Wrapper:  Mexican San Andres
Binder:  Nicaraguan
Filler:  Nicaraguan
Vitola:  Corona (5 1/2 x 44)
Brand:  Entrada
Factory:  TABSA (Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A.)
Availability:  Regular Production
CigarNoise Price Range:  $8-$10
Source:  IPCPR

Entrada 1st Edition:  Initial Thoughts

This Corona (Gorda) makes a cool first impression with a dark, seamless wrapper and a hard box press.  The color is mottled in certain areas, further adding to the appeal of the Entrada 1st Edition.  The band is also neat, being that it’s detached and only tied to the cigar at very thin points on either side.  I can see this being both a plus and a negative:  if you remove the cellophane from these and keep them loose in a humidor, it may tear off accidentally; conversely, this cigar will never be one of those with a band holding fast to the cigar when it’s time to come off.

Upon further inspection, the top of the band says something like, “Made with the love of 300 hands,” if my Spanish hasn’t left me altogether.  Beneath the label of Entrada, though, is something I don’t understand:  Cigarcia 2013.

The wrapper has interesting aromas of cedar and fresh cut saplings, reminding me simultaneously of a new humidor and cutting down fire wood for camping in the spring.  The foot has strong aromas of moist earth, coffee beans, and dark chocolate. A cold draw, unfortunately, is too snug for my tastes.

Entrada 1st Edition – First Half

Espresso, Musky Earth, Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts, Leather, Dried Fruit

My very first puffs are smooth and gentle, showcasing leading notes of espresso, musky earth, and cream followed by secondary hints of vanilla and chocolate covered hazelnuts.  I’m really not sure how long this cigar has been resting since it came from IPCPR, but if I had to guess at the level of sophistication displayed here, I’d put it somewhere in the, “where can I buy more?” timeframe.

Entrada 1st Edition Review

Nearing the half inch mark, subtle nuances of buttered popcorn and dried fruit combine with cocoa powder in a seriously fantastic balance of flavors.  Each puff has just enough savory and sweet components to compliment each other beautifully.  Another half inch, and the popcorn flavors recede, leaving us with leathery notes up front and fruity elements underneath.  If I force myself to check the CigarNoise app and Instagram between puffs and slow down, fruit becomes much more apparent.

Entrada 1st Edition – Second Half

Espresso, Tangy Earth, Toast, Cocoa Powder, Buttered Popcorn, Fruit, Pepper, Cherry, Leather

At the halfway mark, the Entrada 1st Edition opens up a flashback of espresso and tangy earth, followed quickly by toast, cocoa powder, buttered popcorn, and fruit.  While the notes seem very similar, this time around they’re varied in how they combine.  Rather than slowly progressing forward, they’re all along for the ride with a touch of pepper in the finish.

Entrada 1st Edition Review

Reviewing cigars certainly has it’s ups and downs.  For a trade of sometimes feeling like you’re working when you’re behind schedule, you get to experience more cigars and more from cigars.  You’ll also end up burning through a couple duds.  Tonight, though, I’m experiencing one of those cigars that slows the world down and makes me appreciative of all the hard work that goes into such a work of art.  This is truly a lovely cigar.

Burning down into what would’ve been the last third, espresso, dark chocolate, and toast take the lead.  The Entrada 1st Edition takes on many characteristics of espresso at this point, almost edging out all the other flavors.  Dark chocolate has a bitter edge in this segment, but cherry notes arise occasionally to attenuate it.  Into the nub, leather and espresso take us home.

Cigar Reviews: Entrada 1st Edition
9.3 Reviewer
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Maintenance-Free Burn

Sophisticated Flavors

Great Price Point ~$8

If you're looking for an exciting cigar in the $8 ball park, this one definitely delivered. Great mechanics made this flavor bomb all the more enjoyable, and I wouldn't hesitate in smoking more. The one point that I'd be hesitant on is age: this sample felt like it had lots of rest and I can't guarantee that a fresh batch would show similar results.
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