Wrapper: HVA
Binder: Criollo 98
Filler: Ligero 2020, Criollo 98, Piloto Cubano, HVA
Vitola: Toro
Brand: Caminos Cigars
Factory: Top Secret Nest (Tamboril, Dominican Republic)
CigarNoise Price Range: Unknown
Availability: Pre-Release
Source: Cesar Reyes, Caminos Cigars

Caminos TMM – Opening Thoughts

In June of 2016, Cesar Reyes of Caminos Cigars was generous enough to provide me with samples of his El Retiro Cortos and El Retiro Largos for reviewing.  Additionally, he included a pre-release cigar known as the Caminos TMM.  According to Mr. Reyes, the Caminos TMM is slated for release late in March of this year.  Available vitolas will include a Robusto, Toro, Torpedo and a Limited Edition 6 x 56 size.

A mottled, reddish-brown wrapper covered the firm feeling TMM.  The HVA wrapper had some visible tooth and appeared very oily.  Mild barnyard, green apple and sweet tobacco emanated from the wrapper.  A deep whiff from the foot brought barnyard scent mingled with fresh cut hay.  I perferated the cap with a double v-cut, finding the draw slightly more resistive than I prefer.  Sweet tobacco and that crisp taste of a green apple presented in the cold draw as well.

Caminos TMM


Caminos TMM – First Third

Citrus, Dark Bread, Chocolate, Red Pepper, Cream, Cashew, Cinnamon, Cedar

After torching the TMM, initial impressions were heavy with citrus notes. The citrus quickly diminished, allowing dark baked bread and chocolate the spotlight.  Spicy, red pepper finished things off.  The red pepper tingled across the whole surface of my tongue.  When the tingling subsided I was left with a creamy cashew flavor late in profile.  Immediately, the Caminos TMM impressed me with the complexity of its profile.  Retrohaling the TMM smoke was a very warm sensation of red pepper spice joined by cinnamon and a hint of cedar.

Mechanically,  the TMM burn line was wavy and of medium width.  A solid, light gray ash hung tightly at the end of the cigar.  The first third of the TMM burned quickly with less than thirty minutes expiring from the beginning.

Towards the end of the first third, red pepper spice tended to finish more quickly and ushered in a sweetness mixed with the dark bread flavor.  It reminded me of a warm loaf of molasses bread; sweet and slightly yeasty.

Caminos TMM


Caminos TMM – Middle Third

Dark Bread, Coffee, Cream, Red Pepper, Chocolate, Raisin, Citrus

I began the middle third of the cigar finding my lap christened with the ash from the first third.  Completely worth it if the middle section performed with the same complexity experienced in the first third.  Flavors of baked bread, coffee, heavy with cream, red pepper spice and chocolate provided instant gratification. The red pepper spice and chocolate danced together like one of those chocolate bars with ancho chilis mixed in.  The profile finished with a brief hint of raisin followed by an expanding citrus presence.

The retrohale in the middle section of the Caminos TMM was more enjoyable than I experienced in the first third.  The smoke was creamy, smooth and allowed just enough of the red pepper spice to provide enjoyable heat.

The second section of the TMM also burned much slower than the first, providing forty-two minutes of smoking pleasure. The burn line became much sharper as well but required one touch-up.

Caminos TMM


Caminos TMM – Final Third

Cedar, Coffee, Cream, Bread, White Pepper, Molasses 

The final third of the TMM didn’t show any major transitions in flavor.  However, the order in which they appeared in the profile did change.  Cedar became king but was mild and smooth.  Coffee, cream and baked bread followed in suit.  Finishing off the profile, a wash of white pepper covered my palate, warming my mouth and tongue.  Retrohaling the smoke revealed more greatness as molasses and white pepper worked in unison together.  The final third of the TMM also offered a strengthening nicotine presence.

During the final third, the aromatic qualities of the room smoke were intoxicating.  Imagine a loaf of molasses bread with chocolate chips baking over a cedar stoked fire.  It was simply amazing.

The final third drew to a close with the nub of the cigar remaining solid and barely warm to the touch.  The regular production release of the TMM can’t arrive soon enough.

Cigar Reviews: Caminos TMM
9.2 Reviewer
9.3 Cigar Noise Network (2 votes)

Complexity in flavors

No major construction issues


One burn correction

Quick burning first third

The Caminos TMM is a cigar I look forward to trying again after the regular production release. I can't say enough about the great flavors and solid construction of this cigar. While I don't know what price point the TMM will fall into, based on the prices of their other cigars and my experience with the TMM, I presumed a high value mark. Kudos to Mr. Cedar Reyes!
What Other Folks Are Saying: 2 Make some Noise
Enjoyable Cigar
What stood out to me most about the TMM is how maintenance free it was and the pleasant flavors. The bready and molasses notes were particularly satisfying, and even though I didn't experience extreme transitions - I was satisfied throughout.

This cigar also lasted a very long time and, based on what I remember the price point being, is a solid value all around.
March 23, 2017, 2:07 pm
Another Masterpiece
I love everything coming out of the Top Secret Nest! This cigar is no exception. Chico has an art of keeping blending simple, which leads to solid construction, flavor, and aroma. I love the white pepper at the start which is due to the technique of aging cigars on the foot, rather than on their side. In most aging rooms, cigars are rotated on an interval to balance the process. Aging on the foot allows for an equal balancing of the oils (settle to the foot which gives the white pepper) and moisture, which results in an even burn.

Overal, for the value, this cigar will be one of my go-to cigars as long as they are available. The draw was perfect, burn mostly perfect (could have been my humidor), resulting in a complex flavor.
March 23, 2017, 2:02 pm
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