Wrapper:  Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder:  Dominican Piloto
Filler:  Dominican Olor, Dominican Piloto, Nicaraguan Criollo
Brand:  Henry Clay
Factory:  Tabacalera de Garcia
Price Range:  $8-$10
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Henry Clay Stalk Cut – Initial Thoughts

The wrapper on this cigar truly is beautiful.  It’s dark, rich, toothy, and glistening with oils.  Phenomenal presentation, even if the bands look like they were made in Microsoft Paint.  I’m digging the slightly square-ish box press as well.

Notice the thick wrapper on this cigar also.  Today’s pairing consists of the awesome brew from Meri, Root Beer, and possibly some rum.

Henry Clay Stalk Cut Review Cut

Edit:  This cigar has been stored at 65% humidity since 27 February.

Henry Clay Stalk Cut – First Third

Earth, Leather, Cream, Nutmeg, Coffee Aftertaste, Nuts, Intermittent Spice

After torching this oily beauty up, the first few puffs were a complete shock to what I was expecting.  It’s like expecting sprite and drinking water.  The tasting notes are falling kind of flat except for a bit of dirt and, if digging deep, a little bit of vanilla.

After a few moments, I feel like an ass hole.  The dirt flavors become richer, sweeter, and are beginning to be enveloped by leather, cream, and a hint of nutmeg.  I often sprinkle some nutmeg and cinnamon into my coffee, though, and this could be a carryover.  I’m also getting a coffee aftertaste that’s independent of the drink pairing – seems to be a characteristic of this cigar.

Henry Clay Stalk Cut Review | Cigar Noise

The smoke tastes cold, something I’ve only experienced once before.  And while the cigar is smoking steadily on the rest, a draw produces less smoke than I would’ve imagined.  A retrohale adds some spice that seems to be missing from the mouth feel, and brings more character to the Stalk Cut.

For some reason, I keep feeling like this cigar is going to go out on me. It’s smoking steadily on it’s own, but a draw yields less smoke that one would imagine.

Relight.  Dammit.  Within the time it took to write that sentence it did actually die.

I should add that there’s an indescribable nutty presence taking shape on the finish.  And there were moments on intermittent spice throughout the first third that seemed to come and go as they pleased between puffs.

Henry Clay Stalk Cut – Second Third

Wet Earth, Nuttiness, Smoked Meat, Peppercorn, Mineral, Charred Meat, Cocoa Powder

You know the deal!  Drop the ash, take a draw:  Rich, wet earth takes the driver’s seat again with that nutty sweetness still hanging on in the finish.  There’s a little bit of smoked meat available in the retrohale.

I still want to apply more flame to this cigar… it’s just not giving me enough to work with.  The flavors I can get behind, but the mechanics of this cigar are leaving me wanting more.  I have a feeling I’m going to feel like an ass hole again at the end of this review.

Henry Clay Stalk Cut Review | Cigar Noise


I really do hate having to use the torch more than necessary on a cigar.  It adds the unknown factor of changing the flavor composition.

Giving it a couple minutes after the relight, smoked meat seems to be in the driver’s seat now with hints of peppercorn.  It’s like Peppercorn Pork Tenderloin with a little bit of earthy notes and an even fainter amount of mineral notes that come and go.

Now we’re onto charred meat with faint cocoa powder coming in at the halfway point.  All in all the profile is turning into something wholly different from the first third.


Charred meat seems to dominate the second third.  For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t trust that so much with all of these relights.  Since I’m only smoking one sample for this review, be sure and read the community’s review below this post to get more of a comprehensive viewpoint.

Those sweeter earthy notes also make a reappearance late in the second third along with a metallic zing on the tongue.  This cigar seems to be rather spongy and could account for a large part of the burn problems.


Henry Clay Stalk Cut – Last Third

Popcorn, Charred Meat, Stale Coffee, Anise, Metallic, Dried Cranberries

While I really wanted to like this cigar in the beginning, I’m less than pleased at where it’s at now that we’re in the last third.  Popcorn, charred meat, stale coffee, anise, and a metallic aftertaste are my first impressions.


While I contemplate cutting this review short, the overall disposition of the Henry Clay Stalk Cut seems to be becoming…


…rather bitter.  I really miss the first third, and find myself only smoking the rest of this cigar for the team.

In one final attempt at redemption, there seemed to be a fruity element that wanted to make itself known.  Dried cranberries maybe?  Just too little too late.

Henry Clay Stalk Cut Review | Cigar Noise

Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto Review
6.8 Reviewer
5.2 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Smooth Smoke

Pleasant Flavors


Several Relights

Low Smoke Production


While I found the flavors of the first third to be enjoyable, the mechanics of this cigar turned me off. Frequent relights made the Henry Clay Stalk cut very high maintenance. Figuring the cost of butane into the Value criterion, I might've been generous.
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Had high expectations for this cigar. Couldn't even get through the first third before putting a knife in it.
March 15, 2016, 2:42 am
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