We got the day off on this beautiful Sunday, and all I could think about was reviewing another cigar!  Alright, smoking another cigar.  You got me.

Xikar HC Red Corojo

Pre light draw on this cigar fell kind of flat.  Super impressed with the ease of draw, so much so that we can’t call it a pull, but that’s about it.  Not a whole lot of character imparted before burning.

Xikar HC Ash2On the other hand, look how well it toasted up!  Ever notice how some cigars take a lot of torch time to light up nice and evenly?  This one took about one pass of toasting the foot, and Bam!  It was ready like bead makers during Mardi Gras.

The sad but sensible correlation to this is that within 5 minutes a good 1/2 in was burned on this beautiful HC Series Red.  Can’t win ’em all.

Alright, what’s it like?  I’m a fan of corojo wrappers, and this one has the distinctive corojo taste.  Feels kind of medium bodied, and when blown through the nose I can definitely pick out what I think everyone calls ‘cedar.’  Mind you, I’ve never tasted the cedar in my humidors, so I could just be blowing smoke on this one.  Pun intended.

Xikar Ash3

Seriously though, this HC Series Red has a sweet finish, and that’s the tipping point for the so-called cedar notes that I’m talking about.  Even smelling the smoke coming off the foot smells remotely cedar-ish and sweet.  All in all a good thing for my tastes.

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Due to the construction on this stogie, it gets hot pretty damn quick.  And that changes the flavor profile to something less than desirable, so I’ve had to slow down on this one to enjoy it.  It just burns through too damn fast.

Lots of smoke, better draw, distinct corojo taste.  HC Series Red is exactly what I wanted this Sunday morning.

You know what?  I like this stick!  Not sure if that came across in everything I wrote above, but I really do enjoy it.  I can see it as a great stick for the winter when you don’t really wanna be out in the cold for an hour+.  Or maybe when you have a time hack but you’re not sure when, this is something you can enjoy in 15-20 minutes and then ditch it when the time comes.

Not exactly sure how much a box of these costs, but I’m pretty sure they’re considered an economy cigar. I see em going for anywhere from bundles @ $50 to boxes @ 150.  Not bad.


About to take the wrapper off and burn this one a little longer.  So far the flavor profile hasn’t changed, and despite the heat, it hasn’t degraded in any way.


What do you think about the HC Series Red?

HC Series Red
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Economy Stick

Good intro to Corojo


Burns wicked fast

Decent economy stick worth a generous amount of Corojo tastes. I see this cigar as being an introduction of sorts for beginners to the Corojo wrapper, or maybe a change-up to an ole faithful every day stogie in a Cigar veteran's humidor.
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