A few weeks ago, I brought a Fratello home because I saw another upstanding BOTL post a picture of one in the CigarNoise app.  Couldn’t resist, the band looked pleasantly unassuming and the smoke looked like a sleeper classic.

Needless to say, I loved every minute of the Fratello!  I mean, look at this perfect ash on the Toro:


Fratello Ash1

And today I’m pairing the Fratello Corona with two beverage Titans:  Blue Moon and a kid sized Root Beer.  Because even I have standards at 10am in the morning.

Pre-light:  sniffing a little obligatory sweet tobacco and what could possibly be vanilla off the cap.  First inhale falls a little flat for me, not able to discern much besides what’s already mentioned.

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This cigar smells earthy off the foot upon torching it up, and the first draws provide a medium bodied earthy experience with a slight hint of cinnamon.  Prodigious smoke, medium draw, and smooth flavors characterize the first moments of the Fratello.

When retrohaling (blown through the nose) this cigar, a little cedar comes to the forefront.  I’ve noticed that when I switch to the Blue Moon the cedar is more readily apparent.

Fratello Ash2

Now that the first 1/2 inch or so has been burned to reveal that beautiful white ash, the flavors are receding as well.  Pepper is noticeable, as well as a little earthiness and faint cedar.  Most notable, however, is the smooth, velvety smoke.  This cigar isn’t a flavor bomb by any standards.

I usually prefer an easy draw, but this Fratello has a wonderful medium draw.  It’s just tight enough.  The body of this smoke is increasing as it continues, becoming more of a full-bodied cigar than initially suspected.

Approaching the second third of the Fratello gives way to a little coffee, but it’s still majorly underwhelming in the flavor department.  The retrohale is always gratifying on this cigar though, giving off strong notes of pepper and cedar.

Fratello Ash6

Oddly enough, sweetness is starting to make it’s mark midway through the second third.  You know how a Draught feels wetter than a Stout?  The Fratello smoke has that strange quality as well.  Just not as dry as other cigars, if that makes any sense.

This cigar is consistently smoking like a chimney.  I thought I tasted a little bitterness somewhere in the second third, but now that I’m officially in the final third it’s not present in the least.  More of a light coffee flavor with a campfire aftertaste.

Fratello Ash7

Final thoughts:  I enjoy the Fratello as a consistent smoking experience.  Know going in that it’s not something that will force you to buy a box because you’ve never smoked anything like it before.  Instead, it will invite you to buy a box for those moments when you want a solid smoke for the evening without any funny business.  Poker night comes to mind!

Fratello Review
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8.9 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Velvety Smooth Smoke

perfect Ash

Consistent Experience


Mild flavors

The Fratello is memorable as a wonderful smoking experience. What this cigar lacks in flavor is generously contrasted by a great draw, expert construction, and velvety smooth smoke.
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Barnyard Cocoa Picante
Up here in Portland, OR I was finished with a meeting on the other side of the river (SE PDX) and was ready for a cigar. I was more unfamiliar with the area and yelped for a shop that would be on my way home. I found what looked to be like a food truck.. But it was a boutique cigar shop— experience starting out right! They had not a lot of cigars but they did have some good ones. And it was here that I first encountered a Fratello. It was a Habano Torpedo. Appearance was nice, solid construction, the angled band was the first I had seen in that style.. And pre-light smell of the foot and draw was a solid barnyard earthy wet tobacco aroma! I was also maybe reminiscing of the smell of fall leaves. The smoking experience was nice, the burn was near perfect. I got a good hour and a half out of the stick and the flavor was balanced throughout. I picked up a good amount of earth, wood and cayenne pepper in the first third. The spice and earth/wood transitioned to a chocolate and touch of nuttiness for the rest of the stick with an occasional burst of pepper. I've only had one from the Fratello brand so I would not be a source to judge in consistency. I enjoyed it.
January 31, 2016, 7:49 pm
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