Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra (4 years old)
Binder: Habano Esteli
Filler: Nicaraguan (Esteli, Jalapa, Condega)
Vitola: 7 5/8 x 54
Brand: Cordoba & Morales
Availability: Unknown
CigarNoise Price Range: $11- $14

Cordoba and Morales Platino – Pre-Light

My review of the Cordoba & Morales Platino is one I looked forward to with their Clave Cubana Etiqueta Blanca fresh in my memory.  The Platino  featured a unique cap with what I call a “cinnamon bun” pig tail.  It also had a foot partially closed by the Sumatran wrapper.  The wrapper had some interesting coloration differences near the seams as well.

Firmly wrapped with no soft spots, the Platino suggested aromas of hay, raisin, cocoa and a touch of mild barnyard.  Testing the foot of the cigar, I gathered hay, raisin and a wonderfully inticing scent of brown sugar.  With a mostly closed foot, the cold draw was snug, even with a generous straight cut of the cap.

The Platino was a large cigar, measuring over 7 1/2 inches long.  I’ve experienced linear flavors in many larger vitolas but occasionally, very complex changes exist as well.  I was eager to see what path the Platino traveled.

Cordoba and Morales Platino


Cordoba and Morales Platino – First Third

Earth, Leather, Raisin, Cocoa, Cream, Pepper

Immediatley, the Platino produced plentiful, thick smoke laced with a pleasurable sweetness.  It was an interesting compliment to the earth and leather flavors heavy in the profile.  The sweet touch in the profile was early finishing, allowing cocoa to enter the mix, providing the first hint of complexity.  With just over an inch of ash on the Platino, it suddenly smacked of heavy cream!  The sudden change was quite nice, again, offering impressive transition.

Far in the finish I felt just a little burn on the back of my tongue, signaling a bit of pepper far in the finish.  The pepper disappeared nearly as quickly as I noticed it.

Mechanically, the Platino performed beautifully early on.  The char line was slightly wavy, but extremely sharp.  The ash, mostly bright white, hung on heartily almost until the end of the first third.  Just as the ash fell, I did apply a small correction due to the binder and filler burning slightly faster than the wrapper.

Cordoba and Morales Platino

Cordoba and Morales Platino – Middle Third

Leather, Cedar, Mild Tobacco, Mint, Pepper

Checking my watch, I am surprised at the burn rate of the Platino.  I was into the middle third of the cigar with only eighteen minutes elapsing since I first torched the foot.  A quick burn for such a large cigar.

The profile carried on the heavy leather flavor I experienced in the first third.  The delightful cream flavor completely dropped out, giving way to cedar and mild tobacco flavors.  Just as I began missing the creamy goodness, a new participant, mint, entered the show cooling things off nicely.  It was nearly a perfect compliment to the tobacco notes in the profile.  Just as the first third, the profile finished with just a mention of pepper on the palate.

Let’s talk about the retro hale experience.  Laden with cedar and a casual amount of heat, the smoke was smooth and easy to enjoy.

Unexpectedly, smoke production dropped off, the draw became snug and cool mint disappeared.  Replacing the mint were stronger, nearly harsh, tobacco flavors.  I found this an unwelcome change and was hoping for a strong Platino finish in the final third!

Cordoba and Morales Platino

Cordoba and Morales Platino – Final Third

Cedar, Tobacco, Cream, Bran Flakes, Pepper

Heavy cedar began ruling the profile to start the final third.  The tobacco gusto from late in the middle third was also present.  Surprisingly, creamy character in the Platino returns to smooth out the profile and add back a feeling of sophistication to the cigar.  The cedar and tobacco combination started leaning towards harshness, making the creamy change very welcome.

Further back in finish on the palate I tasted a cereal note as bran flakes.  Yet again, pepper harassed my palate with some growing strength.

Additionally, the final third really began heating up; an experience I’ve had with other longer cigars as well.  The heat continued to pick up until the flavors began suffering badly and I put the last inch of cigar down.  My smoking time with Platino totaled one hour and 3 minutes, supporting my feeling the Platino burned faster than I expected.

Cordoba and Morales Platino

Cigar Reviews: Cordoba and Morales Platino
8.7 Reviewer
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Relatively trouble-free burn

Nice complexity


Fast burn rate

Snug draw first two-thirds

Very warm final third

The Platino left me feeling a bit conflicted. I enjoyed the relative complexity in flavors and the willingness the cigar showed to transition between thirds. I didn't enjoy some of the strong, borderline harsh, tobacco flavors. I enjoyed the almost maintenance-free burn. I didn't enjoy the overly snug draw dominating the first and middle thirds of the cigar. The other detracting factor was the fact that a cigar this long burned less than one hour. I may try this cigar again down the road but it isn't one I would go hunting for.
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