Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Nicaraguan and Dominican Republic
Vitola:  Toro
Brand:  Gregorio Cigars
CigarNoise Price Range: $8 – $10
Availability:  Store Exclusive (NiceAshCigars.com)
Source:  Gifted (/u/Adam7Balisteri)


Cream, Cedar, Peppercorn, French Bread, Dried Fruit, Mint, Croissants

My first puffs are creamy with distinct notes of cedar amidst subdued hints of peppercorn, french bread, and dried fruit. Very little spice lingers on the back of my tongue and I can already tell that it’s fading. Cream reigns supreme with this blend, producing a very luxurious experience.  Luscious is another appropriate L word.

Early on, cedar softens as bready components deepen and a minty finish adds itself to the profile. Croissants keep coming to mind with this cigar, and if I had to choose just one word to symbolize my experience that’s what it would be.  From the mouth feel to the taste, this cigar would be the perfect coffee companion if you enjoy a pastry with your morning Cup of Joe.

The second and final thirds begin with more body, doubling down on the taste buds. In fact, it’s almost exactly like revisiting Act 1 except with more oomph this time around. All the major players come back each time, with the caveat being that pepper plays a larger role at first.  And, just like before, as our ash builds the profile softens until I have to force myself from Chiefing this beauty down.

While the profile doesn’t strike me as being a work of complexity and remains consistent throughout, I must reiterate that it feels refined, sophisticated, and deeply satisfying. For what reads as a fairly linear profile, I personally never became bored with it. And the aroma – if I could have a candle made with impressions from the smoking foot of a HandleBar, I’d keep it going day and night.


One of the most exciting things is when you find a cigar that delivers in the flavor department without skimping on the mechanics. The HandleBar covers all its bases, delivering a maintenance free burn and just the right amount of resistance on the draw.  Tons of smoke pours off the HandleBar and the ash holds very well between segments – again providing a very satisfying experience.

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Great Value

Excellent Construction

Pleasant Flavors


Linear Flavor Progression

Wow! That's the first thing that comes to mind after finishing the HandleBar. If this cigar were judged amongst its peers alone, it would undoubtedly receive an even higher score. Boutique cigars come with their fair share of good and bad experiences, but Gregorio's Handlebar showcases all the right things from a small batch manufacturer.
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