Wrapper:  Dominican Republic Rosado Oscuro
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Dominican Republic
Brand:  Arturo Fuente
Factory:  Tabacalera Arturo Fuente y Cia.
Vitola:  No. 4 (Corona)
CigarNoise Price Range:  $15-$19
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Fuente Opus X Oscuro Oro – First Thoughts

Let’s begin with a huge Thank You to Jared (PNW in the CigarNoise app) for the opportunity to review this cigar!  He sent it my way months ago and I’m still shocked that he’d spare one of these illustrious sticks with me – he’s just that kind of dude.

Unwrapping this cigar, I’m trying not to get my hopes up about this experience.  An interesting concoction of brown sugar, raisin, curry, and chili powder is presented on the foot.  The wrapper is mottled, rustic, and features the infamous Fuente glue.  A cold draw is intoxicatingly sweet with just a tingle of spice pinging the tongue.

Fuente Opus X Oscuro Oro Review | CigarNoise | Opus X Rosado Oscuro Oro

If this weren’t identified as an Opus X Oscuro Oro Destino al Siglo, it wouldn’t likely receive much praise from just an aesthetic point of view.  The wrapper seam is very pronounced above and beneath the bands, the cap looks hastily applied, and there are a couple other blemishes to the stick itself.

Fuente Opus X Oscuro Oro – First Third

Leather, Pepper, Popcorn, Brown Sugar, Soil, Baking Spices, Paprika, Pulled Pork, Molasses

My first draw is of deep, rough leather augmented with the faintest trace of spice lingering on the tongue.  Moments later the leather becomes lighter, softer, and is transcended by an almost minty presence in the mouthfeel.  Not a mint tasting note, but that cool feeling after consuming a mint.  Very, very interesting.

Peppercorn and the spice associated with it build over the course of the first 1/4 inch, transitioning into a very full bodied experience in just a few minutes.  Heat, not unlike wasabi spice, creeps through the sinuses.  While the flavors aren’t exploding everywhere, this cigar is just deep. 

Popcorn, brown sugar, and rich soil add themselves to the profile along with everything else previously mentioned.    The balance of sweet, spicy, and toasty components make it hard not to chief down the Opus X Oscuro Oro.  It’s a very satisfying cigar even though the flavors aren’t mind blowing.

Shouldering past the one inch mark, I’m tasting paprika and slow-cooked pulled pork on the finish.  If cigars were a meal, this is that complete meal your Momma told you about.  As hard as it is, letting this cigar rest longer periods between puffs pulls out more sweetness in the form of molasses.

Fuente Opus X Oscuro Oro Review | CigarNoise | Opus X Rosado Oscuro Oro

Near the end of the first third, flat mushroom notes develope along with an unmistakable touch of cinnamon toast crunch.  Definitely an odd combo, but cinnamon is kicking ass right now.

Fuente Opus X Oscuro Oro – Second Third

Buttered Toast, Roasted Peanuts, Cocoa Powder, Espresso, Brown Sugar, Grapefruit, Leather, Pepper, Oak

This segment starts off very smooth with cinnamon fading to the background, making way for meagerly buttered toast.  Strong impressions of roasted peanuts appear as well, along with delicate hints of cocoa powder and espresso.  Almost all traces of spice have been removed at this point, leaving us with a rich, full-bodied experience sans the pepper.

Opus X Oscuro Oro is one of those cigars best saved for a nightcap or when you’re only smoking one for the day. The flavors are building on my palate and would likely overshadow a follow-up cigar unless I played my cards right when selecting another.

Fuente Opus X Oscuro Oro Review | CigarNoise | Opus X Rosado Oscuro Oro

Removing the secondary band, butter is large and in charge, clinging to the roof of the mouth like only butter can.  Combining the buttery sensation with espresso, it makes me wonder if this is what Bulletproof Coffee tastes like?  Not sure, too many dishes involved for this lazy bum to try.

Nearing the midway point, I’m getting some notes from an Opus X Petite Lancero received from Doug S. in a blind trade:  brown sugar and cinnamon toast.  An accompanying zing of grapefruit from time to time serves to cleanse the palate.  Probably the first time I’ve experienced grapefruit in a review for those following along in this journey with me.

Nearing the primary band and the next segment, leather and peppercorn resurge as dominating flavors with the addition of oak.  Very little spice accompanies the peppercorn this time around, contrasting our notes above, but it’s noticeable on the back of the tongue.

Fuente Opus X Oscuro Oro – Last Third

Wood, Espresso, Walnuts, Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Cherry Cobbler, Cream

As the sun goes down in Louisiana, our last third opens up with different nuances of wood, espresso, walnuts, and dark chocolate.  I’m not disappointed in the least in deciding to review this cigar in thirds.  Pepper seems to have went with the ash, leaving us yet again with a silky smooth mouthfeel and deep flavors.  The draw seemed to clamp up on tighter than the grip of my three year old trying to drag me into the Skylanders display at Walmart, but it massaged out easily enough.

Fuente Opus X Oscuro Oro Review | CigarNoise | Opus X Rosado Oscuro Oro

A cold, menthol experience from the first third is back.  Not menthol tasting, but exhibiting similar qualities in the mouth feel. Molasses also returns, taking the place of walnut and making me a happy camper. The faintest hint of cherry cobbler sneaks in for a few moments as well.

Towards the nub, espresso and cream shine through as a wonderful end to this experience like an after dinner cafe.  Total smoke time rings in at just over 2 hours.  Say one thing for Dave West, say he extracts as much enjoyment as possible from his cigars.

Fuente Opus X Oscuro Oro Review
8.8 Reviewer
6.6 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Complete Meal

Transition Complexity



Not being a huge Opus X fan, this one really struck home for me, hitting several sweet, spicy, and savory moments altogether. Deep, rich flavors balanced by subtle nuances made the Opus X Oscuro Oro shine in my book. I'd imagine that this cigar would stand up to any number of stouter pairings without losing it's personality.
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Decent Cigar
I enjoyed it, but I don't think it was worth the money.
December 18, 2016, 2:27 pm
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