Wrapper: HVA
Binder: HVA
Filler: Criollo 98, Habano 2020
Vitola: 6 x 54 Fusiles (Toro)
Brand: Dajao Cigars
Factory: Manufactura  de Chico Rivas
CigarNoise Price Range: $8 – $10
Availability: Regular Production
Source: Dajao Cigars

Dajao Cigars Fusiles Review – Opening Thoughts

The Dajao Cigars Fusiles had a medium brown wrapper with a reddish hue to it.  It was firmly packed with a nicely applied triple cap.  The cigar also featured an ornate band. The band had a somewhat cream colored top border with a black lower border.  The main body of the band was highlighted with gold trim from one end to the other and leant well to the overall appearance of the stick. Rustic would be a great word to describe the Dajao cigar.  There were some some small bumps and lumps underneath the wrapper, but it didn’t appear cheaply constructed by any measure.  With just a bit of tooth on the wrapper, I surmise it was the feel of the cigar rather than the appearance the led me to the rustic context.

The nose of the cigar was relatively basic with mild barnyard and natural tobacco being the only two discernible scents. I removed a portion of the cap with a straight cut.  The cold draw resistance was perfect and carried some light natural tobacco notes, a little bit of leather and really mild baking spice.

The company informed me these are available at Papa Juan Cigar Room in the Bronx and Sticks Cigars in New Jersey.  They also told me more retailers and online availability will happen in the future.

Dajao Cigars Fusiles Review – First Third

Cedar, Cream, White Pepper, Floral, Orange Peel

After carefully torching the foot, cedar with a nice creamy feel to it emerged as the main flavor.  Retro-haled smoke was heavy with cedar and a little bit of white pepper spice. The smoke output from this cigar was immense and very aromatic.  With one inch of ash inch hanging off the end the profile hadn’t changed, but each flavor was becoming more pronounced and singular. Also, either a floral or very light citrus note joined into the profile.

As I neared the end of the first third, the profile carified an orange citrus note which was nice but it carried just a little bitterness with it. It was closer to orange peel rather than orange. Dajao continued to produce a ton of smoke with an even burn and a solid, light gray ash.

Dajao Cigars Fusiles Review – Middle Third

Cedar, Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Leather, Pepper Spice

Entering the middle third of Dajao, cedar, cinnamon, orange peel and leather built the main profile.  Flavors in retro-haled smoke were identical to the main flavors on the palate. The ash was still holding strong moving into the middle third.  While the burn line became a little bit wavy and uneven, it still required no correction.  Additionally, the smoke production continued at impressive levels.

As I neared the halfway point of the cigar, the ash finally fell and I applied one small burn correction to even Things out.  After receiving just a little heat from the touch up, a nice cinnamon note joined the main profile and a little pepper spice introduced itself to the retro-hale flavors.

Dajao Cigars Fusiles Review – Final Third

Cedar, Natural Tobacco, Citrus

I slipped the band off the cigar to begin the final third. The construction of the cigar continued in excellence with the burn remaining straight and the ash solid.  Also, the draw on the Dajao has been perfect by all accounts.  Smoke production also continued to be very good however the flavors began leaning towards the generic side. To clarify, I mean linear and lacking any real complexity. Cedar and natural tobacco became the only identifiable flavors in the main profile.  A hint at a citrus note was also present.  Unfortunately, a discernible amount of bitterness remained on the palate once smoke was expelled.

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Perfect Construction

Enjoyable Middle Third

Fantastic Smoke Production


Flat Final Third

The Dajao Toro was a gem in alll areas regarding the physical performance of the cigar. The burn required one minor correction with immense smoke production and a solid ash from start to finish. The flavor profile wasnt overly complex with the first portion starting slowly and the final third falling flat. The Dajao Toro really hit it’s stride in the middle with added complexity in both the main profile and the retro-hale. To my dismay, the bottom fell out in the final third with very linear flavors and zero complexity. I have a few of these and the manufacturer told me this was rolled 13 months ago, but never revealed the age of the tobacco. I’m quite tempted to let the other sit for a year and see if my impression of this cigar changes.
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