Wrapper:  Colorado Habano
Binder:  Nicaraguan
Filler:  Nicaraguan
Brand:  Ezra Zion
Factory:  EZHQ
Price Range:  $8-10
Availability:  Limited (750 cigars produced)
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Ezra Zion Makin Bacon – First Thoughts

When I saw the release in their Ezra Zion app, I was fairly hesitant.  Oak, as suggested in their description, isn’t my favorite cigar flavor and toro isn’t my favorite size.  Then I saw Noel Rojas’ name as having personally rolled all of these and I knew it was inevitable.  He worked with All My Exes and will forever have my gratitude.

Ezra Zion Makin Bacon Review | Cigar Noise

I smoked my first one the next day after it arrived and thought that it was missing something in the second third.  I’ve waited until today to review it in order to give this cigar opportunity to shine.

If you’d like to read some Q&A we did with Chris and Kyle of Ezra Zion, you can check it out here.  It’s right below the title.

Ezra Zion Makin Bacon – First Third

Pepper, Wood, Leather, Cream, Caramel, Brown Sugar, Oak, Chocolate, Popcorn, Bran Flakes, Apple

The very first puff, through the shaggy foot, had a decent amount of spice to it.  It’s robust, in your face, spicy, and has that sinus kick like when you’re eating wasabi.

Subsequent draws produce wood and leather notes while maintaining the heat noted previously.  Surprisingly, the smoke is silky smooth with these hearty flavors.  I’ve only recently began my foray into Ezra Zion cigars but the Makin Bacon stands out as something completely different from anything of theirs that I’ve smoked before.

At just half an inch in, the sinus assault has relented and Makin Bacon has become a very creamy experience.  The wood notes are maturing and there’s a hint of caramel and maybe brown sugar floating around in the background also.

Here’s the oak!  What was generic woodsy notes before is now full fledged oak.  It’s not as overpowering of a flavor as I was expecting though – reminds me of whiskey barrels.

Ezra Zion Makin Bacon Review | Cigar Noise

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Call me crazy, but now I’m picking up on delicate milk chocolate notes.  My first Makin Bacon had more of a bitter cocoa taste to it from time to time, but this is rich and smooth.  Very glad I waited to give it my undivided attention.

Taking my first sip of rum, these two play off each other nicely.  If you’re just now getting into pairing cigars, I’d whole heartedly suggest starting with rum.  Whereas bourbons, scotch, coffees, and soft drinks are great when they hit, there’s much more of a chance to miss than with aged rum.

Bran flakes, brown sugar, and an apple-like sweetness of the finish take us home for the first third.

Ezra Zion Makin Bacon – Second Third

Milk Chocolate, Oak, Raisin, Cherries n Cream, Apple, Caramel, Almond Extract, Pepper

Remember the spicy entrance of the first third?  Fuhgeddaboudit!  Milk chocolate, baby.  The heat comes roaring back in a retrohale, but regular draws are oh-so-smooth.  After a few moments oak works it’s way back into the profile as well as what I would consider a raisiny sweetness.  Some sort of nut is trying to develop also but alas, I’m not up to the challenge.

A few more puffs in and freakin cherries join the party!  It’s subtle, and I may be making it up (honor system), but it’s delicious.  Like dipping chocolate covered cherries in homemade whipped cream.  Only, it’s a cigar so you know… not really.

More apple.  I’m starting to think that the cigar is wanting to leave me high and dry as smoke production has slowed, but so far so good.  A couple olympic puffs and we’re back in action.

If you’re like me and smoked one right off the truck (ROTT) and thought the second third was missing something, fire one up now.  You’re in for a treat.  Makin Bacon seems to have personality disorder in how well it transitioned into the second third – from muscle car to japanese luxury.

Note:  while I’ve not figured out which tobaccos dry out your mouth, this cigar has whatever it is.  Luckily there’s rum for that.

I’m giving in.  Applying more flame to get this smoke bomb rolling again.

I’m really surprised at how many sweeter nuances are present within the Makin Bacon.  The apple notes are fantastic.  There’s also an almond extract making itself known.

Ezra Zion Makin Bacon Review | Cigar Noise

Towards the end of the second third, spice returns and is hailed with that wasabi-like sinus burn.  It’s an interesting mix of Sweet Heat.

Ezra Zion Makin Bacon – Last Third

Apple, Leather, Wood, Caramel, Indiscernible Fruit, Bitter Dark Chocolate, Cashew, Spice

The last third begins with that very same apple sweetness as before.  The heat’s remaining from the end of the second third and is especially pronounced in a retro hale.  A little leather, a dash of wood, and a drizzle of caramel round out the tasting the notes right this moment.

This cigar really is a slow burner.  Not being a big fan of the Toro size, I’d love to call it quits right about now.  And yet… there’s more!  Another sharp, fruity note other than apple or cherry is trying to make itself known.  I’m at a loss for what it is though.

Ezra Zion Makin Bacon Review | Cigar Noise

The heat exits stage left again and bitter, dark chocolate comes stomping in.  Almost exactly like Hershey’s Special Dark with a little too much bitterness.  It’s sharp and biting on the tongue.  I’ll slow down a bit at the risk of having it go out on me and see if that helps.

Approximately sixty seconds later, it’s out.  Dammit. Giving it a good relight and putting it in time out.

This gives me some time to reflect a little bit.  How are the mechanics with Makin Bacon?  Well, it’s not spongy in the least.  The draw has been pretty good to me also.  For those that enjoy Toros, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth in this cigar.

Not surprisingly, the last relight has imparted more bitterness to the experience.  Still working on taking it slow, but it’s been over two hours so far – shouldn’t be that much of a problem.  Rum to the rescue!  Can’t stress enough how much I love pairing cigars and rum together.  Read on at your own discretion.

Enter more woodsy notes, cashew, and a very prominent, lingering spice.  After rocking the sweeter side of the wheel house for so long, the spice is welcomed and adds yet another layer of character to this cigar.

With about an inch and a half left, I’ve got to to pickup the little rugrat from school.  I’d love to see what else this cigar has to offer but I’m out of time for the day.

Ezra Zion Makin Bacon Toro Review
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Depth of Flavor

Transition Complexity

No Sponginess Here


Couple Relights

Makin Bacon is radically different from any other Ezra Zion cigar that I've previously enjoyed. The transitions make or break a toro IMHO, and this release delivers. Now I'm just kicking myself for not buying more!
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Makin Bacon Goodness
This was a complex cigar, challenging my taste buds at every puff! It was spicy, sweet, woody, creamy; just plain fantastic! I paired it with black coffee as it was my first cigar of the day. Initially the stick felt as if it was constructed perfectly, not spongy and not too firm. Draw remained near perfect from start to finish. Regarding the burn: uneven throughout and several times I thought the cigar was going to go out on me and felt the need to apply extra puffs just to keep it alive, cigar CPR! One of the most interesting characteristics of this cigar for me was how the spiciness and heat would blast to the front and then suddenly disappear behind creaminess and a touch of sweetness. It made the experience like a treasure hunt, you just never knew what was around the next corner. I both loved this limited release cigar. I hate that it was a limited release however. Everyone should smoke this.
June 26, 2016, 8:44 am
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