Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Dominican Olor
Filler: Dominican Olor
Vitola: 7 x 50
Brand: CrossWynn Cigars
Factory: Undisclosed
Availability: Regular Production
CigarNoise Price Range: $11 – $14
Source: Purchased

CrossWynn Juanita – Pre-light

The Juanita is the Connecticut offering in the CrossWynn line-up of cigars.  CrossWynn owner, Ian FarQuharson, told me he named the Juanita after his wife’s mother.  According to the CrossWynn website, Ian founded CrossWynn in January of 2016.  Consumers may purchase any of the cigars on the CrossWynn website.

Wrapped with a three year old Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf, the reddish-hued wrapper of the Juanita has scents of spice, hay and fresh bread.  The wrapper is smooth and features well hidden seams with visible veins.  My Juanita has a small hole in the wrapper three inches below the cap.  I doubt it will impair the smoking experience, but is worth mentioning.

Juanita’s binder and filler is comprised of Dominican Olor, a large-leafed tobacco known for giving sweet sensations in cigars.  Scents from the foot include hay and mild spice, leaving the fresh bread behind.

While the middle portion of the cigar feels appropriately firm, I notice softness right below the cap and above the foot.  Included in my review is a photo of the foot of the cigar.  I’ve chosen a straight cut to remove the cap and test the cold draw.  The draw is excessively easy, offering the single flavor of dry hay.


CrossWynn Juanita – Smoking Experience

Sweet Cream, Dried Cedar, Cashew, Hazelnut, Black Pepper, Mild Tobacco

As I light the cigar and the smoke begins to roll, I’m immediately greeted with a creamy sweetness.  Following in suit, dry cedar and cashew notes round out the profile.  The nutty cashew flavor is accentuated by the sweet cream at the front of the profile.  A long lasting, enjoyable sweetness covers my palate, enticing me further into the profile.  Black pepper and mild tobacco are long in the finish and seem to whisper their way into the blend.

The two inches of ash separates from the cigar and the black pepper really jumps up a notch or two.  It doesn’t move up in the profile necessarily, but plays a larger role in the finish.  Oddly enough, it is completely undetectable in the retro hale of the Juanita.  The increased pepper washes over my entire mouth in earnest. If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you already know I’m a fan.

Halfway through the cigar, tobacco flavor moves towards the front of the profile, dragging black pepper with it.  The creamy essence holds strong as the profile leader but loses the sweetness.  With the absence of the sweet note, cashew gives way to hazelnut, pushed to the back of the profile.

The black pepper, like a ninja, sneaks up one me again.   As if it has something to prove, it flexes it’s muscle right to the end.  With the rest of the profile remaining unchanged, I welcome the punishment.

CrossWynn Juanita – Nuts and Bolts

There are mechanical notes about the Juanita requiring mention.  The wavy, uneven burn of the Juanita is sort of like a toddler: doing what it is supposed to do, but testing me just to see what it can get away with.  I resist applying a touch-up several times.

Smoke production seems to be an issue as well.  Every time I grab the cigar from it’s rest, it takes three or four draws to really get smoke production rolling.  The first draws produce small volumes of very light smoke, making me work to find the good stuff.

Cigar Reviews: CrossWynn Juanita
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Well Balanced Profile


Linear Flavors

Erratic Burn


The flavors of the CrossWynn Juanita were enjoyable, but lacked complexity. The profile showed all of it's cards in the first three inches of the cigar and, other than increasing pepper notes, really didn't offer much change throughout the experience. While I enjoy a cigar with plentiful black pepper in the mix, this might turn off some smokers reaching for a milder Connecticut. The price of the Juanita may push some buyers away as well. It seems competive on the surface but has a lot of competition at this price.
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