t going to see me with a jug of milk at the cigar lounge any time soon. I recommend trying it some time when no one else is around.  And please.  Please, no milk mustache with a cigar in your mouth selfies.

Even before this “experiment,” I considered chocolates to be an acceptable snack to eat alongside a cigar, but it has to be a bite-sized chocolate. No Butterfingers or Snickers for the aforementioned reasons. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate all check out with me and could easily be masterfully paired with a smoke.

La Historia, Burger, Chocolates

What do you guys think? Is eating a meal with your cigar taboo? Where do you draw the line? Let me know your thoughts.


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