Wrapper:  Sumatra
Binder:  Undisclosed
Filler:  Undisclosed
Brand:  Cigar Federation Exclusive
Factory:  Oveja Negra
Price Range:  $5-$7
Availability:  Limited (500 cigars) sold out
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Salmon Patty – First Thoughts

According to Cigar Federation, this cigar was named after the pinkish hue of the wrapper and not a salmon patty taste.  The aroma from the foot is intoxicating with rum and raisin notes.  A cold draw is like chocolate covered raisins.

All in all, I’m excited about reviewing this Salmon Patty even though so few were made.  I’ve come to expect a lot from Sumatra, hopefully this cigar will perform well.

Salmon Patty – First Third

Mineral, Cedar, Dark Chocolate, Earth, Baking Spices, Leather, Molasses, Toasted Nuts

My first impressions are of mineral, wood, and heat.  That wasabi-like sinus heat is very strong with this cigar, making this an interesting choice for a morning stick.  Mineral taints the experience for the first several minutes, but eventually relents to cedar, dark chocolate, and earth.  If you’re into smoking muscle cars, find someone that has a Salmon Patty and trade with them.

Taking my first sip of coffee, it’s actually a delightful pairing.  The cream cuts down on the metallic mineral taste while the coffee accentuates the cedar and chocolate notes.  Balvenie 14 year is a slam dunk!  Needed something with more presence to pair with the Salmon Patty and that does the trick nicely.  And yes, this cigar has me drinking before 10:30 on a Thursday.

Cigar Federation Salmon Patty Review First Third

Back to reality, and water, our Salmon Patty seems to be picking up sweeter undertones from the Sumatra wrapper.  The heat has dissipated to the point that a retro hale is no longer punishing.  Baking spices, leather, and molasses join the party.  Dark chocolate and wood are still in play.  At just shy of an inch into this experience, everything begins to come together.

While the flavor was rather off-putting in the beginning, the mechanics (burn and draw) are on point.  I’d recommend this cigar for the Gentleman or Lady that likes a full force experience.  Their website lists it as Medium strength, but that’s probably nicotine.  From a palate perspective, Salmon Patty is as full as it gets.  I think it would pair well with an IPA, personally.

Wood, toasted nuts, and a hint of toasted marshmallow take the driver’s seat for the remainder of the first third.

Salmon Patty – Second Third

Spice, Oak, Dark Chocolate, Roasted Coffee Beans, Espresso, Sweet Cedar, Cream, Nutmeg, Toasted Graham Cracker

The second third greets me with peppercorn, oak, dark chocolate, and roasted coffee beans.  I can already tell that the second third is going to be my favorite.  The flavors aren’t tarnished by mineral and are more vibrant.  Whereas the heat in the first third was like a bully trying to establish dominance, the spice that’s currently present is like an old friend.  Good cop, bad cop?

Roasted coffee beans transition into good ole espresso notes.  A delicate sweetness is trying to emerge but I can’t place it yet. What I’m loving most about this cigar is how maintenance free it is.  The flavors aren’t Dave, but I can dig a well constructed cigar.

Cigar Federation Salmon Patty Review Second Third

Bulleit Rye?  Another excellent pairing that plays off the spiciness of this third while pulling out cinnamon and nutmeg from the Salmon Patty.  Coffee, at this point, doesn’t deliver.

Cream, nutmeg, dark chocolate, and cedar take the stage near the midway point.  The nutmeg is a wonderful addition to this third, and I’m glad it’s here to stay without the assistance of bourbon.  A retro hale delivers notes of toasted graham cracker and weak coffee.

The creaminess of the second third is very enjoyable.  In fact, my palate feels very refreshed all of a sudden and I’m reaching for water much less.  There’s no longer an aftertaste between puffs.

Salmon Patty – Last Third

Pine, Mixed Nuts, Popcorn, Bitter Coffee, Cream

It’s been a while since I’ve smelled pine, but my first draw was full of pine needles. Subsequent flavors of mixed nuts, popcorn, and bitter coffee come rolling in after a few more puffs.  Cream develops after a few more minutes, but it’s not as refreshing as before.

Cigar Federation Salmon Patty Review Last Third

Sharp, biting bitterness is dominating the overall experience at this stage in the game.  Eventually the bitterness yields to different nuances of wood notes before I wrap this review up.

Cigar Federation Salmon Patty Robusto Review
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Great construction

Excellent Second Third


Overpowering First Third

Bitter Last Third

Dissonant Flavors

This cigar was released by CigarFederation as part of a series of store exclusives limited to 500 cigars total. While the price point and mechanics of this cigar compensated for a cacophony of flavors, I wouldn't feel bad if you missed out on purchasing the Salmon Patty.
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