Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Vitola: 6 1/2 x 52 x 64
Brand: La Flor Dominicana
Factory: Tabacalera La Flor
CigarNoise Price Range: $11 – $14
Availability: Limited Regular Production
Source: Gifted

LFD Andalusian Bull – Pre-Light

There are many La Flor Dominicana cigars that I’ve come to enjoy.  When LFD rolled out the Andalusian Bull at IPCPR, I immediately looked forward to reviewing this unique cigar but no one in Oregon carried them and I experienced some difficulty finding them online.  However, Rich, another reviewer on Cigar Noise, and a BOTL for the ages, sent me not one, but TWO.  Thank you so much to Rich for his generosity.

LFD Andalusian Bull Review

Enough patting on the back, the bull won’t wait forever!  The Andalusian Bull arrived wrapped in a stunning, reddish-brown Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper.  The cigar was firm, offering little give anywhere from the cap to the foot.  Grabbing my attention, the shape of the Andalusian Bull was unique in and of itself as well, with the ring size increasing from 52 to 64 at the foot.  Allegedly, while visiting a shop in southern Spain, Litto Gomez found a unique cigar mold that he purchased right on the spot.  The special mold he found (and later replicated) gives this cigar it’s unique shape.

A concoction of sweetness, hay and baking spices wafted from the wrapper, hinting at delicious complexity.  As if I needed more enticing, the Andalusian Bull continued to tease.  From the foot, the same baking spices entwined with caramel and coffee.  Finally, with a straight cut severing the cap, a cold draw boasted flavors of mocha, spice and more of the amazing caramel…oh my.

LFD Andalusian Bull Review

LFD Andalusian Bull – First Third

Leather, Soft Cedar, Caramel, Black Cherry, Walnut

Ok, I’ve never mentioned this in a review, but I am now.  If you try and light the Andalusian Bull with a single or even double flame torch, you’re going to be toasting a while.  The absolutely humongous 64 ring gauge at the foot begs a four banger torch.

As the flame touched the foot, an intoxicating aroma of slightly burned, molasses cookies filled the air.  That was as promising a start as I could’ve hoped for.  The first medley of flavors included leather and soft cedar.  Marching in right behind the leaders, black cherry arrived with distictive prominence.  Short in the finish, walnuts lingered on my palate, offering a pleasant finish in the profile.

While the retro hale was smooth and enjoyable, it really didn’t offer much other than mild cedar and a creamy texture.  The draw was snug from first light and remained so all the way through the first third.  I should mention, my first Andalusian Bull had zero draw issues at all.

LFD Andalusian Bull Review

LFD Andalusian Bull – Middle Third

Black Cherry, Cashew, Cedar, Caramel, Baking Spice, Mild Tobacco, Black Pepper

The middle third of the LFD Andalusian Bull was all about flipping the script!  Lucious black cherry essence took the lead, pulling along a sweet cashew flavor as well as soft cedar.  Midway through this segment, the prominent flavors backed off just enough to allow a mixture of caramel, baking spice and mild tobacco to make themselves known. The balance and complexity of the flavors was truly remarkable.

While the burn had been wavy yet unconcerning through the first third, this third found me applying my one and only burn correction to the Andalusian Bull.

With the draw opening up near the middle of the cigar, black pepper shows up both in the finish and the retro hale, initiating just the right amount of sinus heat.  Also, the smoke coming from the foot of the Andalusian Bull started taking on that burnt molasses cookie smell again.  If I wasn’t sitting on the porch for this review I’d be convinced a batch of cookies just came from the oven!

LFD Andalusian Bull Review

LFD Andalusian Bull – Final Third

Cedar, Cream, Cinnamon, Medicinal Cherry, Walnut, Leather, Tobacco, Black Pepper

Nearly undetected, the Andalusian Bull switched things up quietly as I began the final third.  Cedar arrived without fanfare but was immediately followed by an enjoyable composition of cream and cinnamon.  The black cherry I noticed earlier on shifted to more of a medicinal cherry flavor.  It wasn’t unenjoyable, but the change was quite noticeable.

Further back in the line-up, walnut, leather, and tobacco moved in providing a smooth finale.  I’ll admit that the tobacco and nicotine definitely kicked up a notch nearing the end of the final third, making me thankful that I ate lunch prior to the review.

The retro hale remained smooth through the entire final third, featuring pepper and cream right up till the end.  And the retro is the only place in my entire time with the Andalusian Bull that cream was part of the profile.  I found myself enjoying the retro hale nearly every puff right to the end!

LFD Andalusian Bull Review

Cigar Reviews: LFD Andalusian Bull
9 Reviewer
8.6 Cigar Noise Network (2 votes)

Fantastic Profile Complexity

No/Low Maintenance Burn

Long Lasting Cigar


Snug Draw First Half

I found both of my experiences with the LFD Andalusian Bull to be exceptional. As I mentioned in the review, I did experience some draw issues in the second cigar which never surfaced in the first sample. It wasn't "McDonalds Milkshake" difficult, but it was more snug than I prefer. That being said, the overall intricacy of flavors and the balanced profile from start to finish made the snug draw an almost acceptable nuisance. This cigar isn't cheap, I'll give you that. But, from first light until the nub landed in the ashtray was one hour and fifty-four minutes. Easily the longest lasting cigar I've smoked and every last minute was enjoyable. The LFD Andalusian Bull is one you should definitely run with at least once...and you don't even have to worry about being trampled and gored!
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Andalusian Bull
Honey and peanuts all the way. Subdued earth and spice. Salted caramel. Linear profile
June 7, 2017, 12:25 am
LFD Andalusian Bull
I was fortunate enough to smoke LFD Andalusian Bull at a recent LFD event at my local B&M. Fantastic burn all the way through, with 0 touch ups required. There is nothing more than I love than a cigar that requires zero maintenance.

Wonderful sweet molasses and woody notes paired well with the single-malt I was having with the cigar. Multiple transitions throughout the stick kept me interested and focused.

The value is where I was discouraged, local B&M have these for way above MSRP. At the price they offer, not something I would return to, but would definitely smoke again at the right price!
December 14, 2016, 11:44 pm
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