Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Vitola: Torpedo
Brand: Emilio CigarsBoutiques Unified Cigars
Availability: Limited Edition, Unknown Production Numbers
CigarNoise Price Range: Unavailable
Source: IPCPR 2016

Emilio Fifteen LE – Pre-Light

Cloaked in secrecy, the Emilio Fifteen LE arrived in my cigar review list from IPCPR 2016.  The outward appearance of the Emilio Fifteen LE imparted a sense of quality with it’s mocha brown wrapper and nearly invisible seams.  Although I attempted to contact Boutiques Unified and Emilio Cigars through every type of social media, all my efforts proved futile.  I will say that Anthony Cantelmo, owner of FTB Cigar Brokerage, did contact me with vitola information on the Emilio Fifteen.  For that, I was grateful!

Strangely, the rather simplistic band adorning this cigar really adds a classic touch to the Emilio Fifteen LE.  A close inspection found the Emilio Fifteen LE to be firmly rolled with just a touch of give; offering sweet tobacco and spice from the wrapper.  A deep pull from the foot brings dry hay and cinnamon into the nostrils.  After removing the cap with a straight cut, a perfectly managed cold draw layered with mild tobacco, dry hay and cinnamon delighted me.  There was also a sweetness in the finish of the cold draw.  I actually tasted the cap to see if the sweetness was on the wrapper but it was not.

Emilio Fifteen LE

Emilio Fifteen  LE – First Third

Cream, Fresh Cedar, Floral Notes, Mild Coffee, Caramel
The Emilio Fifteen LE immediately established itself as a smooth operator with heavy doses of cream leading the flavor lineup.  Following the cream were light floral notes and fresh cedar.  “Light and unsubstantial” would describe the smoke at the onset.  Nearing midway in the first third, the Emilio Fifteen LE began to produce heavy, sweet smoke.  When this delicious change happened, it brought great additions of mild coffee and caramel.  Accentuating the previous flavors, the coffee and caramel mix together creating a truly spectacular first third finish.

BDuring the twenty-four minute first section, the burn was consistently wavy, but never tempted me to correct it.  I simply watched it self-correct and enjoyed the smoke of the cigar.

Emilio Fifteen LE

Emilio Fifteen LE – Middle Third

Cedar, Graham Cracker, Cinnamon, Cream
Eager to see what the middle portion of this cigar had in store, I tapped the ash off from the entire first third.  It clung onto the end and fell in one large piece, speaking positively on construction attributes of the Emilio.

Switching things up, cedar charged into the lead, beckoning along graham cracker and cinnamon notes with it.  Although the cigar continued to bellow thick smoke, the draw tightened up, requiring some extra effort to get air through the stick during the middle section of the cigar.

As I approached the end of the middle portion, I noticed the room smoke from the cigar had a real sweet essence to it while the profile lacked any sweetness at all  Seriously, if cigar smoke could smell like a cup of sweet cream, that’s what was going on with the Emilio.  Right about the same time I find myself enjoying that sweet cream smell, creamy notes finish the profile of this third, adding to the enjoyment.

Emilio Fifteen LE

Emilio Fifteen LE – Final Third

Grilled Meat, Cedar, Cinnamon, Graham Cracker, Vanilla
Beginning the final third, the second large chunk of ash fell bringing a major shift in flavors.  All of the previous flavors drifted into the background like a distant memory as a grilled meat flavor effected a hostile takeover.  This change maintained for nearly half of the last third.  Without warning, cedar, cinnamon and graham cracker made a resurgence, pushing the grilled meat flavors completely off the chart.  Far in the finish there was also a vanilla note complimenting the mix quite nicely.

I found the final third to be the least well-balanced of the entire cigar.  The grilled meat flavor I experienced wasn’t bad, but was so immediate and harsh it left me with a feeling like something had just gone wrong with the Emilio Fifteen LE; something unplanned.

The draw in the final third mimicked the experience of the first third, allowing near perfect air flow through the cigar.  The only problem I encountered regarding construction was near the end with the wrapper splitting with about 1 1//2″ of cigar remaining.


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Great flavor transitions

Good construction

Trouble-free burn


Draw Issues entire middle third

Very difficult to find information on cigar

Ok, minus my frustration in not being able to provide you, the reader and consumer, with the information I really wanted to give you, my journey through the Emilio Fifteen LE was mostly positive. Great flavors, great smoke and nearly flawless construction all lead to a good smoking memory for me. Value. This is tough because I have no idea what the MSRP is on the Emilio Fifteen LE. I am erring on the side of caution, giving a lower mark than I may if I knew the actual cost. Being it is a limited edition cigar, I lean towards the cost being higher. Without input from he manufacturer, you and I are both left in the dark regarding this aspect of the Emilio Fifteen LE. I'd like to smoke this cigar again. Where can we get them? That is a fine question.
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