Wrapper: Jalapa Colorado
Binder: Esteli Habano, Ometepe Habano
Filler: Jamastran Habano, Esteli Corojo, Esteli Criollo, Ometepe Habano
Vitola: Corona 5 1/2 x 44
Brand: Villiger
Factory: Undisclosed
Source: IPCPR 2016
CigarNoise Price Range: $8 – $10
Availability: Regular Production

Villiger Colorado – Opening Thoughts

The Villiger Colorado had been in my review humidor since September 1, 2016. Other Villiger reviews on CigarNoise include the San’Doro Claro, the San’Doro Maduro and the 1888. Dave also reviewed the Villiger San’Doro Colorado, however, that is a different cigar from the regular Colorado offering in the Villiger line.

The wrapper of the Villiger Colorado was reddish-brown with a small amount of tooth. The cigar felt firmly packed underneath the nearly invisible seams of the wrapper. Nosing the wrapper, mild barnyard scents mingled with chocolate, cherry and sweet tobacco. The foot of the cigar offered chocolate, cherry and fresh-cut hay scents.  Clipping the cap allowed a cold draw of chocolate, cherry and dry hay.  If the pre-light profile was any indicator of what was in store, this had the makings of a very enjoyable review.

Villiger Colorado – First Third

Baking Chocolate, Cherry, Salt, Caramel, Black Pepper

The beginning of the Villiger Colorado started strong. Out of the gate, strong notes of flavorful baking chocolate covered my palate with heavy smoke, accompanied by lingering notes dark cherry and salt in the background. I was worried about the salty note so early in the cigar, but it soon diminished into a smooth finish of sweet caramel. If you’re a fan of salted caramel candy or salted caramel coffee or cocoa from the local high brand coffee place, you already know this was a perfect combination.

Villiger Colorado Review

The Villiger Colorado burned relatively straight with a medium width char line. Near the end of the first third, I applied one slight correction as the burn attempted to run away in one spot. The retrohale experience with the Colorado was warm with a sharp, peppery spice along with the caramel sweetness from the initial profile.

Villiger Colorado – Middle Third

Cedar, Cocoa, Dark Cherry, Burnt Caramel, Salt

With the cigar finding some heat in this section, cedar arrived and assumed the lead role. The baking chocolate transitioned to cocoa, mellowing out the profile by accumulating further sweetness in burnt caramel and more salt.

By the middle of this section, I held a cigar with the ash clinging tightly to the end.  The flavors continued to mellow and began, for the first time, to work together in unison. If the first third was a group of soloists, this segment was a combined symphony of their work. Each note in the profile was complimented by another to build a swirling combination of flavors.

Villiger Colorado Review

The only downside to this portion was a tightening draw.  It wasn’t horrible, but the first third offered an effortless draw.  The middle section felt like a step backward in the performance department.

Villiger Colorado – Final Third

Cedar, Baking Chocolate, Grilled Pork, Molasses, Cherry

Passing the forty minute mark of smoking this cigar, I began the final third. The smoke time was impressive considering the corona vitola. In the final stages, cedar continued as the boss. Cocoa notes found in the middle third became darker and less sweet, transitioning back towards baking chocolate. Grilled pork and molasses also entered into the final third as the nicotine level and strength of this cigar began to intensify.

The retrohale, full of chocolate and cherry, remained pleasurably cool. This Villiger continued to sport a wavy burn but had a razor sharp char line the entire last third. The draw returned to near perfection during the final third, ending the experience on a positive note.

Villiger Colorado Review


Cigar Reviews: Villiger Colorado
8.9 Reviewer
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Good flavor transitions

Solid construction



Not overly complex

Required some touchups

This offering from Villiger was very good. It is a cigar I have smoked again since my local shop carries them. I haven't been fortunate enough to try the San D'Oro Colorado, but Dave had good things to say. Same goes for the Colorado from their regular line-up. If a medium-body, low-medium strength cigar with dark flavors sounds up your alley, you should definitely give this one a try. I want to add, the only reason the cigar didn't score higher in the area of flavor was my feeling that the flavors were very enjoyable, but somewhat linear through the first two-thirds of the Colorado. It wasn't until the second half of this cigar that the profile began to build in character, bringing in other flavors from the blend.
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