First impressions:  beautifully dark, almost oily appearance.  Two thick veins running along the back of the cigar, not always a fan of veins but what the hell do I know.  This Cohiba Nicaragua is about to go down.

Cohiba Nicaragua Veins


Pre-light I was a bit disappointed at medium draw, that Ave Maria the other day definitely ruined me on average draw cigars.  Quite a bit of sweetness, but also something else… Almost as if you can taste the darkness of the oscuro wrapper.

About a 1/2 inch in and I’m still fighting the draw.  Nothing terrible, just an inconvenience.  Might have to forego the punch and go with a full cut for this Cohiba Nicaragua.

Burning this one with coffee again, not really getting a lot from this cigar aside from the strength itself.  Flavor wise it’s underwhelming, might switch to some scotch in a second and see if I get anything else.

Just got some pepper, and by pepper I mean spice.  Whatever the hell that means to you.   Blown through the noise, I get more intensity, more peppery spice, and something earthy.  I wouldn’t say earth or dirt or something stupid because I’ve never tasted those, but definitely something earthy.  That’s the Cohiba Nicaragua.

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Maybe even like an odd mexican cocoa flavor, you know the kind you that you got for Christmas but forgot to use until next Christmas and, even though it’s probably old, you’re gonna fix it up and drink it like a man anyway.  That kind.

Cohiba and Laphoraig 18


Switching up the drink to Laphoraig’s Quarter Cask.  Let it never be said that I’m not fair, especially with a Cohiba.

This time it’s no help.  Still getting a whole bunch of strength and no awe-inspired flavor profile, no subtle notes (boom!  nailed that fancy language), and not an ounce of something that I’d want to order again.

But that could just be me and my lack of tobacco-scorched palate.


What are your thoughts on the Cohiba Nicaragua?

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