Providencia El Padre – Opening Thoughts

I’ve been eyeing the smooth wrapper of the Providencia El Padre since the day it arrived in the mail.  Small veins and discreet seams lend a quality feel to the cigar and the weight of this Robusto Gordo feels perfect in my hand.  All of the qualities mentioned make me think I am in for a great experience with this smoke.

Deeply drawing against the wrapper, dry hay, cinnamon and a hint of spearmint combine for a truly interesting mix.  From the foot, dry hay, mild tobacco and that same subtle mint freshness makes iteslf known.  Clipping the cap gets me access a near perfect draw which is surprisingly void of much flavor at all, yielding only dry grass and mild spice.  Let’s put a torch to this stick and see if it’s a big deal.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Connecticut
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Honduran
Vitola: Robusto Gordo
Brand: Providencia Cigars
Factory: Unknown
CigarNoise Price Range: $8 – $10
Availability: Regular Production
Source: Review Samples

Providencia El Padre – First Third

Sweet Cream, Hay, Tobacco, Leather, Black Pepper, Cedar

Without hesitating, El Padre intends to impress.  Ultra-smooth flavors of sweet cream and hay make a silky combo.  This pairing is long lasting and thick on the palate.  Late movers and shakers named tobacco and leather round out the profile with classic cigar flavors.

El Padre’s retrohale experience features an emerging presence of black pepper spice mixed with mild cedar notes and an enjoyable dose of sweet cream.  The retrohale is full of creamy, buttery goodness and I think I could do this all day long.

Providencia El Padre

If the first two paragraphs don’t convince you, let me drop this logic: wavy but maintenance free burn, massive smoke production, solid ash, perfect draw resistance and forty minutes of smoke time to reach the end of the first third.  El Padre is showing promise right out of the gate!

Providencia El Padre – Middle Third

Leather, Cedar, Cream, Cinnamon, Mild Black Pepper, Citrus

The beginning of this section finds flavors from the main profile and the retrohale melding to create a new experience altogether.  Leather and cedar begin and finish quickly.  Hot on their heels and providing some flash, cinnamon and cream arrive to solidify in my own mind that the El Padre is firing on all cylinders.  This is one cigar I am going to have to order more of because smoking a couple for review isn’t going to suffice.

Providencia El Padre

The burn is a bit wavy and finally demands a quick correction.  However, smoke production remains immense and the profile, both from the mouth and in retrohale, is incredibly smooth.

At the very end of the middle third, I begin detecting a citrus note which I interpret as grapefruit.  It is short and sharp, but definitely fills the back row of the gathering.  I should add that it isn’t off-putting, just different.  The heavy sweetness in the rest of the profile helps tone down the sharpness of the note.

Providencia El Padre – Final Third

Leather, Cream, Cedar, White Pepper, Tobacco, Black Pepper, Cinnamon

As I start into the final third, one hour and twelve minutes have passed.  I cant believe how long this cigar is smoking for a Robusto Gordo vitola.  Again, leather, cream and notes of heavier cedar appear to lead the way in the final stages.  White pepper spice and mild tobacco join together to provide a pretty damn smooth “outro” for El Padre.

Providencia El Padre

When I retrohale smoke in this final third the heavy cinnamon and cream presence is laden with sharp black pepper spice.  A razor sharp, slightly wavy burn continues to emit copious amounts of smoke.  It’s rather impressive to be certain.  Additionally, the draw resistance of the El Padre has been perfect from the very start.

If you march down my review, the word “linear” is going to come to mind in regards to the flavors.  While there may be truth in detail to this word assignement, I’m telling you, the flavors work together in perfection.

Providencia El Padre

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Great Value

Harmonious Flavors

Near Perfect Draw


Linear Profile

I'm gonna go bad vs. good...the flavor profile is somewhat linear. What I mean is, from the first puff to the last, there aren't any huge flavor transitions that are gonna make it amazing. But here's the good news, EL Padre doesn't need any lofty transitions to make it amazing because it already is. The solid profile this cigar features is simply outstanding. In fairness however, I have offered lower scores in "flavor" to cigars with profiles I deemed linear. I need to do the same here and have. But, EL Padre score higher in the enjoyment category than many due to my enjoyment of the profile, the burn length of an hour and forty-seven minutes and a nearly maintenance free smoking experience. Some of you may remember a cigar that was very popular here in 2016 that came along with its buttery smooth goodness and stole our hearts. The El Padre reminded me in many ways of THAT cigar. So linear flavors be damned, I've already placed an order for more of theses and cant wait to have another. Who's your El Padre now?
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