Wrapper:  Nicaraguan
Binder:  Nicaraguan
Filler:  Nicaraguan
Vitola:  Half Churchill (4 3/4 x 48)
Brand:  Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust
Factory:  Fabrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua S.A.
CigarNoise Price Range:  $8-$10
Production:  Regular
Source:  Small Batch Cigar from IPCPR 2017

Dunbarton Todos Las Dias Review – First Thoughts

Todos Las Dias is the anticipated powerhouse cigar from Steve Saka, a man known for making full-bodied and full strength cigars.  If you’re curious about the name Todos Las Dias and why it’s correctly incorrect, check out his press release.

This wrappers is dark, oily, toothy, and as seamless as they come.  The foot, though, is where this cigar makes me do a double take!  I’ve literally been smelling this cigar for the last half hour to make sure I’m not going crazy.  Faint traces of molasses, vanilla, and cedar swirl together around a unique barbecue sauce sensation.  We’re talking about the potent aromas of home-made hickory barbecue sauce with an extra dose of liquid smoke – something I’ve never experienced in before with this much intensity.

Dunbarton Todos Las Dias Review – First Third

Cream, Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Cedar, Pepper, Caramel Popcorn

Snip the cap, toast and roast the foot, let ‘er rest, take a puff:  My first few moments with Todos Las Dias are not at all what I expected.  Balanced flavors of creamy coffee, dark chocolate, mild cedar, and pepper coat my palate before ending in a very rich, satisfying finish that reminds me of a Mocha Latte.  Pepper strikes quick and often but always succumbs to the creamy texture of this smoke that lingers between puffs.

Dunbarton Todos Las Dias Review First Third

Chewy sensations of caramel popcorn enter around the one-inch mark.  Hot damn!  I’m usually not a full-bodied or full throttle kind of guy, but this cigar brings more than just muscle to the table.  The interplay of finesse, balance, and strength exhibited in Todos Las Dias already exceeds my expectations.

Dunbarton Todos Las Dias Review – Second Third

Chocolate Graham Crackers, Pepper, Earth, Leather, Brown Sugar

Dropping the ash, our second third opens up with noticeably dryer impressions of chocolate graham crackers, mild pepper, subtle earth, and leather.  The rich, creamy texture that was so iconic in the first third has left us for now, but I suspect it will return as the ash builds.

Dunbarton Todos Las Dias Review Second Third

Moments later, delightful hints of brown sugar round out the flavor profile.  A little backstory: I review cigars first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything except water.  And, with those parameters, I was a little hesitant to review this cigar thinking that it would put me on my ass.  As it turns out, this feels more like a guilty pleasure than a cigar review.

The mechanics of Todos Las Dias don’t shine as much as the flavor profile, but everything still appears to be above average.  Aesthetically speaking, the char line is as crisp as one can expect from a cigar.  And the burn line corrected itself even if it has tried to get out of hand at the beginning of each segment.  The draw is the one area that I wish I could improve upon, requiring slightly more resistance than I prefer.

Dunbarton Todos Las Dias Review – Last Third

Dark Chocolate, Cherries, Cedar, Coffee, Sweet Cream, Walnut, Toasted Graham Cracker, Caramel

Dropping the ash again, I’m met with dark chocolate, subtle cherries, vibrant cedar, mild coffee, and home-made sweet cream.  I just thought it couldn’t get any better than the first third, but now we’ve got a party!

Walnut, toasted graham cracker, and bold cherry notes surge about halfway through this segment and I’m sure that it reads like something you could order at the Marble Slab.  And it’s not without merit, given the richness of this blend, but I wouldn’t peg Todos Las Dias as an overly sweet cigar.

Dunbarton Todos Las Dias Review Last Third

Burning down further, soft caramel notes develop much later in the lifecycle of a cigar than I would’ve thought possible.  The nicotine rush finally settles in, and it’s only at the end of the experience that I can feel the effects of such a strong cigar.

Long story short:  If Steve Saka blends a half (or short) Churchill vitola, you owe it to yourself to take it for a spin!

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias Review
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Slightly Snug Draw

I found Dunbarton's strongest cigar to date, the Todos Las Dias, to be surprisingly well mannered yet exhilirating. Layers upon layers of rich, bold flavors wove their way into the experience like a five course meal. If I could only use one word to describe this cigar, it would be, "satisfying."
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