Wrapper:  Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder:  Nicaraguan
Filler:  Nicaraguan
Brand:  Crowned Heads
Factory:  My Father Cigar S.A.
Price Range:  $9-$11

I’m doing things a little bit differently today.  Aside from being in a completely new Cigar Lounge (Silo Cigars in Knoxville, TN) I’m also doing this review on the fly.  In fact, my first 1/2 of an inch on this Tennessee Waltz is already ash.

First impressions?  I’m in the lounge, so I can’t really give it the attention it deserves with pre-light aromas and the like.  I love the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, though, in all it’s splotchy and toothy goodness.

Pairing this cigar with my favorite Iced Coffee from the Harpies.  Breve, 1 pump sweetener.  Went with a pair of V cuts in this larger ring gauge.

Tennessee Waltz First Third

Leather, Earth, Pepper, Barnyard, Citrus

This cigar begins with a little earth, a lot of leather, and a decent amount of pepper.  After the first inch, a citrus note comes way out of left field and lingers on the tongue.  Good?  Great!  There’s a little harshness, especially in the retrohale, but so far it works well with the overall feeling of this cigar.

Crowned Heads Tennessee Waltz


More leathery, earthy tones continue to mingle throughout the first third with intermitent citrus, maybe a hint of some barnyard (read: manure) on the finish.  The overall smoke is dry, yet the citrus gives it a wetter, more oily presence somehow.

The construction is pretty damn impressive so far – thought I was starting to get a slight run but the burn corrected itself.  And, though it ashed in my lap, I was able to pick up one solid piece of ash and place it in the tray.

Tennessee Waltz Second Third

Barnyard, BBQ sauce, Leather

The second third opens up with something similar to the first third barnyard notes mixed with what I would describe as a Kansas City barbecue sauce.  It’s smoother, mellower, and balancing all these weird flavors nicely.  The pepper is only faintly recognizable when blown through the nose.

[et_bloom_inline optin_id=”optin_0″]

Haven’t tasted much citrus after the first third’s ash said hello to my pants, but it’s beginning to develop an oilier, wetter smoke on it’s own now.

Crowned Heds Tennessee Waltz

Near the midway point, more leather appears in a darker, deeper fashion.  Like a well oiled pair of dark leather workbooks.  (Joking… maybe)

Overall, the Tennessee Waltz is a savory experience.

Tennessee Waltz Last Third

Barnyard, Citrus, Espresso

So far, the entry into the last third of the Tennessee Waltz is uneventful and doesn’t differ too much from the second third.  And, I’m ok with that.  It’s a very enjoyable cigar, glad I made it my first of many today.

More and more of the barnyard is coming through as it continues to remain fairly smooth – which is surprising given the powerful kickstart when first torched.

The citrus does make a return appearance within the last two inches or so, with an interesting twist.  It’s no longer announced with an oily presence in the mouth, more of an acidic zing.

Crowned Heads Tennessee Waltz


Lastly, within firm nub territory, a wonderful espresso comes through rather nicely.  In the lounge, on this day, I’m not picking up on any bitterness.  Great experience!

Crowned Heads’ Tennessee Waltz Review
9 Reviewer
8.3 Cigar Noise Network (2 votes)

Great experience

Perfect lounge cigar

Crisp burn


Limited to TN

Overall, I really enjoyed the Tennessee Waltz by Crowned Heads. I'd love to see this cigar in other shops across the U.S., as it would be a solid addition to their core line.
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Go Big Orange!!!
I love this stick. I love the flavors, especially the hay. The smell of the barnyard...its a Tennessee thing i guess. Not very complex, but the core flavors are enough to smoke it to the nub.
December 1, 2015, 8:32 pm
Not as good as I expected it should be.
Draw is good but it kept tunneling bad on multiple occasions.
November 26, 2015, 12:56 am
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