You’ve probably seen CigarInk on Instagram and Twitter as @cigarink.  When we first launched CigarNoise, I had my eye on their custom cigar engraving from the start!  Whether it’s a quick giveaway or a personal gift – being able to brand your business, event, or group is just really cool.

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We talked briefly a little while back, and I was excited to get some CigarNoise sticks made!  Full disclosure:  I received a discount in exchange for a fair and honest review.

**No filter was used on any photos in this post to ensure accuracy.

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While CigarInk offers several different products, I ordered the box of Personalized Cigars.  They start at $114.99.  Here’s the details:

Product Description

Cigars utilize high quality tobacco small batch sourced from some of the finest tobacco growing regions. Each cigar has been carefully blended and hand rolled in Nicaragua to provide a smooth and satisfying quality experience. Cigars come in Toro size and are available in distinctive blends to satisfy any palette. Due to variations with every cigar engraving results can vary.

Division 1 cigars offers the distinguished customer a premium quality aged tobacco master crafted in Nicaragua. D1 cigars Ecuadorian grown Habano wrapper is paired with select binder and long filler blend from Nicaragua. Available in Toro Gordo (6” x 60 ring gauge), this medium body cigar provides a perfect draw with creamy delicious notes each and every time. Division 1 cigars are not individually packaged in cellophane.

Connecticut: A 50/50 blend of Nicaraguan and Cuban seed filler, Nicaraguan binder and an aged Connecticut shade wrapper. This cigar has soft, earthy tones with a subtle hint of nuts and an easy, mild finish.

Habano: Nicaraguan/Cuban seed blend wrapped in a reddish-brown Habano leaf providing a medium body with a sweet and spicy taste and an inviting aroma.

Maduro: A favorite of most cigar smokers, the Maduro is a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican filler wrapped with an aged, rich, oily Maduro leaf producing a deep nutty tone with notes of cocoa and a satisfying rich full-bodied finish.

Every order of cigars are shipped Free of Charge! In addition each order is packaged in a cedar lined box which comes with a humidification device affording long term use as a humidor. For an added custom touch have the boxed engraved with a personalized logo or design. An additional design set up fee may apply. Engraved Boxes Come in Choice of Glass or Wood Top. Please call 772-486-0068 or send us your inquiry and art files at

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When I opened the package, I was completely shocked to see them resting inside a box.  Obviously I didn’t read the product description too well before I ordered, but it was a definite plus.  As an amateur cigar connoisseur, the box won’t hold humidity, but it’s cool nonetheless.  Good looking out, Mike!

Cigar Ink 9

Next, I moved on to the cigars themselves.  I thought the “” engraving was done rather nicely!  There are a couple cigars where the top of the lettering fades slightly, but overall I love how it looks.  Mike matched the font that I was looking for, and it definitely does the trick for branding.

The Good

If you’re looking for the perfect way to do something new without having to blend your own custom cigar, CigarInk is an excellent way to distinguish yourself and your brand.

Shipping is free!

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With prices between $114 and $140 per box, we were able to secure customized cigars at a very affordable rate – less than we usually pay per box!

The Bad

From a cigar enthusiast’s perspective, the cigars themselves aren’t on par with what I normally enjoy.  No surprise though – if you go into it looking for premium cigars, you’re in it for the wrong reasons! Several cigars arrived with wrapper damage, though, and it might be because they fit so snugly in the box.


Cigar Ink 4

Cigar Ink 7

Lastly, the tobacco itself seems to be immature as seen from the foot:

Cigar Ink 8

Final Thoughts

I knew that these cigars wouldn’t be something that I would pass out to my buddies, watch them carefully toast the foot, then lean back with a satisfied sigh as they exclaimed them to be the best damn cigar they’ve ever smoked.

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I also knew that these laser engraved cigars would be one of a kind to my Brand, and would be interesting gifts to the wonderful users of the CigarNoise app for their continued loyalty and for generally being badasses on the daily.

In fact, I sent the very first cigar to Matt Evans (aka Smokey).  His impression?  Loved it!  Found some cellophane of the right size and tucked it away in the vault as a collectors item.

That’s the true intent of this cigar – not to enjoy it over a good pour of Bourbon with some friends, but to give it to the right folks at the right time and make an impact.

Bottom Line

If you’re interested in doing something unique, cool, and dare I say flashy -> hit up Mike at Cigar Ink.  While disappointed in the wrapper damage, it will in no way inhibit me from ordering more in the future.  At the price available for the custom engraving, and the branding benefits, I’m more than happy with the 16 perfect copies.

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