Wrapper: Habano 2000
Binder: Sumatra
Filler: Criollo ’98, Cubano Piloto, Nicaraguan
Brand: Carolina Blue Cigars
Factory: Tabacalera F De La Cruz (Dominican Republic)
Availability: Regular Production
Source: Carolina Blue supplied the cigars for review
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Carolina Blue Habano Review – First Half

Perfect draw. A mix of sweet bread and sourdough bread on the palate and pepper on the retrohale. Greek yogurt, granola, and BASIL! What a time to be alive. I’m really digging this sweet/sour combo.

About an inch down it seemed as though it was only burning down the center, so I take a flame to the foot and fixed that problem. The burn line after the touch up is steady, but the ash is beginning to parachute out. Hints of anise catch my interest as half the ash swan dives onto my jeans. The sweetness is beginning take a back seat to yogurt and herbs now. Silky smooth smoke output, blue suede if you will. What’s left of the ash is beginning to look like Sauron.

Carolina Blue Habano Review - Ash looks like Sauron

Carolina Blue Habano Review – Last Half

Starting the second third. Burning nice and slowly, and the subtle sweetness is making a Rocky-style comeback. Strength is increasing, but all I had for breakfast was a slice of pizza so maybe that’s my fault.

Pepper and cream are the predominant flavors going into the final segment, but it has yet to be harsh. I’m really impressed at how long of a smoke this is turning out to be. Nearing the end, dark chocolate comes out for the curtain call.

Carolina Blue Habano
8.9 Reviewer
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I might not offer this to a first-time smoker because of the strength near the end, but I myself wouldn’t hesitate to grab another one or five of these.
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