Wrapper: Honduran
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Honduran
Vitola: 5 x 50 Robusto
Brand: CLE
CigarNoise Price Range: $8 – $10
Availability: Regular Production
Source: IPCPR 2016

CLE Aladino – Opening Thoughts

I was completely unfamiliar with the CLE Aladino, but the names behind the brand are industry icons.  The Aladino blender is none other than Julio Eiroa, father of CLE founder, Christian Eiroa.  According to information online, the name of the cigar came from a theater turned cigar factory where CLE rollers employ their skills.

The Aladino, a Honduran puro, appeared light brown and rolled to medium firmness.  With minimal veins and well hidden seams, the construction seemed solid.  Scents from the wrapper included graham cracker and mild tobacco, piquing my anticipation.  From the foot, baking spices, molasses and dry hay presented the possibility of complexity within the cigar.

Removing the cap with a straight cut, I encountered an easy draw laden with cinnamon, floral notes, hay and cedar combining in perfect harmony.

CLE Aladino


CLE Aladino – First Third

Leather, Cedar, Floral Notes, Black Pepper, Graham Cracker, Leather, Mild Baking Spice, White Pepper

The Aladino profile began with a leather note which left my mouth dry.  Fortunately, the dry aspect didn’t last long.  Sweet cedar and light floral notes moved into the mix, blending together perfectly.  A hint of black pepper arrived in the late stages of the profile, providing a comfortable tingle on my palate.

The retrohale experience, heavy with graham cracker and leather, offered little heat.  Mild baking spice and white pepper produced a light punch to my sinuses, providing the first indication of power from the Corojo tobacco in the cigar.

Late in the first third, pepper dialed back and the floral notes moved straight to the front of the line. This change complimented the sweetness and graham cracker notes perfectly.  Along with this change, the Aladino began really cranking out the smoke.  Additionally, the ash on the Aladino was light gray and solid right to the end of the first third.

CLE Aladino

CLE Aladino – Middle Third

Cedar, Leather, Sweet Cream, Mild Spice, Floral Notes, Sweet Spice, Mild Pepper

The middle third found many of the same flavors present in the first section.  The order of appearance changed, including the addition of sweet cream behind cedar and leather.  Mild spice rounded out the profile, combining perfectly with the sweet cream.

Up until this point, the burn on the Aladino caused me no concern.  Suddenly, the burnline wavered, requiring a correction to prevent an attempted run.  Despite the needed correction, I continued to be impressed with the heavy smoke output from the cigar.  Even when left in the rest, aromatic cedar smoke drifted from the cigar.

In the middle section of the Aladino, the retrohale gained complexity with cedar, light floral flavors, sweet spices and mild pepper.  The flavors worked together fantastically.

CLE Aladino

CLE Aladino – Final Third

Cedar, Mild Tobacco, Graham Cracker, White Pepper, Grilled Meat, Cinnamon, Red Pepper Flake

I found myself entering the final third of the CLE Aladino after fifty minutes of smoking.  The draw, construction and smoke production of this cigar had been near perfect through the first two-thirds.

Familiar players of cedar and graham cracker remained with mild tobacco notes interjecting into the mix.  Spicy white pepper rounded things out, leaving an impression of strength on the palate.  The retrohale found new energy as well with the edition of grilled meat flavor, cinnamon and a sharp red pepper flake heat in the sinuses.

While construction was solid through the experience, again in the final third the burn line required a minor correction.  The ash remained light gray and solid from start to finish.  I did notice the cigar started getting warm towards the end and became a bit mushy as well.

CLE Aladino

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Affordable Price

Enjoyable Flavor Profile

Relatively Maintenance Free

Fantastic Final Third


Linear Flavors

Minor Burn Corrections

Listen, my criticism regarding construction of this cigar is very light. I had to apply a couple of corrections to the burn. The burn line was sharp and beautiful all 74 minutes of smoke time. Where I am feeling more critical is in the flavor profile. The first third was great. The second third was also great. Nothing Earth shattering happened, it was just a solid lineup of flavors that are found in many cigars. Where Aladino shined was in the final third. It became more complex and more bold. It took off the training wheels it had during the first two-thirds and sped off like lightning. Did the wheels roll in the first tow sections; absolutely. But the final third of this cigar was like comparing a Tour 'de France racer with the kid down the block. I'll definitely smoke more of these. You should give it try for sure.
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