Wrapper: Sumatra
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican Republic
Vitola: Corona Gorda
Brand: Black Works Studios (Black Label Trading Company)
Factory: Fabrica Oveja Negra
CigarNoise Price Range: $8-10
Availability: Soft Release (Pre-FDA)
Source: Jarred D.

Black Works Studios S&R – First Thoughts

If you’re unfamiliar with Black Works Studios, it’s a creative branch of Black Label Trading Company that was made to explore different expressions from James Brown that didn’t fit the typical Black Label mold.  Generally, I find that the blends themselves are usually as unique as the packaging options and offer a lot of bang for the buck. Today’s S&R looks like it’ll carry on the tradition of blowing my mind, and I’m sure there’s an awesome story as to what S&R stands for that I’m not aware of.

Black Works Studios S&R Review

The cigar itself feels light in the hand, has a leathery look to the wrapper and is adorned with a pigtail cap. The foot carries notes of mild cedar, fresh cut grass, and indiscriminate fruit while a cold draw imparts strong hints of cherries.

There’s a certain elegance to the aromas that has me pretty damn excited to try the S&R!  We’ll be rolling with a straight cut instead of twisting the pigtail cap off.  For pictures and such.  Apologies in advance, we’re breaking the usual format today as I try and find a more accommodating way to review with my new schedule.

It should be noted that although the MSRP has been mentioned to be $8.50, the cellophane was marked at $12.50 by the shop that it was purchased from.  Many thanks Jarred for affording me the opportunity to give the S&R a spin!

Black Works Studios S&R – Smoking Experience

Buttery Cedar, Pepper, Strawberry Jam, Nougat, Cream, Cherry Croissants, Leather, Paprika, Mild Coffee, Earth, Hazelnut

The first thing I notice is buttery cedar, mild pepper in the center of my tongue, and a finish that’s very reminiscient of toast with strawberry jam. Holy shit. This cigar is going to need it’s own room to hold all the awards it’ll receive once it’s fully released.

Black Works Studios S&R Review

Around the half inch mark, nougat flavors develop as a creamy texture layers it on thick. Through the nose, cedar, pepper, and cherry croissants meld together to form a luxurious cocktail. The entire experience is rich yet delicate, inviting you to ponder the tasting notes without overwhelming your palate.  When letting the Black Works Studios S&R rest for longer periods, the strawberry and cherry notes that emerge are nothing short of outstanding, hitting my senses like a one-two fruit combination.

Black Works Studios S&R Review

Woodsy components brighten near the midway point, becoming more intense as the sweeter nuances retreat. Oils continue to coat the roof of my mouth as soft, leathery notes and paprika join the party. Whereas the first half landed on the sweeter side of the spectrum, the second half slowly transitions to pinpoint the savory and even salty parts of the palate.

Black Works Studios S&R Review

Dropping the ash and entering the last third, pepper returns with a vengeance along with stronger doses of wood and leather followed by mild coffee, earth, and hazelnut.  While the flavors themselves aren’t unique in this third, the progression of intensity and variety throughout this cigar is very satisfying.

The Black Works Studios S&R strikes me as milder in comparison to the rest of their current lineup but is in every other way unique and incomparable. I imagine that this would be an excellent cigar to experiment differing pairings with, although I was perfectly satisfied with just water.

Black Works Studios S&R Review

Black Works Studios S&R – Construction

The Black Works Studios S&R seems less dense than the other cigars from Oveja Negra and has slightly less resistance on the draw as well. I considered this a plus, and found that it was a near perfect resistance to my tastes.

The ash held on until the end of each third, and the burn was maintenance free throughout. The S&R was very aesthetically pleasing as well, with an immaculate char line to boot.

Cigar Reviews: Black Works Studios S&R Corona Gorda
9.3 Reviewer
9.1 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Sophisticated Flavors

Great Value

Maintenance Free

In the world of cigars, there are luxury cars, sports cars, economy cars, and everything in between. The Black Works Studios S&R is like smoking in your friends luxury car and then bailing before they realize who it was. All of the experience, none of the bill. If these are released at an $8.50 MSRP for the Corona Gorda, this cigar generously outperforms it’s weight class. If we rated cigars on whether or not I’d let it ash in my ash tray, I’d rate the S&R a strong possible.
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The Panatela SR
Excellent stick. Medium strength, no burn issues, lasted just over 1.5 hrs. A definite superb retrohaler. I had it with a McCallan 12yr old Scotch. The flavors stayed steady and very enjoyable. Never got harsh, lots of cocoa, fruit and leather. Highly recommend this cigar. Had a little bit off a sticky draw in the beginning, but by the midway point was perfect.
March 26, 2018, 1:25 am
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