Wrapper:  Nicaraguan Habano
Binder:  Dominican Piloto Cubano
Filler:  San VicentePiloto Mejorado (Dominican secos), Plancho (Honduran seco), and Estelí ligero and Ometepe viso (Nicaraguan)
Brand:  Davidoff
Factory:  O.K. Cigars
Vitola:  Short Torpedo (4x52)
CigarNoise Price Range:  $8-$10
Source:  SmallBatchCigar.com
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Davidoff The Griffin’s Nicaragua – Flavors

My very first puff is of sweet cedar, cream, and an unmistakable yet ambiguous herbal component. Hints of cinnamon, flowers, and pepper flood my senses in an intoxicating retro hale. Without a doubt, the floral element present in The Griffin’s Nicaragua reminds me of several Cuban cigars.  Mild pepper lingers on the tongue between puffs, balancing the otherwise sweeter elements of this cigar. A satisfying amount of oiliness coats the mouth feel as well.

At the one-inch mark, cedar becomes the dominating tasting note with floral accents still going strong in the background. I’m also detecting hints of vegetal sensations if I don’t force myself to take it nice and slow. At this point, all traces of pepper seems to have exited stage left.

Notes of absinthe build at the midway point, going from subtle to bold. Having just been reintroduced to absinthe earlier in the week, I’m quite surprised to find it here. And this transcends anise, tasting much like the finished product.

Dropping the ash, a sweeter touch emerges in The Griffin’s Nicaragua in the form of honey, graham cracker, and milk chococlate. Cedar reappears as well, bringing us home with very pleasant flavors and an enjoyable experience.

Davidoff The Griffin’s Nicaragua – Construction

This particular cigar split early on at the foot and had me worried a bit. Luckily, it corrected itself and didn’t affect the performance in the least. The burn line was maintenance free until the ash dropped, causing several small touch-ups in the final half. Today’s draw with a small straight cut had just enough resistance for good airflow.

Heat became an issue past the first inch, causing me to concentrate on slowing down even further than my usual slowpoke pace. I’d suggest a larger cut than what I used today to avoid this in the future.

Overall I was very satisfied with the short torpedo.

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Heat Buildup

The Griffin's Nicaragua finds that delicate balance somewhere between subtle and delightful. Featuring Davidoff taste without the characteristically high price point, I wouldn't hesitate to seek these out and enjoy them in the future.
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