Wrapper: HVA
Binder: Criollo 98
Filler: Corojo 2020
Vitola: Corona Gorda
Brand: Camaleon
Factory:Manufactura de Chico Rivas
CigarNoise Price Range: $8 – $10
Availability: Regular Production
Source: Review Sample

Camaleon Huevo de Oro Corona Gorda – Initial Observations

The Camaleon Huevo de Oro, particularly the Corona Gorda size, is a cigar I’ve looked forward to reviewing for some time.  I’ve learned I really enjoy this particular vitola in many different cigars.  I’m betting if you’ve smoked cigars a while, you can think of a CG sized cigar you really like as well.  If you have a good memory, perhaps you remember Dave’s review of the Robusto version of this same cigar back in 2016.  If you’re scratching your head, click here to read his review that spent two weeks on the best seller list.

The light brown wrapper surrounding Huevo de Oro carries some reddish hues as well.  Firm and bearing all the signs of fine craftsmanship, the Huevo de Oro looks and feels like yet another premium offering from the Top Secret Nest.  From the wrapper, I get a scent I can only compare to cream cheese frosting…like you find on carrot cake.  It smells sweet and yet sharp at the same time.  The foot of the cigar smells just like Raisin Bran. Admittedly, it leans more towards the bran than the raisin, but the smell is exactly the same.

Removing the cap with a straight cut reveals resistance just slightly tighter than I would prefer.  Again, Raisin Bran dominates the flavor of the cold draw.  Lets raise the curtain on the Huevo de Oro and see what it has to offer.

Camaleon Huevo de Oro Corona Gorda – First Third

Cedar, Floral Notes, Coffee, Walnut, Baked Bread, White Pepper

With some heat beginning to roll through the cigar, cedar is clearly the dominant flavor.  Combining in the middle of the profile are light floral notes, coffee and walnut flavors.  None of them threaten to take over the spotlight, but they are crafty players nonetheless.  Initially, the burn appears to be developing a mind of its own.  This seems like a good place to mention I smoked three of these for review.  This slightly unruly burn line is a first amongst the three cigars.

Camaleon Huevo de Oro Corona Gorda

Producing smoke like Apple produces new phones, voluminous seems to be a perfect adjective.  The ash appears medium to medium dark gray.  Moving towards the middle of this first third, I am also noticing that right above the char line, a nice oily sheen is appearing on the wrapper.

The retrohale experience is smooth and features fresh baked bread followed by just enough white pepper heat to keep things interesting.  Nearing the end of the first section, the Huevo de Oro picks up another gear as the entire mix takes on a really creamy essence to the experience.  Most of the pepper heat has disappeared completely as well, leaving me wondering if I’ve just experienced the first major shift in this cigar.

Camaleon Huevo de Oro Corona Gorda – Middle Third

Cedar, Bran Flakes, Pound Cake, Cashew, Espresso, Mild Tobacco

While cedar seems very reluctant to give up the lead in the profile, a couple of new shifts are occurring in this middle section.  Shortly after entering this section, the ash drops off and the changes begin in earnest.  Flavors of bran flakes appear and pound cake…that’s right, pound cake. Huevo de Oro offers a hint of sweetness creating this great note.  While the first third walnut flavor was easy to detect, now with the added sweetness in the mix, it has transitioned to a cashew like chewiness.

Let’s get back to those construction notes and talk about draw and burn.  The slightly tight draw has completely opened up to find perfection.  The burn, while still slightly wavy, has become sharp and much straighter than it led me to believe it was capable of early on.

Camaleon Huevo de Oro Corona Gorda

Late in this section I find espresso notes and mild tobacco filtering into the finish of the profile.  Neither are overly strong or off-putting, but it’s a flavor shift worth mentioning for sure.  Retrohaling the smoke is simple smooth and enjoyable and is absent of any heat at all.

I’d like to note that the biggest change in this section was really how all the flavors worked together.  I thought the flavors in the first third, while enjoyable, stood apart and failed to really compliment each other.  This middle section found all of the flavors working in unison quite nicely to give the Huevo de Oro a much more complex feel than I experieced in the first portion.

Camaleon Huevo de Oro Corona Gorda – Final Third

Sweet Bread, Bran Flake, Cinnamon, Tobacco, Black Pepper

With subtle, but enjoyable flavor transitions being the name of the game so far, this final third should be interesting.  Cedar finally gives up and bows out completely.  In its place, notes of sweeet bread and bran flakes appear with just a hint of cinnamon on the finish.  This trio really creates a bright spot for Huevo de Oro.  Nearing the end of the cigar, medium notes of tobacco slide onto the stage and tow along some black pepper spice as well.  In the sinuses, the profile remains smooth and creamy but also features the return of the pepper spice at completely tolerable levels.

Camaleon Huevo de Oro Corona Gorda

Right to the end, this cigar is firm and cool enough to smoke to the edges of my fingers.  I’ve smoked several cigars recently which became prohibitively hot and very mushy towards the end of the smoke.  Not Huevo de Oro…it performs perfectly right to the curtain call.

Camaleon Huevo de Oro Corona Gorda

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Cigar Noise Network 7 (1 vote)

Good Construction

Enjoyable Flavors

Perfect Pricepoint


Tight Draw First Third

Unruly Burn First Third

Camaleon’s Corona Gorda vitola of Huevo de Oro didn’t let me down. I really enjoyed the flavors, the transitions and the overall performance of the cigar. Tight draw in the first third and some burn woes at the same time were the only shadows for an otherwise brilliant cigar. I’ve smoked three of these for this review and I will certainly smoke these again.
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Solid, it a bit overpriced
The cigar looks great, burned true, and was a solid smoke all the way through. I think the price tag is a bit too high though. For me, this is a $6.50-$7.50 cigar. While it’s a solid smoke I just didn’t find it complex enough to rate its SRP. It’s kind of a one-note cigar. If I’m going to pay $8-10 I’m looking for one of my favorites like a Don Pepin Blue Label.
August 23, 2018, 9:52 am
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