A couple weeks ago I received a package with two Don Chacho stogies from Jose Santos, creator and owner.  You can find him @Js.PremiumCigars on Instagram or hit him up here in the Cigar Noise community.  Ever sense, I’ve been itching to pull them out of their rest period early and go to town.  I resisted, much to my surprise, and now am ready to throw down!

Don Chacho Punch

Pre-light:  I noticed a little bit of tooth, hearty tobacco smell and the wrapper has a bitter bite to the tongue.  The cap looked dainty, but I punched the hell out of it with zero issues.  Plenty of pepper on the inhale.  Gonna be a fun ride!

Toasting this Don Chacho up and revealed some beautiful white ash.   Check it out:

Don Chacho Ash 1

Initial thoughts:  first couple puffs were thick, robust, and full bodied.  Not as much pepper as I would’ve imaged.  The foot smells a little smokey, almost like a charcoal pit after a BBQ.

I’m pairing this stogie with two favorites of late:  Buffalo Trace Single Barrel and a rich Clown Shoes beer to give a little citrus/ginger changeup.  I wanted to match it with something more citrusy, but I couldn’t wait for the 15 minute ride into town — this review has been on hold long enough!  Will burn another with something different and update if necessary.

Don Chacho 1

Nearing the 1st inch on this Don Chacho, and it’s been a little calmer than I expected.  100% a full bodied smoke, almost overpowering the palette.  Nowhere near as overwhelming as the Cohiba Nicaragua, but it’s walking the line on the upper threshold of appetizing strength.

This stick is maintaining an earthy, roasted profile with just a little sweetness on the finish.  Definitely at opposing ends of the spectrum, an interesting profile.  Decent burn, fixed a minor run, medium draw, excellent ash.


Don Chacho Ash 2

Don Chacho has a lot of kick when blown through the nose, something to be expected with a full-bodied smoke.  Perfect for this 5 o’clock review.

Approaching the second third of this cigar, got about 3/4 inch left before the wrapper.  Pulling a little more sweetness (approaching caramel) out of this stick as time goes by, definitely an enjoyable transition.  Usually I find that the more up front strength that a cigar has turns it more bitter towards the end and increases the ‘nub zone.’  Not so much with this Don Chacho!

[et_bloom_inline optin_id=”optin_0″]

This cigar is handling the heat pretty damn well, I’m riding it like a scuba diver with an oxygen mask trying to pull every thing I can out of it.  I keep waiting on it to turn on me and make me hate it, but it’s defiantly holding it’s own.

Don Chacho Ash7

I know a lot of folks that look for complexity in a good cigar, myself I prefer consistency.  Flavor changes and surprises are a plus, an icing on the cake if you will.  At this stage in the game, though, I’m all about a smooth draw, great ash, and quality flavors to facilitate that perfect experience.

Don Chacho Ash 5

In my mind, Don Chacho represents a very consistent smoke.  It’s powerful without waging war on your senses, rides a unique balance of roasted and earthy notes, and has that spice on the retrohale that I’ve come to enjoy.


What did you think about Don Chacho?

Don Chacho
8.9 Reviewer
8.3 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Full-bodied Stick

Well Balanced

White Ash


Corrected a couple runs

Looking for a mild cigar that won't kick you in the teeth? Keep looking, this ain't the stogie for your humidor! Want a little more power reminiscent of a Robert De Niro movie? Find yourself a Don Chacho stick ASAP and review it below.
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This cigar didn't strike me as any fancy. Too spicy for me.
January 2, 2016, 2:55 am
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