Wrapper: Habano
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican RepublicNicaraguan
Brand: Debonaire Cigars
Vitola: Petite Lancero (5.5×38)
CigarNoise Price Range: $8-$10
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Debonaire Sagita – Intital Thoughts

Debonaire Cigars is a company born from a split partnership.  Once partners with Rocky Patel, Phil Zanghi began his own company known as Debonaire Cigars & Rum.  A visit to their website will let you peruse “ultra premium” cigars and premium rums.

Debonaire Sagita Review

This cigar, the Debonaire Sagita, is medium-brown in color and sports a small pigtail cap.  The wrapper is smooth and the cigar feels firm.  A fancy, embossed black and gold band adorns the cigar.

Debonaire Sagita Review

The wrapper is nearly scent free which is a first for me.  The cellophane protecting this cigar is quite yellow.  I have no idea of the age but it is clearly no newborn.  Clipping the pigtail, I am greeted with cedar, red pepper flake and a mild spice on the cold draw.  The draw seems tighter than I’d prefer.

Debonaire Sagita – First Third

Red Pepper Flake, Cedar, Roasted Nuts, Mild Leather, Mild Tobacco, Hay, Charred Cedar

Let’s get this ball rolling with a quick toasting of the foot.  The first few draws are pure pepper blast – a roundhouse kick to the face! This is the red pepper flake that I tasted on the cold draw, lingering on the tongue and makes the retrohale a beast.

Debonaire Sagita Review

Nearing one inch of ash, the pepper mellows, allowing cedar and roasted nuts to lead the profile.  The sinus heat is much milder and is becoming more enjoyable.  Sneaking into the background are flavors of mild leather, mild tobacco, and hay.  As I jot down the first flavor notes, the cigar appears to be dead in the rest.  I really have to urge the cigar back to life.  When the smoke starts really rolling again, I taste the earlier cedar flavor turning to charred cedar.  Not a particularly great flavor.

Debonaire Sagita – Middle Third

Charred Cedar, Leather, Earth, Red Pepper Flake

Leading the way right into the middle third is the same charred cedar flavor.  It is cedar, but with a mild bitterness.  The leather flavor in this section is really nice though, coating the roof of the mouth.  It is most apparent in the lingering finish.  A mild earthy flavor is present as well but the pepper has disappeared for now.  In nearing the halfway point of the cigar, the ash falls.

Debonaire Sagita Review

As I pick the cigar up from the rest and give it a quick draw, I find it dead again.  I relight it and the red pepper returns with a vengeance, abusing my sinuses with another uppercut of flavor.

Unfortunately, this middle third has a very tight draw; a characteristic I’ve found through the entire cigar thus far.  I have to remove the band to finish the middle third.  To my surprise, there is a stamped date inside the band. Very cool feature.  My cigar was born on March 27, 2014.

Debonaire Sagita – Final Third

Cedar, Cinnamon, Red Pepper Flake, Earth

Again, I find myself working hard to keep this cigar lit.  I pick it up out of the rest and the first draw produces only a small wisp of smoke.  With life showing again, cedar and a mild cinnamon flavor move to the front.  Our red pepper is now in the background along with hints of earth.  I am also noticing the nicotine kicking up as well.

Debonaire Sagita Review

Halfway through this third I find myself relighting for yet another time.  The final segment of the cigar is very mushy too.  The flavor profile continues to hold strong with cedar at the front.  As I continue writing my smoking notes, the cigar dies in the rest with about one inch of stick left.

Debonaire Sagita Review
8.6 Reviewer
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Enjoyable Flavors

Affordable Pricepoint


Tight Draw

Re-lights needed

Predicatble Flavors

The pricepoint of the cigar and the flavor profile were good but it lacked complexity in transition from one part of the cigar to another. The labored draw and re-lights detracted greatly from the enjoyment factor for sure. With the age of the cigar being displayed on the band, I really would have expected better performance.
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