Wrapper:  Undisclosed
Binder:  Undisclosed
Filler:  Undisclosed
Brand:  CDR
Factory: Manufactura de Chico Rivas
Price Range: ~300 pesos (Roughly $6.50 US dollars)
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CDR – First Thoughts

The foot of this cigar smells of raisins – almost like a raisin liquor of sorts. I’ve smoked three of these so far and am just now sitting down for the review.  Christian sent me a few to review a couple months ago and I’ve been hesitant to review them in the cold.  There were a few discrepancies between samples so far, namely the dried fruit notes sometimes tasting more sour than others.

If you know me, you know that I don’t smoke the same cigar back to back very often.  Especially now that I’m down to one cigar a day while I work on my conditioning for the Army.  Today is a special day since I just smoked this cigar yesterday.  It’s that interesting.

CDR Cigar – First Third

Raisins, Cedar, Oak, Spice, Granola, Dried Fruit, Cereal Milk, Almond Flour, Bakers Cocoa

Immediately I’m hit with a raisiny sweetness that’s both rich and delicate at the same time.  Cedar makes an introduction a few moments later along with a lingering, spicy finish.  A retrohale provides enough heat to starkly contrast the sweet subtleties in this cigar.

Roughly half an inch in and the raisin is joined by other fruity sensations.  Now I’m getting granola over milk with dried fruit behind a veil of woodsy notes.  Spice is still present and adds to the character of this Dominican gem.

CDR Review | CigarNoise

Spicy Cereal Milk is how I first described the CDR, and even though my palate has changed over the last few months, I’m glad to say that the description hasn’t.  The first third of this cigar is a beautiful tapestry of sweet, spicy, and hearty elements.

Lately I’ve been all about finesse – finding that balance between flavor, strength, and enjoyment.  Being able to appreciate the subtleties of a cigar has been one of the many benefits of my Cigar Noise experience.  CDR, so far at least, showcases an admirable balance that I’ve come to respect.

The draw is just a little snug, becoming more and more my favorite resistance.  Burn line requires a single flame from time to time but isn’t too far out of hand.

At roughly an inch in, nuts and baker’s cocoa join the party.  We made a cheesecake once with a crust made out of almond flour — that’s what the nuttiness reminds me of.

Wood (namely Cedar and Oak) is one of the more dominant flavors for most of the first third whereas most of the other flavors are background players.  Lots of contextual subtleties within this cigar.

CDR – Second Third

Cedar, Sweet Cream, Earth, Dried Fruit, Walnuts, Peppercorn, Cinnamon, Molasses

The second third opens with more spice, cedar, sweet cream, a little earth, and dried fruit.  Heat scalds the sinuses now even without a retro hale, yet the overall body seems to remain constant.  A retro hale adds walnuts,  peppercorn, and faint cinnamon to the tasting notes.

Note:  In previous samples I’ve written down sour wine flavors.  Seems that the fruit notes can be fairly different from cigar to cigar, or it could just be my pH balance, time of year, etc etc. You know the deal.  But it’s noteworthy at least. 

CDR Review | CigarNoise

Cedar, dried cherries,  walnuts, and cream become more flavor forward as the heat recedes. The walnut notes add a little bit of bitterness to the profile (much like walnuts in general) but overall it’s rather enjoyable.

Just past the midway point all signs of spice are gone.  The texture of the smoke is creamy and notes of molasses join us.  The depth of flavor on this cigar seems to be on a roller coaster:  sometimes it’s deep and rich, other times it’s more shallow and light.  Somehow it’s not a negative for CDR, but a reprieve from the experience that refreshes the palate.


CDR – Last Third

Walnuts, Cherries, Granola, Peppercorn, Oak, Earth, Dried Fruit

Our last third begins with walnuts, cherries, granola, and peppercorn.  This time both the peppercorn flavor and spice are associated with it.  Whereas a significant portion of the second third seemed to be biding it’s time, CDR wants to come alive again with vibrant flavors just as it’s time to remove the band.

Without trying to label the strength of this cigar, I’m definitely feeling the nicotine buzz right now.  For whatever that’s worth to you.

CDR Review | CigarNoise

Luckily the bitterness associated with the Walnuts in the second third haven’t carried over into the last third. Walnut seems to be the driving force at this stage in the game with secondary flavors of oak, earth, and generic dried fruit.

All hints of spice and heat leave us as CDR begins to wind down.  The walnut smooths out as well.  Other than that, the flavors remain consistent til the end.

CDR Review
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Lots of Bang for your Buck

Compounding Flavors

Well Balanced


Only available in Toro

Semi-Tedious Burn

I'm a big fan of a lot of cigars coming out of the Dominican Republic lately. CDR represents a sweet, spicy, and hearty experience that translates into one hell of a ride - even for those like myself that shy away from the time commitment of a Toro.
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is an excellent smoked , always good for any time, a good cigar , price / quality
April 8, 2016, 3:35 pm
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