Name:  Cigar Saveur – The Cigar Subscription Box
Frequency:  Monthly
Price:  $39.99 + $3.99 shipping
Quantity:  4 Cigars
Source of this Review:  Provided by Cigar Saveur

Cigar Saveur – Initial Thoughts

When I was approached to do a review of the Cigar Saveur Subscription Box, I saw an opportunity to do something new and thought it was really cool of them to think of us.  Since we are pioneering this review concept, though, I figured it would be a good idea to break down what I would be looking for in a subscription service, otherwise known as Cigars of the Month Clubs.

1.)  Value.  This is crucial, because the last thing you want is for someone else to be picking samplers for you at a higher cost than you could purchase yourself.  We can establish value by looking at prior shipments before deciding to subscribe.

2.)  Selection.  While value is key, selection is the deal breaker.  Cigar enthusiasts have varying ranges of taste that are hard to please the masses, and at some a cigar won’t be pleasing no matter how good the value is.  We’re a picky bunch.

3.)  Shipping.  For me, this is the glue that holds everything together.  No matter how good the selection is or how incredible the value of a service, arriving in damaged condition can negatively impact the experience.

Cigar Saveur – Value and Selection

Before we dig into this month’s shipment, let’s talk a look at previous shipments to establish a baseline.  Photo credit goes to @CigarSaveur on Instagram:

Now, let’s break down the price of this month’s offering.

My Father Connecticut:  ~$8.50
Sobremesa Torpedo Tiempo:  ~$13
Undercrown Corona Viva:  ~$7.25
Ashton VSG Robusto:  ~$11.75

Total:  $40.5

How about Selection?  Well, they certainly picked a variety of profiles from milder to more full bodied cigars.

Cigar Saveur Subscription Service Review

The My Father Connecticut is a classic choice, and the Ashton VSG and Sobremesa never disappoint.  And if you’re an Undercrown fan, the Corona Viva is one of their most sought after vitolas.

Cigar Saveur – Shipping

When I first received the package, I was curious about a few things.  Did they ship priority mail, package it tightly, or include a boveda pack?  Here’s what I received:


There’s no doubt that the box itself displays an X Factor and is different from how other Cigars of the Month Clubs ship.  The tissue paper, vacuum seal, and info card also go over and above other services.

My initial concern about the boveda pack was null and void.  The vacuum seal kept everything at ready to go humidity.  An initial inspection showed that these didn’t arrive dry, so I went ahead and fired up the My Father Connie and it passed the taste test as well.

My next concern was for packaging since shipping to APO requires a waiver for the post office to kick your package across the ocean.  Not really, but it seems that way sometimes.  While I wouldn’t imagine that the tissue paper would provide much protection from the cigars bouncing around in the box, all but one seemed to arrive just fine – likely because of the vacuum seal.  The one that didn’t was the Connie, and that’s why I chose to go ahead and torch it.

Cigar Saveur Subscription Service

To be fair, I’ve seen similar deficiencies in lounges and can’t blame this on solely on preparation or shipping on behalf of Cigar Saveur.  The one downside that I can see is not shipping two-day priority mail, but that’s common with most subscription services.

Cigar Saveur – Final Thoughts

Rather than create a rating scheme for this review, I wanted to document my experience to help you in making your decision.  If you’re reading this, I’d love to hear your thoughts in a comment below!

Would you purchase the Cigar Saveur Subscription Service?  What do you think about their selection, value, and packaging?


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