Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Habano
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Piloto Ligero, San Vicente Ligero, Piloto Seco, Hybrid Olor/Piloto Ligero
Vitola:  Robusto (5 x 55)
Brand:  Davidoff
Factory:  Unknown
CigarNoise Price Range:  $25+
Availability: Small Production
Source:  Purchased

Davidoff Royal Robusto – Initial Thoughts

In doing the research for the info block above, I just found out that this cigar was specifically blended to utilize fillers that were all aged between 10-15 years.  How come I never knew this!?  Be sure and drop a humble brag comment below if you were already in the know, ’cause you deserve it Champ.

Weighing in at ~$30+, the Davidoff Royal Robusto features a near seamless wrapper, an almost Colorado hue, and what appears to be a hastily applied cap.  Looking, touching, and smelling – this cigar certainly has the trappings of luxury from the shoulder down.

The foot imparts prominent notes of grass, saplings, old books, and Bavarian cream.  Those impressions are further reinforced with a cold draw that is very similar minus my favorite doughnut filling.  Definitely a unique experience so far, let’s torch ‘er up and see what shakes out.

Davidoff Royal Release – 1st Third

Sapling, Cedar, Cream, Earth, Caramel, Leather, Pepper

My first couple puffs are mild and wild as Brad (LCCJ) would say, striking the palate gently but with lots of flavor.  The sapling notes persist and are quickly joined by soft cedar and an abundance of cream.  Through the nose, earthy components add themselves to the equation and all of a sudden I’m doing Land Nav again in South Carolina!  This is a cigar that can take you places.

Davidoff Royal Robusto Review

At roughly 3/4 of an inch in, the body begins to deepen as new flavors emerge:  dark caramel, suede leather, and the first tingles of pepper.  The caramel notes are particularly enjoyable, spanning several nuances over the course of the first third.  The Davidoff Royal Robusto finishes with hints of roasted peanuts.

But how ’bout those mechanics? Well, so far the burn line hasn’t required any maintenance even though I’m worried about having to rekindle it from the low smoke output.  The char line, however, is thicker than you’d expect from this price range and well-aged tobaccos.  The draw feels like it has the right amount of resistance for adequate performance, but the overall smoke output just doesn’t measure up.  I’m constantly feeling like there’s a relight in the works and I’ve not even made it to the second third yet.   The ash just fell on its own at the one inch mark, which may just help me out a bit.

Davidoff Royal Robusto – Second Third

Werther’s Original, Leather, Cream, Earth, Mild Spice, Toasted Graham Cracker, Maple Syrup

This segment begins like smoking a Werther’s Original while getting fitted for new boots at a Zapateria!  The smoke output has increased slightly, allowing for waves of creamy caramels, leather, and brief bouts of earth to wash over my senses.  Mild spice lingers on my tongue between puffs, but without the peppercorn tasting notes.  Technically spicy isn’t a flavor, but we make our own rules here.

Davidoff Royal Robusto Review

I’m applying a little extra flame to correct some areas that just didn’t want to burn after the ash fell, but otherwise the  mechanics in this segment are treating me better.  I’d much rather perform a touch-up than have a snug draw.

Past the midway point, toasted graham cracker, leather, and maple syrup kick it into high gear.  The Royal Robusto body continues to grow roots and, for a strength check, I’m starting to feel this one in the gut.  A couple more corrections, an ash fall, the dreaded relight, and now we’re in the final third.

Davidoff Royal Robusto – Last Third

Cedar, Toasted Graham Cracker, Leather, Earth, Pepper, Burnt Molasses, Cream, Caramel

Our last piece of the puzzle begins much like before, but understandably darker – Bruce Wayne has become Batman.  Cedar, toasted graham cracker, leather, earth, pepper, and burnt molasses vie for attention from the start as the overall tone is deeper, darker, and has more attitude as everything crescendo’s towards the finish line.

And then, as I’m sliding the bands away from our burn line, the calm settles in and our flavors begin to harmonize once more.  Creaminess returns to temper the sharper edges and pepper fades to memory.  Slowly but surely, the flavors slowly begin to dissipate until I’m nearly right where I started: creamy caramel, leather, occasional hints of earth, and what reminds me of freshly chopped saplings from a youth’s misguided attempts at starting a campfire back in the day.

Davidoff Royal Robusto Review

Cigar Reviews: Davidoff Royal Robusto
7.6 Reviewer
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Excellent Flavors



Snug Draw

Somewhat Predictable

The Davidoff Royal Robusto gave me a royal headache in deciding on each of the rating criteria. On the one hand, I thoroughly enjoyed the flavors. On the other, the mechanics distinguished this cigar from it's peers in a negative way: you expect unsurpassed quality when you see an MSRP north of $30. Luckily, our rating system allows us to enter each score independently and let the final score be what it may. In the end, while I enjoyed certain aspects of the Royal Robusto, I didn't feel the royal treatment.
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