Wrapper: San Andreas
Binder: Criollo 98
Filler: Piloto Cubano, Nicaraguan, Criollo 98
Vitola: Toro
Brand: Seven Seven Cigars
CigarNoise Price Range: $11 – $14
Availability: Regular Production
Source: Review Samples

Seven Seven Cigars Maduro – Opening Thoughts

Today, I review the Seven Seven Cigars Maduro, my second review from their line.  Brothers Francisco and Martin Almonte contribute over 28 years of blending and manufacturing experience with cigar giants Arturo Fuente and La Flor Dominicana to Seven Seven Cigars.  Owner Winston Pena operates Seven Seven Cigars out of the Dominican Republic.

On the surface, the Seven Seven Cigars Maduro appears rustic. The dark brown wrapper has hints of red in it, is a bit toothy and carries a moderate amount of oiliness.  Bread yeast, dark cherry and some mild barnyard scents come from the wrapper.  Smelling the foot of this Maduro, I gather cocoa, dark cherry and damp hay.

I choose to remove the cap with a straight cut, remembering the slightly tight draw from my review of the Habano.  That experience is not repeating.  The draw on the Maduro is perfect, if maybe a touch on the loose side.  Cherry, coffee, leather and a nice, nutty flavor combine to entice!

The first cigar I reviewed from Seven Seven Cigars, their Habano offering, was a great cigar with both an enjoyable profile and a maintenance free experience.  However, I’m all about San Andres and I have really looked forward to smoking this cigar.  Enough of the preliminaries, time to burn and learn.

Seven Seven Cigars Maduro – First Third

Earth, Leather, Bitter Coffee, Mild Tobacco, Nuttiness, Sweet Dried Fruit, Cedar, Red Pepper Spice

As I introduce leaf to flame for this review, the earthy notes at the beginning are heavy and nearly overpowering.  Reaching the 1/4 inch mark of ash at the end, I finally sense the profile making a turn towards what I hope is the promised land.  Leather and bitter coffee arrive to add complexity.  The profile finishes with a mild tobacco flavor hinting at some sweetness.

Seven Seven Cigars Maduro

The retrohale is glorious.  Cedar and coffee combine in rich combination and a sharp red pepper spice follows to really awaken my sinuses.  Just as I finish enjoying the retrohale experience, the main profile picks up a bit.  Heading into the latter portion of the first third, dried fruit notes join with the coffee, leather and earth.  The sweet profile of the fruit notes lends amazingly to the heavy earth, bitter coffee and leather.

As I finish this first segment of the Maduro, the profile has smoothed out – earth, bitter coffee and leather notes are all still there, but there is a creamy essence to it all and I have a feeling this cigar may just be hitting it’s stride.

Seven Seven Cigars – Middle Third

Cream, Cedar, Bitter Cocoa, Mild Tobacco, Sweet Dried Fruit, Coffee, White Pepper

The entire ash from the first third fell just as the middle portion of the cigar begins and the profile switches things up.  The ash was solid with some mild flakiness and light gray in color.  Cream and cedar start the show with a truly smooth mouthfeel to the smoke.

The next three participants actually compliment each other perfectly: bitter cocoa, mild tobacco and sweet, dried fruit.  While the profile seems familiar after the first third, there are still some distinct nuances in both the flavors and the mouthfeel of the smoke in the middle section.

Seven Seven Cigars Maduro

Let’s talk mechanics for a moment.  I am nearing the middle of this cigar experience and haven’t even been tempted to touch up the burn.  It has been mildly wavy but razor sharp.  The draw is perfect now and has been from the start.  Also, the smoke output from this cigar is ridiculous.  The area I’m smoking in is just full of aromatic, heavy, enjoyable smoke.

The retrohale at this point in the profile remains relatively unchanged but I am completely ok with it.  Cedar, cream, and coffee arrive and finish with a sharp red pepper spice.  This, coupled with massive smoke production, a razor sharp burn, and zero heat transfer through the cigar has me impressed.  Just as this third ends and I finish waxing poetic about the mechanics, I have to apply a minor burn correction.  This isn’t a deal breaker, but needs mentioning.

Seven Seven Cigars Maduro – Final Third

Cedar, Espresso with Cream, Mild Tobacco, Mild Black Pepper, Dark Cherry, Red Pepper Spice

Charging right into the final third of this cigar, warm cedar notes mixed with espresso and cream start the flavor wagon.  I choose espresso rather than coffee because it is a decidedly stronger flavor in this portion.  Mild tobacco melds with mild black pepper on my tongue providing a finish which is both pleasant and yet hinting at increasing nicotine strength.

Seven Seven Cigars Maduro

Finally, I taste the dark cherry that I discovered in the cold draw.  I’ve waited patiently through the first two thirds to see if it would appear and I’m not disappointed.  Cedar, dark cherry and cream combine to shine in the retrohale.  Sharp red pepper spice finishes off, heating up my sinuses just enough to make things interesting.

As I near the finish, I am holding a still firm cigar producing heavy, aromatic smoke.  The from Seven Seven Cigars Maduro provided me with one hour and forty-two minutes of smoke time.

Seven Seven Cigars Maduro

Cigar Reviews: Seven Seven Cigars Maduro
9.2 Reviewer
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Fantastic Flavor Profile

Tremendous Smoke Prodction

Lengthy Burn Time

Near Perfect Mechanics


Slightly Open Draw

One Minor Burn Correction

Listen, clearly the Pros heavily outweigh the Cons here. The draw was a LITTLE loose on the cold draw but the fact is, the performance of the draw from start to finish was a non-issue. It never crossed my mind once other than during the cold draw. One minor burn correction occurred in the middle third. Again, I am being a little hyper-critical BUT, it did happen. To only apply one touch-up to this cigar in an hour and forty-two minutes of smoking is seriously not a problem for me. The ways this cigar found to shine and transition completely overshadow the two small criticisms. This cigar is definitely worth a try folks. I know it's one I'll reach for again.
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