Wrapper:  Mexican San Andres
Binder:  Nicaraguan
Filler:  Nicaraguan
Brand:  Ezra Zion
Factory:  Tabacaleras Aroma de Jalapa
CigarNoise Price Range:  $8-$10
Availability:  Limited (800 boxes total)
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Ezra Zion All My Exes Maduro – First Thoughts

When I saw the first pictures of the All My Exes Maduro, I was thinking that lots of folks were calling the original release maduro mistakenly.  The box that I received had a coal black wrapper and it seems that there are two different shades of All My Exes Maduro in circulation.

Ezra Zion All My Exes Maduro Review

Both the left and center are the All My Exes Maduro.  The right is the original release. 

Since I’ve already smoked a few of the darker shade, for today’s review I’ll be using the cigar pictured in the center.  The wrapper has a wonderful aroma of cedar amidst a feel that I can only describe as springtime.  The foot is very aromatic as well, almost like a sweet cedar candle. A cold draw almost tastes like cherry twizzlers.

Click here to read the interview with Chris and Kyle of Ezra Zion Cigars.  Click here to read the original All My Exes review.  I’ve been let down by the maduro version to date, but I’m hoping the lighter shade wrapper is where it’s at.

From previous experience with All My Exes, I’ll be using a shallow v cut on this cigar. I wouldn’t recommend a straight cut unless you prefer a really open draw.  Pairing?  Agua!

Ezra Zion All My Exes Maduro – First Third

Pepper, Earth, Cedar, Pepper-crusted Pork Tenderloin, Cocoa, Cashew, Maple Syrup, Cayenne, Old Wood

After toasting, lighting, and resting, All My Exes Maduro greets me with pepper, earth, and sweet cedar.  A retrohale is a delightful combination of sweet and spicy, delivering many qualities that I loved from the first All My Exes.

Ezra Zion All My Exes Maduro Review | CigarNoise

After a few more moments, tastes of pepper-crusted pork tenderloin dominate the scene.  Like a wash of spicy and savory sensations after being prepped with a sweet appetizer.  Then delicate notes of cedar, cocoa, cashew, maple syrup, and cayenne join the party.  There’s so much going on that I can’t help but realize that I’m probably missing something.  Or several somethings.

Spice continues to linger between puffs as maple syrup with hints of petrified wood and cocoa powder ride to the top of the tasting notes inside a backdrop of flat, muted earth.  I can definitely see where all the hype was surrounding this release.  After several disappointments, my eyes have been opened.

Ezra Zion All My Exes Maduro – Second Third

Earth, Wood, Grilled Meat, Cherries, Heavy Whipping Cream, Pistachio, Old Bible Leather

Sadly, I’m beginning the second third with a relight as the filler is burning faster than the wrapper.

Earth, wood, faint notes of grilled meat, and a hint of cherries begin the party in this segment.  The spice that characterized the first third is replaced with heavy whipping cream, making for a completely different experience.

Ezra Zion All My Exes Maduro Review | CigarNoise

Maple syrup and petrified wood come back after a few more moments.  While it sounds like an odd coalition of flavors, it’s quite good.  Refreshing, and completely different from the first third when it was surrounded by spice instead of cream.

And then… cherry twizzlers roll into town!  Pure, unadulterated cherry bliss.  Hot damn.

Relight.  Argh.

Luckily, after two relights in this segment, there doesn’t seem to be any casualties.  Maple syrup and woodsy notes still dominate the profile with the occasional blast of cherry.  The smoke remains silky smooth, making a retro hale risk free and enjoyable.  Through the nose, I’m picking up hints of pistachio, baking spices, and the type of leather you smell on old bibles.

Ezra Zion All My Exes Maduro – Last Third

Molasses, Oak, Walnuts, Cherry, Dark Chocolate

This segment starts off like a darker tone of the second third.  Maple syrup becomes molasses and petrified wood becomes oak, combined in a creamy mixture of walnuts and dried cherry.  Even though I’ve had issues with keeping this bad mamma jamma lit, the flavors are superb.

Ezra Zion All My Exes Maduro Review | CigarNoise


Yet another one of those cigars that has a clean finish.  One of these days I’ll figure it out exactly, but for now all I can tell ya is that I’ve drank maybe an inch of water this entire review.  Maybe it’s because the flavors are so damn mouthwatering, or maybe it’s the difference between having a short finish and a long finish.  If you’re in the know, comment below por favor.

Just when I thought I was done, spice kicks in again and tickles the back of the throat, slowly building until it’s in your face.  Oak and walnut notes become bolder.  Dark chocolate also emerges, adding to the crescendo effect.  In a cigar with this many relights, bitterness never reared it’s ugly head.

Ezra Zion All My Exes Maduro Robusto Review
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Excellent Flavors


Open Draw

Filler Burns too Fast

All My Exes Maduro, specifically the lighter shade, balances several nuances of sweet, spicy, and savory components. If you're a fan of the original All My Exes, I would highly recommend seeking these out and giving them a try. Even though the tobaccos used are different, this cigar reminded me of a bolder rendition of the original.
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