Wrapper:  San Andres
Binder:  Ecuadorian Corojo
Filler:  Dominican Republic
Vitola:  7 x 48 (Churchill)
Brand:  La Flor Dominicana
Factory:  Tabacalera La Flor S.A.
CigarNoise Price Range:  $11-$14
Production:  Regular
Source:  Small Batch Cigar from IPCPR 2017

LFD La Volcada Review – First Thoughts

From his press release to Cigar Aficionado, Litto Gomez stated that La Volcada was named after a step in Tango, a dance that he grew up with in Uruguay.  He also said that the filler tobaccos in La Volcada were all sourced from his farm in La Canela.

The wrapper of La Volcada is dark, oily, toothy, and looks like something you’d expect from Drew Estate if there wasn’t an LFD band on it.  The foot carries scents of milk chocolate and fresh cedar as well as vegetal sensations.  The pigtail cap looks like there’d be adequate purchase to and rip off instead of cutting the cap, but I used a straight cut for this review.

LFD La Volcada Review – Flavors

Cocoa Puffs, Cream, Sapling, Peppercorn, Cherry, Leather, Cedar, Chocolate Nuances

Snip the cap, toast and roast the foot, let ‘er rest, take a puff: my first impressions were of Cocoa Puffs before La Volcada gave way to subtler nuances.  Cream established itself early on, followed by what I’d consider a Sapling sensation and hints of peppercorn in the background along with lingering spice on my palate.  The spice in this instance was cold, carrying a minty feeling if not the taste.

LFD La Volcada Review

The flavor profile was at times much subtler than I would’ve imagined from both the presentation and initial light.  I found myself becoming underwhelmed for several minutes at a time until the next rush of flavors would present themselves.

But valleys bring peaks, and the peaks displayed all the finesse and pizazz that Litto Gomez is known for.  Intermittent bouts of cherry, rough and soft leathers, cedar, and varying chocolate nuances all vied for my attention when this cigar was bringing it’s A game.  And if I had to describe this cigar in just one word, it would be chocolate with full emphasis.  I experienced everything from Cocoa Puffs to milk chocolate to a chalky, chocolate protein shake inside La Volcada.

LFD La Volcada Review

My main gripe is that the body of this cigar was consistently inconsistent.  Here it’s deep and rich, there it’s shallow and mild.  The variation of intensity would probably be more appreciated if I wasn’t always finding myself wanting more from La Volcada instead of less.

While I understand that the composition of La Nox and this cigar are different, my experience has me believing that they’re at least cousins, maybe even closer relations.

LFD La Volcada Review – Construction

Our burn line required a few minor touchups but nothing out of the ordinary.  The char line, however, was crisper than brand new dollar bill!  This cigar never became spongy either, maintaining it’s composure until the very end.

LFD La Volcada Review

The draw was a little tight in the beginning but reached the perfect resistance during the second third.  And the smoke production significantly increased by the midway point, ultimately making La Volcada an aesthetically pleasing and satisfying cigar.

LFD La Volcada Review (Pre-Release)
8.9 Reviewer
9.4 Cigar Noise Network (2 votes)

Chocolate Bomb

Well Constructed



Body Inconsistencies

If you enjoy cigars that deliver payloads of chocolate, I highly suggest that you track these down when they're released. My own score reflects a dissonance between the Flavor and Enjoyment criteria for this very reason. What is objectively a straightforward cigar without transition complexity and body inconsistencies was also a cigar that I enjoyed thoroughly.
What Other Folks Are Saying: 2 Make some Noise
Subtle but great
Awesome smoke
May 6, 2018, 8:28 am
Received this as a gift and positively surprised!
I would agree with the review above in that it has a very consistent draw and the smoke did increase significantly midway. Definitely chocolate with a spicy bite at the end of each draw. I have to agree with the above as far as a very tight char line. I would say this is very pleasing.
January 23, 2018, 10:26 pm
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