As I sat down to cut this beautiful green candela wrapped CroMagnon Fomorian, I found myself smelling it over and over trying to figure out what it smelled like.  At first I thought it was almost floral, but then I took a sip of my Blue Moon and instantly knew it was grass.  Lemongrass, easter grass, Secret Garden, I dunno… but grass!  Definitely something new for this guy.

Pre-light was super mellow with not a trace of anything harsh.  Very smooth, no pepper, no bite, not as much grass as you would expect from smelling the wrapper alone.

Cromagnon Fomorian 1

I cut this one with the Shuriken cutter (check it out in the forums) to maintain as much of this intriguing wrapper as I could.

Cromagnon Fomorian cut

First 1/4 inch or so after lighting and it’s very pleasant, very light, and a moderate amount of grass is coming through just like you would expect from the wrapper.  Can honestly say I never thought smoking grass would be pleasant, but something about it is kind of airy and satisfying.  Perfect for a mid morning cigar.

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To be honest, I did cheat and google pairings for a candela wrapper.  Most seemed to conclude that something citrusy works best, whereas my traditional Guinness and Irish Whiskeys don’t cut it.  So far I’m finding the Blue Moon to be an excellent pairing, so if you’ve got something similar I’d definitely pour and light these two together again.

Cromagnon Fomorian ash1

Now that I’m getting through the first inch or so, the airy and almost floral experience is transitioning into something a bit heavier, deeper.  Can’t quite place it, but I do miss that grassy, mild sweetness.

Just retrohaled this CroMagnon Fomorian to see what it was like when blown through the nose, and guess what!?  Pepper.  A good amount.  Definitely wasn’t expecting that.  Beer me!

FullSizeRender 2

On a separate note, apparently this little guy felt like taking a swim at my expense.  Bugs are animals, did you know that?  Thanks to my 8 year old, we’re all better informed!  Oh well, gonna man up and drink it anyway.

Back to the action:  the pepper is here to stay.  No longer just on the retrohale, it’s present in general.  Pretty neat, all things considering.  It’s rare that I find a cigar that transitions in a way that I didn’t expect AND I still enjoy it.  Neato burrito.

A little bit of that grassy undertone is starting to peak it’s way back up to the top now as I start the middle third of the CroMagnon Fomorian.  Not quite as light as it was before, still kind of deep and thick,  but lightening up a bit.  It’s unique and I can only assume that it’s an unparalleled quality of the candela wrapper.

Cromagnon Fomorian ash2

Great ash, decent amount of smoke, not the stupid-easy draw that some stogies have, but not a hard draw either.  Somewhere in the middle.  Excellent stamina, took me quite a while to burn through as much as I have pictured above.

The Domestic Engineer just joined me on the porch and she said this stogie smells different.  Not good or bad, because according to her Cigar smoking isn’t an honored past time, but she can tell the CroMagnon Fomorian is unique.  Whatever that’s worth to ya.   😉

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this stick is the strength!  While it’s initially mild in body and becomes more medium throughout, it’s definitely more on the full strength side.  Feeling it in the gut right now.  #Badassery.

Annd one of my favorite things so far is that neither my hands nor my mouth smell like they’ve been smoking a serious cigar for a serious amount of time.  After this CroMagnon Fomorian, I could walk right into my house and sit down on the couch without hearing about it from the Domestic Engineer like I violated the Geneva Convention.

Cromagnon Fomorian 2

Entering the last third of the cigar and the pepper is back!  Encountering a little bitterness as well, something not present for the first two thirds of the CroMagnon Fomorian, so I probably won’t attempt to go much further with this stick.  But for the amount of time I’ve had with it, I’d definitely consider it well worth my money!

Would I buy it again?  Yup!  Would I buy a box?  Yup!  


What are your thoughts on the CroMagnon Fomorian?

CroMagnon Fomorian
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Incredible Morning/Lunch Stick

Candela done right

Awesome draw

Changes as it burns


Hits a hot spot mid-way

I've thoroughly enjoyed each of these CroMagnon Fomorians. Light and airy in the beginning, peppery throughout the second half. Light-medium bodied, full strength experience.
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Loved it. Will keep loving it.
Nothing much to say about this one. Was given one by a friend, which now became a go to stick for me. Price wise, very affordable too!
January 22, 2016, 1:10 pm
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