Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Ecuadorian
Filler:  Nicaraguan
Vitola: Robusto (5 x 52)
Brand: Cornelius & Anthony
Factory: La Zona, EsteliNicaragua
CigarNoise Price Range: $8 – $10
Availability: Regular Production
Source: IPCPR 2016

Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac – Opening Thoughts

The Daddy Mac I am smoking today is my second “go-round” with the cigar.  The smooth, mocha-brown, Brazilian wrapper is void of oils and is a picture of near perfection.  Scents of hay and leather drift off the firmly rolled cigar.  From the foot, hay and mild tobacco mingle nicely.  The wrapper scents are “bright” in contrast with the muted scents from the foot.  The cold draw is accessed with a straight cut and offers flavors of hay and just a dusting of cocoa.

Recently, Steven Bailey went “Ten Rounds” with Dave and Rich on CigarNoise TV.  His pride in the rich tobacco heritage of his family is evident in the way he speaks of his family and the cigars they produce.  Spanning five generations in the tobacco industry, the Cornelius & Anthony name represents unwavering dedication.

Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac

Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac – First Third

Oak, Cocoa, Pepper, Leather, Tobacco, Raisin, Mint, Orange Citrus
As my torch finishes it’s work on the foot of Daddy Mac, the complexity of this cigar makes a grand entrance.  A strong presence of oak dominates but is complimented by cocoa, pepper and leather.  When the major players in the profile start to diminish, a minty finish joins the pepper on my palate, warming and cooling all at once, providing a unique combination.  Dancing in and out of the profile, tobacco and raisin seem content with their cameo role, while far in the finish of the profile, I taste a citrusy orange flavor providing a bit of bitterness.  Usually, I equate bitterness and cigars as a very bad combination.  Inexplicably, this seems to be working through the first third.

Nearing the end of this third, all of the flavors are taking on a very creamy texture, leaving the bitterness as a distant memory.  Also, the pepper in the mixture is backing off as well.  Smoke production has been very good to match a near perfect draw on the Daddy Mac.

Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac

Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac – Middle Third

Charred Cedar, Cocoa, Tobacco, Cream, Pepper, Mint
The ash falls for the first time to initiate this third; oak flavors are ushered out, replaced by charred cedar.  Cocoa and tobacco round out the major player list, bringing cream in tow.  As in the first third, the finish features the distinct and enjoyable duo of pepper and mint.

The burn line on my Daddy Mac isn’t been perfect but Requires no maintenance.  With an easy draw, smoke continues to pour from the Daddy Mac in respectable volume.  This brings to mind the difference in my two experiences with Daddy Mac.  The first time I smoked it, the draw tightened up in the middle portion of the cigar and smoke production fell.  This time around, the draw remains effortless, as it was in the beginning stages, and the Daddy Mac billows proudly.

Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac

Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac – Final Third

Cedar, Cream, Leather, Toast, Citrus, Pepper, Mint
I begin the final third of the Daddy Mac with some regret.  This smoking time has been really great and I am not anxious to see it come to an end.

With yet another minor transition, the charred cedar from the middle third becomes traditional cedar.   In seemingly backward fashion, it has more of a fresh cedar quality to it now.  Cream, leather and toast round out the body of the profile with the orange citrus note from the first third returning for a repeat performance.  Washing across my palate in finish is the familiar pepper and mint combination.

The retro hale on the Daddy Mac is smooth, relatively heat free and contains just enough pepper to get your attention.  Remaining consistent from start to finish, the retro hale experience with Daddy Mac is predictable and enjoyable.

Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac


Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac Robusto Review
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Near Perfect Burn

Great Blend Of Flavors



Draw Issues During First Smoking Experience

The Daddy Mac lives up to the rich heritage behind the name Cornelius & Anthony. With subtle, but enjoyable flavor transitions, a maintenance free burn and a pricepoint that isn't leaving the wallet bare, the Daddy Mac is a must try, must have cigar. If there isn't room in the humidor, I'll make room. I'm very interested to try the different vitolas in this cigar to see what they bring to the table to compliment the Robusto.
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