Alright, so you can tell by this picture that I’m a little unsure of what to expect here.  Not sure if I want something citrusy or smokey/woodsy with this Fuego Heat stogie, hell I don’t even know if I want to smoke it to be honest.

Fuego Heat Pairing

But… I have a duty to uphold, and I take my duties very seriously.  Cigar duties.

Pre-light:  nothing stands out on the wrapper itself.  After cutting it and giving it a good inhale though, BOOM!  I swear on all things cigar related that this has something in it that reminds of Red Hots.

Fuego Heat Cut

And, no… it’s not the name:  Fuego Heat.  Fire Heat.  I’m not sure what the hell it is in this cigar that brings out that memory of me buying Red Hots for pennies at a gas station as a kid, but it’s not suggestive.  I’ve hit the rum, beer, and chocolate and gave it a good hit after each time.  It’s real, folks.

Fuego Heat Ash1

Very impressed with this Fuego Heat so far.  Nothing like what I expected from the name, pre-light, or from the aroma whilst toasting the foot.  (Torching the damn thing).

Perfect draw, enjoyable smoke, can’t really pin any flavors down just yet.  Won’t be able to rate the burn though, experiencing this stick in the dark and my flood lights got chopped out when they were putting the siding on the house a week ago.

When paired with chocolate (so far) it brings out a little more of a woodsy experience.  Decent amount of spice when blown through the noise.  Again, enjoyable.

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When paired with the Mocambo, which I consider to be a woodsy rum (weird, I know), it takes the flavor down a notch and borderlines something nutty.  I’d have to be a hell of a lot drunker to classify it as cashew, pecan, almond, or otherwise, but really it reminds me of the 5 Vegas Cask Strength that I fell in love with years ago in Hawaii.  Just the Firkin size though, the toro doesn’t have the same kick.

So far I’m enjoying the hell out of this Fuego Heat.  In fact, I’m willing to say Fuego Heat some more even though I’m baffled as to why J. Fuego would name something Fire Hot.  Oh well, you make a cigar this damn good and you call it whatever you want!

Blue Moon:  smooth, enjoyable, absolutely no spice, woodiness, nuttiness, zilch, nada.  Great way to reduce this amazing cigar to just billowy smoke.  I’ll stop that time now and go back to the rum.  And chocolate.

I often laugh at professional reviews when they knock on the band of a cigar.  Like, seriously, is there such a thing as Band Fashion?  Hell no.  But here’s the deal:  I am one of those guys that loves a great band.  The Ave Maria, Camacho, and My Father bands come to mind.  I wanted to smoke ’em so much it was embarrassing, and mostly due to the incredible presentation.

This band has none of that.  I’ve been putting it off for a while for just that reason.  Never again amigos!  I really am a fan of his Fuego Heat and, to a degree, embarrassed that I judged a cigar by it’s band.  Not really, but I should be.

This cigar is getting a little sweeter as the ash builds.  It’s nutty without turning bitter, something that I’ve only enjoyed once or twice before.  I’d place this at a medium strength and mild-medium body, and it continues to handle heat very well and ashes like a champ.  What else could you ask for?

Been burning this thing for about 40 minutes now and officially made it to the the first 1 1/2 inch mark.  If I would’ve known this would turn into a marathon smoke session I’d of held onto the Fuego Heat for a trip to the park with the kiddos.


EDIT:  I’ve smoked this cigar several times, and it becomes even more refreshing every time.  A mellow creaminess that you just can’t find in any other bargain cigar.

Fuego Heat
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Highly enjoyable

Crazy endurance

Burned uneven
This is a premium cigar with ultra-smooth smoke, incredible stamina, balanced flavor, sweetness and nuttiness done the right way, smooth on the draw yet robust and rich on the retrolhale (nose), and something that I'd recommend to anyone.
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