Basel, June 2018. This year, Davidoff Cigars celebrates 50 years of heritage, pioneering and innovative cigar making in the spirit of the man who gave the company its name – Zino Davidoff.

In 1968, Davidoff Cigar’s journey from the origins of its famed flagship store in Geneva to a global brand with millions of followers had begun. It was Zino Davidoff’s restless pursuit of new tobaccos and blends that has proved to be the inspiration for everything achieved in the past five decades. His quest for the finest cigar experiences took him to unfamiliar territories and unexpected origins. Zino established a facility of excellence in the Dominican Republic, where treasures from the surrounding fields and from across the seas were blended, and continue to be blended, by the visionary Davidoff Master Blenders.

To mark Davidoff’s 50th anniversary, the Swiss cigar maker will bring back its popular Diademas Finas – a cigar that was first launched in 2006 to commemorate what would have been Zino’s 100th birthday. The Limited Edition cigar will be available in four different 10-count porcelain jars. Each jar will be numbered and will contain a humidification device. The jars will feature four distinct art designs created by French artist Mariane Léger. Art designs which are also represented on Davidoff’s 50th anniversary “Caves du Monde” humidors and exclusive lighters. Limited Edition ashtrays, pipes and pipe tobacco (available outside of the US) will complement the special 50 Years product offering, created for this unique occasion.

Furthermore, Davidoff will be filling 50 days beautifully this summer with special cigar-centred activities. The brand will host a series of events to celebrate its 50 years of innovative cigar-making. The inauguration will take place in Las Vegas on July 15th and will be followed by a three-day event in Hong Kong. Several smaller retail events at Davidoff Flagship Stores and select appointed merchants all over the world will follow. After 50 days, the festivities will come to a climax with an event in Switzerland, the country were Zino Davidoff opened his first store and where it all began. Cigar lovers will be able to follow the festivities on social media where they will also discover Davidoff’s 50 finest moments, including some of the brands’ most important milestones.

Davidoff Diademas Finas Limited Edition

Davidoff Master Blenders have rolled everything that makes Davidoff cigars special into this elegant Diademas Finas format. “If Davidoff had a signature, it would be written with this exceptional Diademas Finas cigar,” said Edward Simon, Head of Global Marketing and Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG. “It’s a celebration of the craftsmanship of our Master Blenders, built with ten-year-old filler tobaccos from one of the best crops in 2005 giving it an unparalleled sense of balance and signature Davidoff sophistication. It stands as proof of Zino’s pioneering spirit and the most diverse and stimulating offering for our customers to choose from.”

Davidoff 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Cigars

The cigars are dressed with an Ecuadorean Habano wrapper, Dominican Olor Seco binder and an all-Dominican blend of filler tobaccos and delight with rich wood, earth, cream, cacao and pepper flavours, as well as some floral notes.

Presented in high-end porcelain jars featuring the four different art designs created by Mariane Léger, the cigars will be available at select appointed merchants and Davidoff Flagship Stores worldwide from July 2018. There will only be 8000 jars worldwide. 2

Collaboration with Mariane Léger

Davidoff turned to the skills of Mariane Léger to create four art designs that reflect the brand’s drive for discovery and its desire to deliver a wider world of extraordinary cigar experiences to cigar lovers across the globe. The French artist blends modern technology with the traditional craft of marquetry and is a pioneer in her craft.

She explored the four corners of the world to learn about the traditions and techniques being applied by the craftspeople from other cultures. Her journey was a source of inspiration – full of wonders, cultural treasures and rare finds. The result is a series of four patterns representing The Americas, The Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Davidoff 50th anniversary accessories & pipe tobacco

Davidoff has also collaborated with Mariane on a collection of four 50th anniversary “Caves du Monde” humidors, using her skills to inlay hand-woven fabrics into exceptional woods-skills that mirror the ones Davidoff applies to the creation of its cigars.

Taking the same inspiration, the Limited Edition Prestige cigar lighters created for the occasion will also sport the four art designs. Made in France, these exclusive and numbered pieces bear a brushed contemporary finish, with only the edges in a contrasting mirror effect.

To complete the accessories collection, Davidoff will further release Limited Edition ashtrays and pipes (outside of the US) Made in Italy, the ashtrays are crafted out of aluminium with a brushed bronze finish. Each piece is encircled with beige structured leather embossed with the 50 Years logo. The pipes, limited to 50 pieces worldwide, are made of briar wood from Calabria and feature an embossed 50 Years sterling silver ring.

They will be launched along with a special pipe tobacco Limited Edition, created to round off the 50th anniversary product offering: an exquisite blend flavoured with Kir Royal in a numbered tin featuring the 50 Years logo.

Launch and availability

From July 2018, the full accessories collection as well as the pipe tobacco Limited Edition will be available at select appointed merchants and Flagship Stores worldwide.

The Davidoff 50 Years pipes will not be obtainable in the US.

Find out more

To find out more about the products featured in this release and the activities planned to celebrate Davidoff’s 50 years of making the finest cigars, please go to and follow Davidoff on Instagram (@davidoffcigars).

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