Wrapper:  Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder:  Nicaraguan
Filler:  Nicaraguan
Brand:  Crowned Heads
Factory: Tabacalera La Alianza S.A
CigarNoise Price Range:  $11-$14
Availability:  TAA Exclusive (1,000 boxes of 20)
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Crowned Heads The Angel’s Anvil 2016 – First Thoughts

Aside from the slight box-pressed shape of the Angel’s Anvil, the first thing I’m noticing is the aroma from the foot.  There are barnyard smells, and there are barnyard smells.  This has to be the most intrinsically barnyard experience that I’ve ever had from a pre-light inspection.  Wet hay, old wood, the whole nine.  Unbelievable.  Also fairly off-putting at first.

Snipping the cap, those same flavors combined with mushroom and earth come through on the cold draw.  Again, fairly off-putting.  Once lit, a nutty and campfire style smoke wafts from the foot.

Crowned Heads The Angel’s Anvil 2016 – First Third

Earth, Coca-Cola, Cocoa, Herbal, Honey, Chocolate, Floral, Pepper, Cream, Berries, Caramel, Cedar

First impressions?  Earth, faint spice in the back of the throat, and an effervescent quality to the smoke.  Although earth starts the party as the dominant tasting note, secondary hints of Coca-Cola syrup, cocoa, and an oddly herbal presence work their way in after several moments.

At approximately half an inch in, the Angel’s Anvil 2016 opens up and begins firing on all cylinders.  Sweet notes of honey, chocolate, and floral components are tempered with an earthy base and a peppery finish that lingers between puffs.  Our previously effervescent quality is replaced by a creamy, rich smoke.

Crowned Heads Angels Anvil 2016 Review

Accidentally knocking the ash against my chair, subtle hints of berries and caramel are uncovered.  Burning down a little further, dry cedar comes stomping in and demanding attention.  For barely being 30 minutes into the review, there’s a long list of flavors under the hood for the Angel’s Anvil 2016.

My one concern so far is the smoke output.  While there’s a lot of volume to it when I’m chiefing on it, it does feel like it’s going to go out if I let if rest for a bit.

Relight.  Damn, was that prophetic or what?  Argh.

Crowned Heads The Angel’s Anvil 2016 – Second Third

Earth, Leather, Cream, Pepper, Coca-Cola, Chocolate, Char, Fruit, Espresso, Cinnamon, Raisin

Earth, rough leather, cream, Coca-Cola, and pepper are the first flavors I’m detecting after that ill-fated relight.  The spice continues be just enough to enjoy without overwhelming the senses.  For such deep tones in this cigar, you wouldn’t expect this much finesse.  It’s like seeing Brock Lesnar fight: he’s lightning fast for someone his size.

Rich, decadent chocolate notes reappear after about an inch of ash in this third, rounded out with hints of mild coffee.  The smoke is oilier and denser in this segment than the first, providing a very satisfying mouth feel, and coating the palate.  It’s very much like drinking coffee with ample amounts of cream layered on top.

Crowned Heads Angels Anvil 2016 Review

Towards the midway point, notes of fruit appear intermittently for brief moments.  Spice continues to linger on the palate, providing an interesting contrast throughout the whole experience.  Those fruity moments slowly increase in duration and frequency, making for a very delightful morning.


While a specific tunnel hasn’t developed, the filler just wants to burn faster than the wrapper.  It’s problematic on the mechanical side of things, but so far the flavor hasn’t been affected.  In fact, each relight seems to make the flavors brighter and more vibrant in turn.

Espresso, cream, cinnamon, raisins, and spice finish off this segment.

Crowned Heads The Angel’s Anvil 2016 – Last Third

Earth, Cedar, Espresso, Cream, Cherries, Cocoa Powder, Honey, Caramel, Leather

This third opens with a noticeably fuller body:  deep earth, bright cedar, rich espresso, and heavy cream wash over my palate.  Secondary notes of bing cherries and cocoa powder ping the senses as well.


Crowned Heads Angels Anvil 2016 Review

Yet again, the Angels Anvil 2016 only gets better after a relight.  It’s simultaneously puzzling and fortunate.  All of the flavors just doubled down their efforts to make themselves known.

And then… Earth and espresso depart suddenly leaving a vacuum to be filled by sweeter sensations:  cherries, honey, and caramel run amuck for a couple minutes.  Absolutely phenomenal.


After letting it rest a bit, leather is reintroduced with the latest torching.  Our staple tasting notes of earth, cocoa, cream, and the occasional fruity undertones take us home with the Angel’s Anvil 2016.  Despite more relights than I would prefer, this cigar refused to turn bitter or unappetizing.

Crowned Heads The Angel’s Anvil 2016
8.5 Reviewer
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Complex Flavors


Multiple Relights

Aside from having to liberally apply flame to the Angels Anvil 2016 on two separate occasions, I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor profile. Just the right amount of spice to showcase the sweeter moments and bring the whole thing together. I'd recommend dry boxing these before enjoying them.
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