Wrapper:  Nicaraguan Corojo ’99
Binder:  Nicaraguan
Filler:  Nicaraguan Corojo ’99, Nicaraguan Criollo ’98
Vitola:  No. 53 (5 1/4 x 42)
Brand:  Edition One (Warped Cigars?)
Factory:  TABSA
CigarNoise Price Range:  $5-$7
Production:  Regular
Source:  Small Batch Cigar

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Edition One Cloud Hopper Review – First Thoughts

Cloud Hopper is an odd duck for many reasons.  Firstly, it was released in the middle of the night (so to speak) and just sort of dropped out of thin air.  Secondly, it’s the first cigar that I know of to bear Kyle Gellis’ name on the band and yet the brand belongs to his brother, Devin Gellis.  Although, to be fair, the Flor del Valle and Skyflower do bear his initials of K.G.  Lastly, Cloud Hopper features an attractive price point but is only offered in cabinets of 50.

Edition One Cloud Hopper Review by Kyle Gellis

Probably the most surprising thing about Cloud Hopper is that it offers a smoking experience commensurate with the price point – which is very uncharacteristic for Kyle Gellis.  I’m sure that plenty of folks would disagree, but I usually feel that a Warped Cigar over delivers in the value and flavor department.

Of course, this isn’t a Warped Cigar… but it does bear Kyle’s name on the band.

Edition One Cloud Hopper Review – Flavors

Pepper, Burnt Pineapple, Cedar, Vanilla, Fruit, Leather, Graham Cracker, Cream, Mocha Latte

Cloud Hopper begins by tasting dry in every sense of the word: it’s slightly harsh, there’s a lingering, unrefined air about it, and the finish reminds me of pepper and burnt pineapple.  If you’ve never lived in Hawaii, it’s possible that you may not understand.  Lol.  For kicks and giggles, try throwing pineapple on the grill at your next cookout.  It’s always a hit if you get it just right and an upset if you burn it.

Edition One Cloud Hopper Review First Third

Taking it real slow with the Cloud Hopper, I’m able to detect hints of cedar, serious amounts of pepper, a healthy dose of vanilla, and generic dried fruit in the retro hale.  That’s really where this cigar shines, in the retro, because the mouthfeel is overshadowed by a harshness (accompanied with tongue bite) that I never would’ve previously associated with TABSA or Kyle Gellis.

Edition One Cloud Hopper Review Second Third

The second act of Cloud Hopper opens with rough leather, vibrant cedar, and whispy hints of generic fruit again.  The fruity notes in this cigar bounce back and forth between a mixed bag of dried fruit and a can of mixed fruit.  Intermittent bouts of graham cracker tease my palate just before the halfway mark, but are ultimately overwhelmed by what tastes like a dry cigar.

Edition One Cloud Hopper Review Almost Last Third

Cloud Hopper begins the last third with my favorite change yet: a creamy texture settles over the profile as a Mocha Latte sensation takes the lead.  This is by far my favorite segment and the rough edges have finally rounded off.

Edition One Cloud Hopper Review – Construction

Fortunately for me, this cigar was rolled at TABSA and bears all the marks of a well constructed cigar: a maintenance-free burn line, razor sharp char line, and a perfectly agreeable draw.

After smoking three of each vitola, I’ve yet to find a construction issue with this cigar and have found it to be the one redeeming quality.  Each one has burned for an appropriate length of time, refused to become squishy in the end, and required nothing less of me than an initial cut and light.

Edition One Cloud Hopper Review
7.6 Reviewer
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Excellent Construction



Unrefined Flavors

Cloud Hopper reminds me in many ways of the Jose L. Piedra line of Cuban cigars. It's much more affordable than it's premium cousins, rough around the edges, and smokes like what you'd expect at that price point. But if you're looking for an affordable, well constructed cigar that would probably be complimented by a tall pour of Bourbon, this cigar may be exactly what you're looking for.
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