Wrapper:  Dominican Corojo
Binder:  Dominican Corojo 
Filler:  Dominican Corojo (Ligero), Peruvian Pelo de Oro (Viso), Nicaraguan Habano (Ligero)
Brand:  Caldwell Cigar Co.
Factory:  Caldwell Cigar Factory
Price Range: $5-$7
Availability:  Store Exclusive (SmallBatchCigar.com)
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Long Live the King Harem – First Thoughts

I’ve never found the ring gauges and length pictured here to be that accurate, as this cigar has been announced as a 4 x 44.  While it could be that the measurements are off, it’s more likely that cigars are hand made products and are allowed certain leniencies.  As the Silk Road and Marble House variants of Eastern Standard came in boxes of 24 and 37 respectively, Long Live the King Harem will come in boxes of 27 and limited to 150 boxes. Source is Halfwheel.

Long Live the King Harem Review. Store exclusive with SmallBatchCigar

Long Live the King Harem Review. Store exclusive with SmallBatchCigar

The aroma coming from the wrapper is very soft, delicate, and reminds me of fresh cut wood, vanilla, and something out of a vegetable garden.  I was expecting cinnamon notes from my experience with Long Live the King My Style is Jalapeño (lancero), but so far cinnamon isn’t a player.

Thanks to Andrew of Small Batch for the samples!

Long Live the King Harem – First Half

Wood, Leather, Cream, Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Butter-Cream Icing, Dominican Tastes

The first few puffs are of wood, leather, cream, and a hint of cinnamon.  The cream I’m speaking of in this sense is like homemade whipped cream, not the creaminess of the smoke.  Early on, the Harem takes on a gingerbread profile.  Spice lingers between puffs, but coffee makes it known.  Definitely pair this cigar with coffee if you want a firecracker.

Long Live the King Harem Review. Store exclusive with SmallBatchCigar

At an inch in is where the magic happens.  Cinnamon and butter-cream icing!  Charlie Parko and I (@cjokrap) did a video herf a while back.  We were trying to describe the flavor of our Long Live the King lancero and, both of us having wives that dabble in cakes, thought butter-cream icing was a excellent descriptor.  Credit to Charlie for that description.

And it’s perfect.  A little cedar joins the mix while I correct a few burns that we probably won’t see once this cigar hits the market and has resting time.

Long Live the King Harem Review. Store exclusive with SmallBatchCigar

Without knowing if it’s the same blend as Long Live the King, I’d still peg this cigar as using Dominican tobaccos.  There are certain tasting notes that scream Dominican Republic.  I’d say it’s kind of like toast with an underlying earthiness and an ever-so-slight mineral note.  On another sample, the mineral presence was much more prominent.  I’m a huge fan of a lot of cigars coming out of the DR recently, though, so I enjoy these flavors excepting mineral.

Long Live the King Harem – Second Half

Butter-cream icing, Marshmallow, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon-Butter-Toast, Walnuts, Burnt Coffee

At the midpoint of this cigar is where I’m struggling not to chief it down like a maniac.  Our previously noted butter-cream icing becomes more prevalent and this time is joined with notes of marshmallow and brown sugar.  Regardless of pairing, the spice seems to be gone and has been replaced with a rich, creamy smoke.


With a little less than two inches left, heat becomes an enemy combatant.  Slow and steady is the game with these smaller vitolas.  Takes a little concentration and effort, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Have you ever baked toast with butter, cinnamon, and sugar as a kid?  It’s been decades since I’ve done it, but this cigar is like a time machine.  There’s so much win here for Andrew and Caldwell.

Walnuts and burnt coffee come in with a little over an inch to spare.  This is likely where I would toss it and quickly grab another if I were smoking for pleasure.  At roughly an hour of enjoyment, I’d call that a fair deal.  For you fine people, though, I’ll sit it out a little while longer.  It’s like a Marvel movie:  you have to stay til the very end just in case there’s a teaser clip for the next series.

Long Live the King Harem Review. Store exclusive with SmallBatchCigar

If you’re the guy or gal that likes to nub cigars (whether for pleasure or to be instafamous) Long Live the King Harem smooths out and does make a comeback.  I’ll be damned. Go to starbucks and get coffee with breve, a little too much simple syrup, and a dash of walnut – that’s how this cigar takes us home.

Caldwell Long Live the King Harem (pre-release) Review
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Great Flavors

Excellent Price Point


Normal Issues with Smaller Vitolas

Long Live the King Harem is another great addition to the Small Batch exclusive series with Caldwell. From start to finish is a very pleasant experience with rich flavors and sweeter nuances. I'd highly recommend this to fans of Caldwell cigars as well as anyone that resonates with my personal preferences.
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