Wrapper:  Unknown
Binder:  Unknown
Filler:  Unknown
Vitola:  Toro (6 x 50)
Brand:  Emilio Cigars
Factory:  Oveja Negra
Availability:  Regular Production (As far as I know)
CigarNoise Price Range:  $8-$10
Source:  IPCPR

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Emilio Cavatina – Initial Thoughts

I’ve recently heard nothing but praise for this cigar since IPCPR, with Kyle and Smokey in the Cigar Noise app saying it’s in their Top 10.  And this past Thursday, James Brown of Oveja Negra informed me that it was made at his factory in Esteli, Nicaragua in our episode of CigarNoise TV.  The challenge now is to guard my preconceptions and not overcompensate or be swayed by public opinion.

The cigar showcases a beautiful, dark wrapper with flawless seams and construction.  It’s dense and feels heavy in the hand, suggesting that it’s chock full of badass tobacco.

Turning the cigar over and trying to inhale any clue it might yield proved virtually futile, except for a sense of delicate aromas.

Video Review:

Emilio Cavatina – First Third

Cream, Earth, Grass, Honey Suckles, Pepper, Citrus, Roasted Meats, Cocoa Powder, Mint

From the very beginning, layers of tasting notes meld together and weave a complex tapestry of  flavor.  Early on, there’s an impression of spring time surrounding a creamy core with hints of grass, honey suckles, earth, and mild pepper.  The pepper doesn’t become noticeable until the last moment before transitioning into a citrusy finish.

Nearing the half inch mark, those grassy sensations do transition into floral notes but not in the way that I would normally think of floral.  Rather than the pedals, this reminds me more of flowers being cut during Valetine’s season at the florist.  The texture of the smoke is oh-so-smooth, and feels cold on my palate.

Emilio Cavatina Review

Past the one inch mark, the most noticeable different is the finish.  In fact, the finish of the Emilio Cavatina is where most of the action is right now.  Roasted meats, cocoa powder, and the most peculiar accompaniment of mint are driving this cigar into yet again new territory for me.  The mouth feel continues to be velvety while a retro hale reinforces those spring time memories.

Dropping the ash, the rest of our first third ramps back up with more earth, more floral notes, softer hints of chocolate, and a more distinct, minty finish.  I’ll just go on the record here and say that the translation of Cavatina is in no way indicative of this cigar’s characteristics.

Emilio Cavatina – Second Third

Cream, Earth, Floral, Citrus, Mint, Milk Chocolate 

Tapping the ash once more, this segment greets me with a more welcoming draw and pleasant notes from before:  creamy earth, and floral with traces of cherrie sensations.  The finish continues to linger, yet somehow has a cleansing effect on my palate.  Each draw feels continues to feel refreshed, like one of those fancy meals where they serve a lemon dish between courses.  In fact, citrus and mint components developing in the finish are nothing short of fancy feeling.  All semblances of pepper are long gone.

While the flavors aren’t changing drastically from the beginning, there’s a finesse to the Emilio Cavatina that keeps me intrigued.  Kyle from Ezra Zion once told me that you know you like a cigar when you keep looking at it, and if he’s right I’m liking this stick quite a bit!

Emilio Cavatina Review

How ’bout those mechanics?  Well, the burn line is steadier than a world class drummer.  The draw, however, remains a little too snug for my preference.  I have a feeling that it’ll go out on me if I’m not careful, but I’m now approaching the final third and feel like I’m most likely worrying about nothing.

Towards the end of this third, milk chocolate notes emerge and add to the flavor profile.  The aromas coming from the foot are akin to a chocolate pastry.

Emilio Cavatina – Last Third

Cream, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Baker’s Chocolate, Peanut Butter

This segment sees the first real transition since we torched ‘er up about 90 minutes ago.  Different nuances of chocolate to include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even baker’s chocolate take the stage in an undeniably creamy experience.

Emilio Cavatina Review

Have you ever had the Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams?  That’s what happens with roughly an inch and a half to go with the Emilio Cavatina!  Rather than become bitter towards the end, a peanut butter essence develops instead.

Cigar Reviews: Emilio Cavatina
9.1 Reviewer
9.7 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Refined Flavors

Maintenance Free Burn


Snug Draw

Well, this is one of those cigars that lives up to the hype! It seems that 2016 is the year for Fabrica Oveja Negra, producing yet another exquisite smoking experience. While I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a box of these, I'll be cutting the cap and leaving it on the counter for a few hours before smoking the next one.
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This cigar should be a staple in every persons humi. One of the best cigars i have smoked i a long time.
October 15, 2016, 1:48 pm
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