Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina
Binder: Brazilian Mata Norte
Filler: Brazilian Mata Fina and Brazilian Mata Norte
Vitola: 6 X 50 Toro
Brand: Villiger Cigars
Factory: Charitos Tobajara Ltda, Brazil
CigarNoise Price Range: $8 – $10
Availability: Regular Production
Source: IPCPR 2016

Villiger San’Doro Maduro – Pre-Light

The Villiger San’Doro Maduro, a Brazilian puro, arrived in my review box via the 2016 IPCPR.  I received two of the Toro size, the original size when launched in July, 2015.  With a little internet searching, I discovered the San’Doro Maduro is now available in a Robusto size as well.

The outward appearance of the cigar was expert level stuff.  The cap was perfectly applied, seams were virtually invisible and the wrapper veins, while visible, were nearly undectable to the touch.  The wrapper had a very rough, sandpaper-like feel to it.  The San’Doro Maduro was firm from foot to cap and was defect free.

The medium brown wrapper offered very light scents of cocoa and mild tobacco.  After using a straight cut to remove the cap, the draw was perfect and again, carried very light flavors of cocoa and hay.

Villiger San’Doro Maduro – First Third

Baking Chocolate, Leather, Mild Cedar, Peanuts, Salt, Minerals

Immediately after torching the foot, the draw on the San’Doro Maduro seemed to tighten up while flavors of baking chocolate and leather led the profile.  With medium levels of smoke production occurring, the flavors seemed muted.  In the waning moments of the finish, mild cedar and peanuts became noticeable, offering a refined flavor which was also present in the mildly warm retrohale.

Villiger San'Doro Maduro Review

The burn was wavy but inconsequential.  The solid, light-gray ash hung on nearly until the end of the first third, speaking to the quality in construction.

Approaching the end of the first third, a salty, mineral, bitterness appeared, leaving my mouth feeling dry.  This prompted a large mouthful of water, my standby pairing for cigar reviews.  This addition to the profile really overpowered the other flavors, leaving me disappointed as I neared the middle section of the San’Doro Maduro.

Villiger San’Doro Maduro – Middle Third

Leather, Cedar, Bitter Saltiness, Cocoa

Entering the middle third, strong notes of leather and cedar dominated.  The salty bitterness remained, moving more into the back end of the profile and followed by a very faint presence of cocoa.  The dry mouthfeel of the smoke forced me to consume more water; more than I can remember with any other review I’ve written.

Villiger San'Doro Maduro Review

The draw loosened up a bit in this segment, approaching a level closer to what I would have expected, yet it still continued to produce a diminished level of smoke.

The room smoke from the San’Doro Maduro was very aromatic, but unfortunately was not an accurate representation of the flavor profile I experienced.  Saltiness continued to linger in the aftertaste of each draw and began invading the retrohale as well.

Villiger San’Doro Maduro – Final Third

Cedar, Salt, Grilled Meat

Moving into the final third of the Villiger San’Doro Maduro, cedar controlled the profile but still allowed the saltiness to negate any enjoyable flavors.  The peanuts, baking chocolate, leather and cocoa notes found in the first two-thirds evaporated into a distant memory.  While the burn and construction of the San’Doro Maduro remained spot on throughout the entire experience, the draw was consistently tighter than I liked and the smoke production remained less than optimal.

Shortly after entering the final third, a grilled meat note began building in the background.  Merging with the salt, it gave me the impression of eating a piece of salty jerky.  It also found me drinking yet more water to counteract the harshness in the profile.

Villiger San'Doro Maduro

Cigar Reviews: Villiger San’Doro Maduro
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Maintenance Free Burn


Labored Draw

Salty Profile

With 169 days of rest in my personal humidor, I expected better flavors in the profile of the San'Doro Maduro. While the construction and burn were near perfection, muted smoke production and the salty profile from start to finish really damaged the experience. With my previous review of the San'Doro Claro and community review of the San'Doro Colorado, this cigar was surprisingly disappointing.
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