Last week, I began my experience at Governor’s Cigar & Pipe the same way I do just about every time.  I step into the humidor, take a deep breath, and then drool a little bit.  Not overly much, but just the right amount of worship and inaptitude at being able to pick out just one of so many great smokes.

CroMagnon Mode 5 2

Which brings me to today, where I’m burning at CroMagnon Mode 5 while at a park with the Domestic Engineer.  She’s not so thrilled at a review going down time now, but I smiled, then she smiled, so it’s a GO!

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Snipped it with a V cutter.  Pre-light is an interesting inhale.  Blunt sweetness, not sharp, and a thick earthy draw.  If I would’ve brought another cutter, I would probably cut this one some more to open it up a bit.  Not bad, just not my style.  I’m curious how the CroMagnon Mode 5 compares with the other CroMagnon line from RoMa Craft Tobac.

CroMagnon Mode 5

Pairing it with an Iced Coffee from the Sirens, and it’s delicious on the first few puffs.  Both rich and deep, lots of character, smooth smoke, reminds me of one of my favorites:  Carlos Torano’s 1959 Exodus 50 years edition.  Almost velvety.  The wife says it smells like vanilla to her.  +1.

You know what this reminds me of?  An Affogato Frappe from Books a Million!  I want to say it hits the roasted flavor of Espresso, but the bitter notes of an Espresso are nonexistent.  Kind of like what happens when you make a latte out of espresso.  That’s exactly what this smoke reminds me of!

Affogato Frappe

Remember Clinton?  He told me that he pulls something of grilled meat, or maybe charred meat, out of this cigar.  Disclaimer:  I’ve been keeping an eye out for it.  Every now and then I can almost feel something of pulled pork, though, and it reminds me strongly of a Hawaiian Luau.  Is that different than grilled meat?  Not sure, but right now I wish I’d of brought another of these to keep this party going.

CroMagnon Mode 5 4

Everything about this stick is fantastic:  great draw, great flavor, solid burn, great ash, doesn’t get hot, and not a trace of bitterness when approaching the nub.

CroMagnon Mode 5
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Good short smoke
The flavors of this cigar are rich and robust. I got notes of pepper and earth but the main flavor throughout was coffee. The burn was outstanding, but it had a pretty tight draw. All in all I think this is a great smoke especially if you only have an hour or less to smoke.
March 29, 2016, 2:57 pm
Nice draw, loverly burn, and a great ash!
This is one of those smokes that just stays with you. After much hype I found myself in a possession of one of these fine sticks. The earthy, leathery, and musty notes that were present pre-lite were just what I was craving. This full bodied cigar transitioned from black pepper to chocolate to a dark espresso commonly found in this type of make up. The gentle hint of sweetness provided by the binder makes this a great cigar. Overall, the burn, ash, and smoke made for a pleasant experience.
January 27, 2016, 8:56 pm
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