Wrapper: Claro
Binder:  Undisclosed
Filler:  Jamaican, Nicaraguan
Brand:  Foundation Cigar Co
Factory:  Undisclosed
Vitola:  Small Ax (4 1/2 x 40)
CigarNoise Price Range:  $5-$7
Source:  IPCPR 2016
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Foundation The Upsetters – Initial Thoughts

This is Foundation Cigar Co’s first infused cigars and features Jamaican tobacco in the filler.  Their website has a lot of neat information for the backstory here if you’d like to give it a read, including a neat bit about Bob Marley.

This infused cigar has a triple cap, looks to be seamless, and is just dense enough to be slightly springy.  The wrapper and foot smell like one and the same, with the foot being much more potent:  eucalyptus, a dab of menthol, and just a pinch of tea tree oil.  While I’m not a connoisseur of infused cigars, Foundation’s The Upsetters seems to be different than what I remember with the added menthol presence.

Foundation The Upsetters – The Flavors

Toast, Sweet Tea, Tea Tree Oil, Pepper, Orange Nuances, Honeysuckle, Baking Spices

Although the cigar smelled heavily infused on the pre-light inspection, it doesn’t quite smoke like it’s heavily infused.  Notes of toast and sweet tea take the main stage, with just bare hints of tea tree oil and pepper rounding out the profile.  I’m most surprised to find pepper in Foundation’s The Upsetters, because of the infused nature.

Burning down a little further, I’m detecting notes of orange that seem to coincide with the toast in a sort of marmalade sensation.  Other times, it feels more like the smell of Orange Blossom tea.

Approximately half an inch from the band, a distinct note of honeysuckle smacks me right in the chops.  In fact, the finish is almost entirely made up of honeysuckle and orange nuances at this point.

The last stage of Foundation’s The Upsetters heads towards a different angle:  baking spices like cloves and cinnamon.  Orange also sees a makeover, reminding me much more of orange zest instead of the sweeter variances earlier in the game.

Foundation Cigar Co The Upsetters – Construction

Regardless of my thoughts on an infused cigar, this is where the Upsetters has both pros and cons.  On the upside, the burn line was maintenance free, even, and added to the overall experience.  Our draw was also spot on, giving just enough resistance to add for proper airflow.

On the downside, the combustion line would speak to me every time I’d take a deep draw, sounding like I was dropping water on a skillet.  Foundation The Upsetters also became squishy past the midway point, although it didn’t seem to affect performance in any noticeable way.


Foundation The Upsetters Review
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9.4 Cigar Noise Network (2 votes)

Great Mechanics


Sizzling Combustion

Squishy Last 1/3

When we launched CigarNoise.com last year, I definitely didn't anticipate reviewing infused cigars. But, I try to live by a couple phrases, one of them being, "You've got to light it to spite it." And, after lighting Foundation's The Upsetters, I can't spite it. If you enjoy infused cigars, I'd recommend that you give this a shot if the flavors above piqued your interest. It certainly was a unique experience for this guy.
What Other Folks Are Saying: 2 Make some Noise
For a guy who prefers a bold intense cigar this came as a bit o a surprise. I was given a sampler box and this was the first time I had tried it. The aroma is fair warning that you are getting into something different, this was my first infused cigar. It was interesting that whilst the infusion aroma never left it was not overwhelmingly in the taste. The cigar drew well, there was sufficient if not abundant smoke, and smoking after a round of golf I did not find those around me objecting to it. Did I enjoy it as much as a Siglo VI, well no, but it was such a different cigar that to compare the two would be pointless. Did I enjoy it for its own sake, yes, will I smoke another tomorrow, no, I think this will be a once in a while thing for me; there are another 5 variations in the sampler. Will I buy these myself in the future; you know, I think I might.
June 25, 2017, 3:32 am
Favorite Infused
These are quick smokes that my girlfriend says smells like candles burning!
January 22, 2017, 3:34 pm
Make some Noise

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